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Heartwarming / BIONICLE (2015)

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  • Narmoto's son, with his huge eyes of innocence, his little stubby limbs, and the wide-eyed way he looks at his father and Tahu.
  • Pohatu helping a group of lost cubs to reunite with their mother in the graphic novel Gathering of the Toa. It should be noted that Pohatu is a brooding stoic most of the time.
    • In The Journey to One, after a long ordeal, Pohatu overcomes his prejudices against scorpions and eventually accepts Ketar as his companion.
  • After Bingzak is left orphaned by the Skull Spiders, Nilkuu more or less adopts him despite the fact that he's from another tribe and lives with him in the Region of Stone.
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  • In the second graphic novel, when Makuta is corrupted by the Mask of Ultimate Power, Ekimu is very clearly crying and even apologizes to his brother when he's about to knock off the Mask, showing how much he loved his brother and how it broke his heart when he turned evil as a result of his mistake.
  • After this version's cancellation, LEGO responded to a fan with a message telling them to not throw out the possibility of a third incarnation. They understand how much the line means to people and is assuring everyone that while they have no plans for it, the chance for a second reboot is not out of the picture yet.