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Fridge Brilliance

  • Nothing Is Scarier. The pun that nothing is more scary than someone jumping out, and that this technique is the scariest one.
  • When people refer to a "scoop" of Eye Scream, it's a pun on the term "a scoop of ice cream," and makes further sense since the character gets their eyes scooped out.
  • On the page for E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, someone changed Chekhov's Gun to Chekhov's Walkie-Talkie. This is a reference to the special edition where the guns were changed to walkie-talkies. note 
  • The Department of Redundancy Department image says "Cat Toy; for cats". This isn't just Rule of Funny or for a Self-Demonstrating Article: it means that this cat toy is made specifically for cats, and not supposed to be used by any other animals e.g. no loaning to other animals.
  • When looking at the second entry of the Friendship is Magic YMMV page under "Older Than They Think", you read
    Another good example, that's slightly less old, would be Sailor Moon fans from the nineties gave way to pretty much the same reaction as we're getting now the whole "these guys are a pile of happy cigarettes" from the haters and a "it's the turning point of masculinity" from the fans side.
    • At first, that makes no sense, "a happy pile of cigarettes" who calls anyone that? Well, if you go by the correct definitions of many slang terms, "gay, faggot, fag," gay means happy, faggot usually means a pile of sticks but can technically mean a pile of anything, and fag means cigarette, so what's really being said is, "faggot gay fag," which is what bronies get called a lot of the time. Whoever that editor is, s/he's a genius.