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SootHouse is a YouTube channel which consists of a group of eight people (Matt, Charlie, David, Dan, George, Jack, Rhianna and Wilbur) commentating over pictures and screenshots on the internet and mocking them with pure banter. Hilarity ensues.

After uploading content for nearly three years, the channel went on hiatus due to the abundance of similar content creators since their beginning. With their patreon closed and their last video being uploaded in August of 2019, the group has largely split off to pursue their own projects.


This show provides examples of:

  • A God Am I: In the Google Translate Song Lyrics video, things get oddly biblical in many ways, especially when Taylor Swift is involved:
  • Badass Boast: In the Google Translate Song Lyrics video, the translated versions give one to Eminem, and one to Taylor Swift, of all people:
    Eminem: I do not give hell - GOD HAS PLUNGED ME INTO THE WORLD!!
  • Butt-Monkey: Charlie tends to end up this way. Mainly because, as seen in The Ditz below, he is absent-minded and tends to arrive late. The group love to rag on him for it.
  • The Chick: Rhianna is the only girl in the group, and the group use that for all the possible jokes they can.
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  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: Every one in Soothouse is represented in the videos by a color. Matt = orange, Wilbur = grey, David = green, Jack = yellow, George = purple, Dan = red, Charlie = blue, Rhianna = pink.
  • Conspiracy Theorist: "The People of Flat Earth" and "Crazy Anti-Vaxx Mothers" concern these type of people. But Charlie in particular pretends he's an anti-vaxxer in the latter video.
  • Crossover: Sorrow TV, another YouTuber with a similar format, frequently does videos with them on their channel as well as on his. Several others have appeared as well, such as RTGame, General Sam and Marshal Does Stuff.
  • Cuckoo Snarker: Charlie is a known Cuckoosnarker. In the videos, he exaggerates himself to look like The Ditz of the group. So when he decides to crack a witty joke or two, the audience remembers that he's mostly playing it for laughs.
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  • The Ditz: Charlie.
    Charlie: I struggled to read that, after it got to the first line and I realized I had to look for the next one...
    Wilbur: That's how you read, Charlie!
    George: Undiagnosed dyslexia.
    Charlie: I breezed those tests so many times that they don't even bother testing me. They just say, "you don't need dyslexia tests."
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Several of their early videos relied on just Wilbur and one other person going over random topics, such as "Construction Failures" being just Wilbur and David. This has largely died down, as recently there are at least around four people per video.
  • Everyone Has Standards: The group, on a whole, express this in several videos. For example, Charlie expresses disgust for the amount of hatred displayed in the "Men-Haters of Tumblr" video, even calling them out for claiming to be tolerant, but advocating things like killing men. In their videos dealing with Incels, they all express disgust for how entitled the Incel group was and make jabs at how horrible they are.
  • Everyone Is Bi: Almost every Soothouse fanfiction that includes shipping.
  • Hurricane of Puns: The entirety of "Pictures of beans in places that beans should not be":
    Dan: Only dentists recommend Oral Bean.
  • Fanservice: The pairing between George and Charlie "Cheorge" has been a running gag for months. Charlie, George, and the other Soothouse members, whether in their videos or on Twitter, act as if the two are dating. Despite the fact that the two of them have girlfriends as of 2019.
    Charlie: One more word and I'll nuzzle you, George
    George: You'll what? You'll fucking guzzle my cum?
    Charlie: Nuzzle! And then I can muzzle you in the bedroom.
    George: Oh. You can guzzle or nuzzle my cum, Charlie, I don't mind.
  • Featureless Plane of Disembodied Dialogue: The usual Soothouse video format is basically this. But instead of it being a white, featureless plane, they put their disembodied dialogue in a marble plane.
  • Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter: Rhianna is most guilty of this.
    Rhianna: (looking at a picture of Will) Will looks like he's getting head from a girl who uses way too much teeth and he's like "WOOOAH."
  • Late to the Punchline: In the "r/Shittyfoodporn" video, Wilbur and Matt sing an off-tune Jurassic Park theme over a picture of chocolates crudely put together to look like dinosaurs. They sing for 5 whole seconds until Charlie finally exclaims "Oh, they're dinosaurs!"
  • Mathematician's Answer: At the beginning of Spooky Yahoo Answers:
    Will: Do you know what happens at the end of October?
    David: November.
  • "No. Just... No" Reaction: George's response to Jack changing "Lemme give you a nosh" to "Ah, c'mon George, lemme give you a nosh" in Someone Translated a Manga into Northern English Slang
  • This Is Reality: Their "1 will protect you. The rest will attack." video tends to end with them arguing this way. For example, "Sniper Cat" as they call it, would die because its a cat and wouldn't have the power to hold a gun in real life.
  • Sanity Slippage: Played for Laughs. During their "Someone Translated a Manga into Australian English", the group basically fall apart and descend into insanity as they argue over who is supposed to be reading for who, and what order the page is needing to be read.
    • In the Google Translate Song Lyrics video, David ends up screaming, "CALCIUM DREAM!" in an increasingly unhinged voice.
  • Signature Laugh: Their channel is built on laughter, not going a single video without it. Each of the 8 members have a recognizable laugh.
  • Seinfeldian Conversation: An average Soothouse video is comprised of many Seinfeldian Conversations.
  • The Sixth Ranger: While they've had numerous guests, the most common one is Sorrow TV, who has also featured the gang in numerous videos on his own channel.
  • Stylistic Suck: In both the 2017 and 2018 Soothouse Christmas special, the members decorate a cardboard board with random sharpie doodles. None of the 8 members are known to have amazing art. They use this for their advantage.
  • Voice of the Legion: In the "Indian Facebook Roleplayers", the entire gang all reply "YES!" at once to Rhianna's question.
  • Word-Salad Humor: The various videos about stuff written by Botnik and other AIs are prime examples of this. It says something when Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash is the most coherent of them. Earlier on, the two videos about motivational posters created by an AI contain a few examples of this, though not to the same degree.
    Rhianna: (over a picture of William Shakespeare) Murder can be as pretty as a breath of fresh air of tomorrow
  • Your Mom: The "your mum" comeback has been said in multiple videos. Soothouse's channel slogan, as stated on their banner and second channel, is "Your mum would like us."
    Wilbur: David, will you ever get a tattoo?
    David: Yeah
    Wilbur: Of what?
    David: Just your mum.

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