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Western Animation / Tracey McBean

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Tracey McBean is an animated series from Australian film company Southern Star Entertainment chronicling the everyday lifestyle of the titular Gadgeteer Genius as she, with assistance from her best friend Shamus, uses her Homemade Inventions to solve whatever problem that encounters her way.

It was based on a successful children's book entitled Tracey McBean and the Stretching Machine written by Mary Small and illustrated by Arthur Filloy, which was published in 1989 and proved popular enough to be reprinted four times before getting an animated adaptation.

Tracey McBean requires the following for her latest invention:

  • Speaks Fluent Animal: During the "School Camp" episode, Tracey invents a device to communicate with aliens. She wound up communicating with glow worms instead.
  • We Want Our Jerk Back!: Tracy and Shamus clean Jim's shoes after he uses them to get what he wants. This causes a personality change, shifting from him being a bully to being really nice. REALLY nice. To the point to where he recites love poetry to Tracy. Having enough, Tracy, Seamus and Jake work together to get Jim's bully persona back by making his shoes smelly again. Tracy laments it's better to bring back someone you know than someone you don't.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: In an attempt to swindle Tracey out of her H2Grow formula, Jim McConnolly decides to make them tell him by telling Jake's fear, which he says is Custard. Tracey and Shamus don't believe him. When Tracey tricks them into taking a version of the formula spiked with Custard, it turns out that Jake's fear really is Custard. And after the events of the episode, Jake has gotten over his fear, but now Jim has a fear of Custard (it involved a Custard Twister, and we'll leave it at that).