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The Mask of Ultimate Power is sentient and is sealed in a Leaking Can of Evil.
Since the preview of the summer wave of Bionicle shows a mask that looks somewhat similar to the Mask of Ultimate Power, and leaked names include "Skull Scorpio" and "Skull Slasher", tying in with the Skull Spiders and the Lord of Skull Spiders, perhaps there's a massive sealed army of Skull minions, and the Mask Of Ultimate Power is awakening these, one tier at a time.This could mean that the Toa are supposed to destroy the Mask of Ultimate Power.
  • Jossed;The Mask of Ultimate Power isn't sentient, although Makuta IS in a leaking can of evil.

The new continuity is a result of time shenanigans caused by the Vahi being damaged in the previous storyline
The Vahi has shown up in some capacity in every web minisode so far. This could be hinting at its influence creating a new timeline, possibly from when it was damaged in the Silver Sea. Also linked to Makuta telling Vakama that he could have "many destinies".
  • Jossed; This might have been the original intention, but as a result of its cancellation, the Mask of Time plot line has been dropped.

The young Fire Villager is this continuity's Takua
.This seems to be a popular fan theory, based on Takua's simple life before becoming Takanuva. There isn't much evidence other than the fact that he shows up in two of the web minis odes.
  • Jossed; Ekimu seems to be G2's Toa of Light, despite him insisting otherwise out of humility.

Makuta and Teridax are a Decomposite Character in this version.
The Mask of Ultimate Power is that Mask of Shadows, and it's sentient consciousness will be named as Teridax. Ironically, this spirit will be far more in line with the 2001 Eldritch Abomination than The Chessmaster of later years, the role of which will be given to Makuta.
  • Jossed; The Mask of Shadows apparently comes in the form of Umarak's Hunter Mask, and the Mo UP itself is non-sentient.

Alternately, Makuta really never wanted any trouble. He really thought it would be a good thing.
Being Driven by Envy, he JUST wanted to be as popular as his brother, without meaning any real harm. Creating the Mask of Ultimate Power would have allowed him to unite the tribes by giving everyone all of the elemental powers.
  • Confirmed; While he did make some underhanded dealings with the Skull Raiders in the past, Makuta clearly only wanted some recognition and was well-intentioned. The only reason he turned evil was due to the Mo UP.

Okoto is part of yet another timeline of Hyrule.
It does have a Temple of Time, as well as an infestation of spiders with skull-shaped bodies...

The Protector's names are the same as that of the Turaga.
Evidence comes from that they have the same purpose: being the chiefs of their respective tribe.
  • Even if this doesn't turn out to be the case, some older fans are already referring to them by those names.
  • Jossed; they have completely new names, unrelated to any G1 character.

This Bionicle world is the afterlife of the original one.
Let's see, the characters are Expies of the originals, the Toa "remember" their powers, they come inexplicably from the sky...

The world of the Reboot is a different world created by the Great Beings
They're either very unoriginal, or have some reason for given Toa of each given element the same name. It makes sense why Makuta has the same name (since it's a species title), and why this world is similar; the Great Beings set up more than one experiment/colony of beings they created.

Makuta's Mask of Control was shattered, and the Golden Mask of the Skull Spiders is one of its pieces.
Besides giving control over the spiders, and as pointed out on the TTV Podcast forum, looks like a warped version of the Mask of Control. Other bad guys introduced later may have other pieces of the mask; their power will be control over certain things. Seen here.
  • Jossed. The Mask of Control is completely whole. However, The Mask of Ultimate Power was shattered, and gathering its pieces is a central plot point for the final wave of Bionicle.

The original Bionicle world and this continuity will clash together later on in the storyline.
Hey, a fellow fan-since-childhood can dream, right?
  • Jossed: Sadly, no. It might've been planned, but the cancellation of the series means we might never see that.

Umarak is a Tragic Villain
Umarak was once a Toa, and a friend of Ekimu and Makuta who sacrificed his life for Okoto. Resurrected by his former friend and forced to lay waste to his old home, Umarak will not be a generically evil villain.
  • Jossed; Umarak, in contrast with Makuta, was BORN evil with the sole purpose of draining the Elemental Creatures of their power, making him more akin to an Anti-Christ. However, his unwilling transformation into the Destroyer, having his free will destroyed, and being absorbed by Makuta can make him a Tragic Villain to some.

Umarak will wind up being this universe's version of The Shadowed One
Both are large, black, horned creatures, and Umarak assumes a more bestial form after putting on the mask of control. Also, Umarak is a bounty hunter-like figure, and The Shadowed one was the founder and leader of the Dark Hunters.

the Ekimu the Toa follow is not the true Ekimu
  • in a twist of story perspective, Ekimu is actually going to be revealed as Makuta, who imitated his brother as tribute for his heroic sacrifice in saving him from the mask of ultimate power and to convince the toa to help him despite his bad reputation. All he needed to truly convince them he was his dead brother was a fake mask to change his body colors
  • The Makuta Umarak is following is actually the mask of Ultimate power come to develope sentience and mistakingly convinced itself that it is Makuta
  • Jossed; Ekimu is the real Ekimu and so is Makuta, and the Mo UP is shattered and lifeless.

  • He was able to unconsciously mutter a prophecy in the condition in which the Protectors found him, so there's a good chance he's Only Mostly Dead.
    • ...Ekimu is definitely asleep. "The Legend" said that the shockwave "sent both brothers into an endless sleep".