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  • Due to vandalism, spam, and tropes with subpar quality, page creation directly in the Main/ namespace is no longer allowed. New tropes are instead created and provided feedback at the Trope Launch Pad, and redirects are to be requested on the Locked Pages forum thread.
  • No New Stock Phrases was implemented in mid-2011 after a slew of unclear and meaningless phases such as "I Eat Metaphor for Breakfast" popped up everywhere. Since then, all trope titles are subject to this policy without also compromising the Clear, Concise, Witty corollary.
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  • TV Tropes has a Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment meant to prevent any Flame Wars on This Very Wiki. Unfortunately, in some situations, some tropers completely ignore this rule, leading to the mods locking the page most likely for good, which means nobody other than the mods themselves gets to add and/or edit the page.
  • While YMMV tropes and pages items aren’t necessarily tropes to begin with, rather they are Audience Reactions, the main reason YMMV itself was created was to keep the more controversial tropes off of the main pages. However, this has not stopped tropers from starting edit wars and complaining about shows they don't like on some shows, leading to said YMMV pages getting locked or even deleted.
  • In extreme cases, there's the Permanent Red Link Club, which is when a page is misused, controversial, or breaks the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment so often that the page is not only locked, but also deleted, never to be used again. Originally, the only pages that were cut and locked were Permanent Red Link Club members such as I Am Not Making This Up and So Yeah, but since tropers were continuously attempting to revive redundant and unnecessary pages placed on the Cut List, for a while anything that was cut also became auto-locked and could only be brought back with proper authorization, and that was if the page wasn't also part of the Red Link Club. This is, however, no longer the case, and pages that were cut but are not part of the Club can now be brought back by anyone, although asking for permission is still recommended.
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  • The trope Please Elaborate was meant to be a handy tool for tropers. If one found a poor example but didn't know the source material well enough to expand it themselves, they could add that example to Please Elaborate, and a troper with actual knowledge of said example could fix it. It joined the Permanent Red Link Club when lazy tropers started adding Please Elaborate to their examples preemptively to pawn off the actual elaboration of said example to other tropers.
  • In less extreme but still undesirable cases, Real Life examples can be cut and prohibited from a page if things get sufficiently controversial. On that note, there's also the Example Sectionectomy, for which examples are either cut entirely or relegated to a separate area such as Darth Wiki or the Discussion tab if things get nasty.
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  • This is the reason why Fetish Fuel and Troper Tales no longer exist. Some people couldn’t resist putting controversial and creepy content in Fetish Fuel and Troper Tales, which led to these sections being sent off to separate offsite wikis.
  • TV Tropes used to have a "strikethrough markup", but it was eventually disabled as people were using it to sneak in Take Thats and such. Texts that were previously striked are now hidden texts. The strike format is still usable in the forums, though, and it was briefly brought back following the TvTropes 2.0 update.
  • Colored text was removed due to negative use and abuse of hard-to-read colors, and even easy-to-read colors like red and blue were disabled from wiki. It was eventually restored for the forums, though, and to wiki pages in the 1.8 update in 2018, but with the hard-to-read colors removed.
  • Headscratchers used to be called "It Just Bugs Me", but it had to be renamed because people kept thinking it was for complaining about something they didn't like about a work.
  • The Archive of Bellicose Lexicon Entities was a series of articles listing tropers accordingly to their visions on trope naming, images, example lists and the like. However, when it was determined that these articles, instead of being fun places for like-minded tropers to associate, were inspiring antagonism and factionalism among the user base, they were discontinued and all of them eventually redirect back to that index. Tropers are no longer listed, as they can simply add themselves through their userpages anyway.
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica used to have a page on this wiki. However, the page was very biased against its subject matter, and since no efforts were made to undermine this, it eventually started attracting too much negative attention and had to be put down for good, as it was far too late to save it. The page is still available on the Wayback Machine, though, and if you want view it the way it was just before its deletion, you can do so by clicking here. You can also view the page the way it was just after it was created by clicking here.
  • Trolls, vandals, and sockpuppeteers attacking the site and its articles led to a recreation of the login/handle creation system, replacing the standard sign up theme with a CAPTCHA approval addon.
  • Troper pages can now only be edited by the troper who created them. The days when a good faith user could sign or leave a fun commentary in another troper's page (which was known as "fun vandalism"), or even simply fix a spelling mistake, are over because of this.
  • Many threads in the forums that contain intelligent discussions end up getting locked when people start trolling, flaming each other, or derailing the topic after being told more than once by the moderators to knock it off, ruining it for everyone else who wished to continue the discussion in a civil manner. While some threads get temporarily locked to let everyone cool off, other threads can get locked forever, never to be reopened unless a mod says otherwise.
  • Zero Context Examples used to get a free pass back when many trope names were self-explanatory. This changed when people started placing tropes that weren't self-explanatory in a page without giving any examples at all. Understandably, not everybody will get why a character is or isn't a Knight Templar, and readers may not want to look up every single trope if no examples are present. Nowadays, tropes that have no examples are usually hidden until someone can elaborate on the subject.
  • Character Alignmentsinvoked are no longer allowed on main or even YMMV pages because of the edit wars they caused. You'd be hard-pressed to try to fit anything other than the flattest, most one-dimensional character into one of the nine Character Alignment boxes. The only exceptions for this rule is on pages for game systems that explicitly have character alignments and characters having officially stated character alignments, such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or entries in the Fate series.
  • In at least one case, continued violations of the Spoiler Policy on one page have caused a total page-wide prohibition on the spoiler markup.
  • Unfortunate Implications is one of the few pages on the entire site that requires citations. Any entry posted without one is almost immediately zapped. Before this policy was in place, the page was overrun with edit wars over whether something was actually offensive or not. The citations became mandatory because they showed that it wasn't just one person who was thinking that way.
  • The Trope Pantheons used to be open in terms of adding new gods. However, due to the section's unexpected explosion in popularity, as well as people shoehorning characters into godhoods with little or no justification, there are stricter regulations for adding new gods. This includes a waiting list and a rule that their profile sheet needs to be more or less entirely filled out with at least three freeform examples.
    • A more drastic example happened with the Disgraces. The Disgraces was originally a house for gods who represented a Scrappy Index, which in theory was fine, but eventually people started taking the abuse and mockery too far, even for characters who are universally hated. This eventually got to the point where the Disgraces became too vitriolic and had to be closed, and eventually the entire house was demolished. The least controversial gods were reworked and placed into actual houses, the most controversial gods made Persona Non Grata, and massive sweeping retcons occurred to portfolios all over the pantheon so that the Disgraces may as well have never existed.
  • Complete Monster used to be free for all to edit. Unfortunately, people began using the page and its subpages to shoehorn in villains who they either personally thought were particularly nasty or just didn't like. Then came the point where people started putting in divisive characters who aren't even technically villains, let alone evilnote  and trying to start Edit Wars when those examples were inevitably removed. This, coupled with the trope's tendency to be filled with Conversation on the Main Page, was the last straw, leading to the page being locked, most of the examples purged, the remaining examples being reworked, and an entire clean-up thread being made to decide which characters qualified.
  • The Wall Bangers page on the Darth Wiki wound up being completely discontinued due to it being a giant Flame War magnet and rather redundant to Dethroning Moment of Suckinvoked.
  • Death Battle, being a web show where the victor of a hypothetical battle between two characters is determined through logic and reasoning, is Serious Business in some parts of the internet and has been a problem for tropers and staff more than once:
    • Like all other media, the show originally had its own Dethroning Moment of Suck page relating to the outcome of the battles. Eventually, the entries became very contested, with Edit Wars being so common that the mods were forced to lock the page. The debates, however, continued in both the discussion pages and the forums of the locked pages, mainly by fans requesting their own moments to be added. Ultimately, the mods and tropers decided to completely blacklist the page from ever having a moment again by stripping all of the examples, locking the page, and later outright getting sent to the Permanent Red Link Club. This is the first, and (currently) only series to have its dethroning moments officially stripped and blacklisted.
    • The lockup of the Dethroning page did not mark an end to the vitriol, as the Headscratchers page was later hit with similar arguments from all sides of the fanbase. No efforts could have stopped this, and the Headscratchers page received the exact same fate as its sibling: stripped and blacklisted.
  • Very early on in the site's life, there existed a page on the Darth Wiki that allowed anyone to complain about works they didn't like, an activity that wasn't (and still isn't) allowed on the main wiki in any form. Inevitably, the page in question was quickly filled with an unbearable amount of Flame Wars, Edit Wars and all other kinds of nasty behavior among tropers, leading to the page being deleted after only one month. In comparison, the page's Sugar Wiki counterpart, which was created around the same time, still remains active today due to avoiding the problems that plagued its doomed sibling. This didn't remove every complaining outlet, as pages like Dethroning Moment of Suck and Wall Bangers (the latter of which ultimately didn't work either, as mentioned above) were created to serve a similar purpose, but they're much more carefully monitored in order to keep the vitriol to a minimum.invoked
  • Due to the sheer amount of its releases, even among stock numbers, combined with a massive number of categories that proved problematic for indexing, Walt Disney Home Video is the only home media company that isn't allowed to have an on-site list of releases.
  • Pre-release work pages tend to suffer rampant amounts of Speculative Troping based just on the trailers and production information. It doesn't help that there are trailers that have either edited scenes or scenes not in the final product to mislead viewers on certain plot points. Because of this, these works' Trivia, Moments and YMMV pages are either cut or locked until the work is finally released, and a policy which includes specific requirements for the Main page was established in 2019.


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