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TROOPS OF DOOM is an action-figure comic by Kraig Furtado. It features a massive, three-way battle between the Star Wars Empire, G.I. Joe and Cobra. At stake are control of the galaxy, and the ancient super-technology known as Legotech. It won't be easy, though: none of the three sides have more guns or fewer idiots than the others, and the Legotech's mysterious Legonian builders are still out there...

It averaged two updates a week. Sadly the comic has not updated since december 2013 with no explanation from Kraig Furtado. The website officially vanished in 2016 and has not been renewed since. It can be found on the Wayback Machine here.

Tropes found in TROOPS OF DOOM:

  • Bad Boss: Cobra Commander doesn't have people executed for minor disappointments...he prefers ordering savage beatings.
  • Battle Cry: The usual ones from Cobra and the Joes, plus the Legonians' battle cry of "LEGOOO!"
  • Bounty Hunter: Plenty of them, mostly from Star Wars.
  • Built with LEGO: Legotech, natch. It's incredibly valuable because it basically runs on Clap Your Hands If You Believe. If you can build an agglomeration of Legotech vaguely resembling the device you want, it will function perfectly as such.
    Rock 'n Roll: What are you building, Clutch?
    Clutch: Haven't decided yet. Either a doomsday device or an ice cream maker.