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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Invoked by the brits multiple times for multiple protagonists or side characters:
    • In Jane The Killer: The Real Story, the crew theorizes that the reason Jane's family did not have a house phone, were easy to recognize by the neighborhood, and decided to go to Jeff's party only for the food was because they were poor.
    • In Blood Whistle, they say that the titular game is absolutely mundane and that the protagonist Cannot Tell Fiction from Reality, being Driven to Suicide and possibly issolated himself from friends and college just because he played a scary Super Mario Brothers 3 ROM Hack.
      • Although jokingly, Matt said in the beginning of Part 2 that the protagonist could just be a delirious drug addict.
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    • In Judge Angel, a joke about Mr. Clark being King Henry VIII causes Gemma to say "Catherine of Aragog, which snowballs into Judge Angel being half-spider as a way to explain stuff such as her black eyes.
  • Catharsis Factor: Subverted. In their reading of Jeff The Killer vs Michael Myers, for all the stories own shitty writing, on top of their general hatred for Jeff the Killer and everything related to the character and story, they don't really enjoy Jeff's death because of the stupidity surrounding the rest of the story.
    • Played straight with their wrap-up segment after they finish reading a story where they say their final thoughts, usually they tend to be constructive with plain boring and uninteresting stories, but the true catharsis hits in those offensively bad stories such as Dating Game and Clockwork: Your Time Is Up, where the brits lash out not just on the story, but on the author as well. Examples are on the Awesome page.
  • Broken Base:
    • Over their treatment of I HATE YOU. The author, Slime Beast, is near-universally acclaimed in the community for his expert writing and creative horror concepts, and Jacob seems perfectly willing to acknowledge this, including Funnymouth as one of his "Top 5 Best Creepypastas". However, when the subject of the story comes up, the guys universally use it as a measure for the laughably awful lows of the creepypasta medium. I HATE YOU, in fact, was never posted as a serious effort, which Slimebeast himself admitted in in the story's original posting, describing it as a "straight-faced joke" and working best as "a quick chuckle." Jacob and friends almost seem to actively refuse to acknowledge this and continue to rag on it at every opportunity. In their defense, they later stated that they didn't know that at the time of the reading, and since they were reading it off the Creepypasta Wikia where there wasn't any mention of the story being a joke until much later, it is entirely possible that they really didn't know that the story wasn't meant to be taken seriously. The fact that it had the comments on the page praising it as the best thing ever, and that it won "Pasta of the Month" only serve to back this up.
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    • Slime Beast was angry once again at the group after they riffed on his story Abandoned By Disney, directly and personally insulting him repeatedly. As a result, the episode was set to private for a few hours until Slime Beast told them he didn't want it removed, but just to voice his complaint.
    • A small amount of fans weren't too happy about their treatment towards Roblox in the Roblox Medley, which was solely based on the website and wiki's Sturgeon's Law.
  • 8.8: Several of the stories they have bashed (Laughing Jack and its prequel The Origin of Laughing Jack, Suicide Mouse, Squidward's Suicide, and Dating Game) are very much considered classics, not necessarily good classics, however.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Despite only recently appearing in two episodes so far, Toby's wife has been warmly received by the fanbase due to her bubbly personality and funny quips.
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    • The French patron who guest-starred in YouTube is Watching and Tired Yet? has a fair share of fans too.
    • James and Steph, the two main editors for the crew's videos have a small following as well.
    • Gemma, although part of the crew ever since One Stormy Night/Terraria.Exe, is usually seen as this.
    • Mrs. Teacher is praised by the fanbase for the mere fact that she's a graduated english teacher who ripped a poorly-made story to pieces. Many fans wish for her to come back to the show someday.
    • Vinnce12, M.D. Phantasm and Hoodohoodlumsrevenge, being Crossover guests from other youtube channels.
  • Fan Hater: They absolutely despise Jeff the Killer and its fandom. Jacob also went as far as insulting them for liking it in their Top 10 Worst Creepypastas list. They have also expressed hatred towards fans of Clockwork: Your Time is Up during the reading of said story.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight/Harsher in Hindsight:
    • The title of It Will Get Worse wasn't just a title drop for the creepypasta, but spelled out how cringe-worthy (and at times, tasteless) some of the creepypastas they later riffed became.
    • During the Jeff the Killer Vs. Slenderman reading, Toby cracked a joke about how Jeff the Killer had rabid fans, which Jacob responded with a potshot towards PewDiePie. After reading Jane the Killer: The Real Story and Clockwork: Your Time is Up, they outright despise the Jeff fandom for unanimously praising the story while making light of sensitive subjects such as murder and sexual abuse.
    • During Chuckie's Mom, the mention of a "harlequin baby" sends the guys into hysterics, picturing a baby with a mask. Not only is it a real thingnote , but about two years after the pasta was read, a very, very infamous video involving it would be published.
    • In Thomas, Matt jokes on the fact that Thomas believes that his sanity and trauma over seeing his mom kill herself would be cured from just a hug. Years later, Steven Universe: Future came out, and the main criticism for the final episode was that Steven's over-a-year-long traumas about his mother were solved with just a hug and some sweet words.
  • He Really Can Act: The short films on their channel prove that Jacob and Toby are pretty good actors.
    • Although he only speaks in-character once, MD Phantasm nails the voice he gives to the titular protagonist of Smiley.
    • Gemma's voices are usually very animesque and more seriously-acted than the main crew's, being a source of Narm Charm in what's supposed to be horror stories.
    • The voice of Jeff the Killer suits him for some reason.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: The entirety of One Stormy Night/Terraria.Exe becomes this, being Gemma's first appearance.
    • In Thomas riff, after Valarie hears Thomas laugh for the first time ever since they started hanging out, this exchange plays out:
    Matt: It's good to know that you spend all your time with this guy and it's the first time you've made him laugh.
    Jacob: (Reading the story) Thomas took note and just gave her— Yeah, if I didn't make you laugh in like an an hour of hanging out with you, I would't call you again.
    Matt: Isn't woman the ones who say that the first thing to look after a man is if they have a good sense of humor?
    Gemma: (Laughing) "No it's not."
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • During their riff of Jeff the Killer Vs. Slenderman, a delirious Jeff calls out to Randy (one of the bullies from the original Jeff the Killer), and the gang assumes he's talking to the Slenderman, who Matt then dubs "Randy Slenderman". Then, during their riff of Jeff the Killer 2015, after Randy's stereotypical "American cool-kid" accent mutates into an Irish accent, Matt assumes he's Slenderman (since they already gave Slenderman an Irish accent).
    • For a more quickly-hilarious one, during their riff of My Name is MCCP, after the protagonist runs into the woods to escape from the cops, Jacob jokingly states that she ran into Slenderman, who shows up for real a few minutes later.
    • In Son Is Exe VS Ben Drowned, Jacob calls out spinpasta authors for using "Drowned" as part of BEN's name, later on in Meeting Ben Drowned's Sister, he has a mild meltdown after reading the title.
    • In the same story, Jacob refused to instantly declare this story as the standard for Wattpad creepypastas as he refused to come back to the site ever again. The next creepypastas they read on the site were Clockwork: Your Time Is Up, The Baby Alive Doll, Meeting Ben Drowned's Sister and Shadow of Blood.
    • In Kandy Kane, Jacob starts the episode by saying "Welcome to Bad Creepypasta, where we will never do Sonichu.", guess what happened a few episodes later.
  • I Am Not Shazam: Jacob Sherwood is not Michael Leroi. Michael Leroi is the name of the protagonist from Shadow Man, a game which Jacob is very fond of.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "YOU DESSABU DESSU!"Explanation 
    • "Nobody Topples the Toppler!"Explanation 
    • "Could this X be the work of the Illuminati?"Explanation 
    • "I have [mental disorder] and I can use [superpower]."Explanation 
    • QUARE?!?! (Often mispronounced as "KWAY?"). Explanation 
    • FUCK YOU, SPINACH! Explanation 
    • That's not a sentence. Explanation 
    • Referring to penises as "George Washingtons". Explanation 
    • Slowly Explanation 
    • "LOLSkeletons is slacking off" Explanation  and "You hate this pasta? How about I make it Pasta of The Month?" Explanation 
    • Jeff the Fish Explanation 
  • Narm: While Sonic Faded Colours was bad enough, the fact that the protagonist's name is Kailkity destroys any attempt at seriousness, even if the story was written better as Matt pointed out.
    • "I guess high definition is just too real for some people.", a glorious gem from HD Death.
    • In Teletubbies: The Truth, all of the author's attempts at giving Teletubbies a Darker and Edgier subplot fall flat by digging too deep into colorful creatures that do nothing but dance and eat custard.
    • You Were die..., which the brits consider as the most salvageable crappypasta they've riffed, manages build up tension for when the protagonist is about to see their dead friend's corpse, then kill it right after with a poorly-planned joke.
    • Clockwork: Your Time Is Up uses two analogies that break the tension in some of its most important moments: The hospital bed being bent almost like a sandwich for when Natalie snaps and murders her doctor, and Natalie's mother gasping like a fish on land for when Natalie has her mother pinned down the floor.
    • Kandy Kane's protagonist being named Kaitlyn Kandy Sweetcheeks. Her full name is said right before the plot's climax, causing Matt to say "Oh- I forgot that was her fucking name!" in disbelief.
    • The picture in Tetro can be the source of many laughs (or cringe) the first time you look at it.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Some of the creepypastas they ripped on end up being hilarious for all the wrong reasons.
    • Blood Whistle is proof that technique doesn't make up for a lack of plot, as the story's toxic amounts of purple prose only worsen what was an already bad Sonic.exe copycat.
    • It Will Get Worse is a translation train-wreck of a Super Mario Bros. creepypasta where the incomprehensible English makes the story flat-out nonsensical gibberish.
    • Shadow of Blood takes Jeff the Killer and gives it plot elements worth of a stereotypical weaboo's knowledge.
    • Spongebob: HOPE IS LOST is a slowly redundant, slowly contrived, and slowly pretentious creepypasta that slowly ticks all of the Creepypasta Wiki's Creepy Cliches... in a slow way. Slowly.
    • Such Words and . appears to be a written by a fan of The Protomen taking a page out of their diary and turn it into a creepypasta.
    • Luna involves a protagonist with wishy-washy angst and educational issues who really speaks for himself.
    • Mindless Max is a derivative take on Jeff The Killer that somehow takes its unrealistic writing and accentuates it.
    • My Name is MCCP is a blatant vehicle for the author to show off their Mary Sue OC, with roughly half the story describing her appearance, powers, and hobbies, and roughly 1% of the story describing her backstory (which can be summed up with "I had weird dreams, so I went insane and started killing people"). The kicker, however, comes at the very end, when the protagonist runs into Jeff the Killer and the Slenderman who then take her in as an apprentice in murdering.
  • Tear Jerker: This video, explaining why the group went on temporary hiatus.


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