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LEGO Harry Potter finally gets a mention.
  • It starts with Batman tying weird clues together to prove that the Big Bad is... Alfred!
    • Half-confirmed. Voldemort does appear, but is played by Eddie Izzard instead of Ralph Fiennes.

There will be a reference to the live-action Justice League movie
  • After Batman is done fighting alongside the League, he'll depart from them and say something like "See you in November" (the month in which the live-action film comes out).
    • Assuming they don't bump up the date again.
    • Turns out he doesn't actually fight alongside the Justice League here.

The Big Bad will be the Riddler
  • As a mythology gag to the Lego Batman 1 video game, where he is a big bad for the first chapter of the game
    • Jossed. Joker is the Big Bad. Riddler only briefly cameos.

The characters of The LEGO Movie will make brief appearances during the ending
  • In order to tie it in with The LEGO Movie 2.
    • Jossed. No non-DC characters from The Lego Movie make appearances apart from a clip of Emmett falling into the Eternal Abyss appearing in news footage.

The marketing for the movie will include a collection of minifigures based on characters from the movie.
  • they did it for the Lego Movie.
  • Confirmed. It's got more ridiculous Batsuits and D-list baddies than any of the "real" sets.

The infamous Bat credit card will pop up in this movie.
  • Close. "Bat-bucks" do appear, which are black 1x2 tiles with the Batman logo on it.

The events of the movie are imaginary.
  • The events of The LEGO Movie were revealed to be all be imaginary adventures Finn had while playing with his dad's LEGOs and reflected issues with his dad's Control Freak behavior over them. Alfred and Batman's interactions in the trailers are portrayed as a parent dealing with their moody, teenage child, suggesting this Batman story is inspired by some kind of issue they're having.
    • Kinda jossed. There's no confirmation the film is imaginary but there's hints; when guns are fired the characters just shout "pew pew!" rather than firing bullets for instance.
    • Early in the film it's established that Gotham is sitting on thin plates with nothing supporting it underneath (a table holding Lego land plates) and that an explosion would rip them apart and send everything into the same abyss Emett fell into in The Lego Movie that led to the real world; they even play a small clip of it
    • The person behind this isn't Finn, though. He's a somewhat older LEGO player with the same ideas. He and Finn will become friends and fellow-"workers", mirroring Batman and Robin. Perhaps it's Finn's dad, who's finally learned to have fun with LEGOs rather than just building them for display.

The Joker will end up a Red Herring for the real Big Bad.
Simply to make fun of the Joker's prominence as the real villain.
  • Jossed. Joker is the Big Bad. While at first it seems Sauron, Voldemort, the Daleks, King Kong, The Wicked Witch of the West and the rest of the Phantom Zone inmates are going to hijack the role of Big Bad, they quickly decide to follow Joker's lead resulting in a Villain Team-Up with Joker as the leader.
  • I don't know. The movie is pretty explicit that Batman's dysfunctional personality is the real Big Bad...

Ben Affleck will have a cameo.

George Clooney will have a cameo.
  • He's made fun of his turn as Batman for years, now that the movie is doing it, he might as well jump in.

Lego Dick Grayson will find out he isn't actually an orphan.
  • He will be revealed to be the long lost son of the Where Are My Pants Guy.
    • Um.. Dick Grayson isn't an orphan. His parents were the Flying Graysons.
      • They're dead. Having dead parents means you're an orphan.
      • Still, he had parents whom he lived with for his whole life up until this movie.
      • Jossed. His parents are dead long before the events of this movie. When we first meet him he's living in an orphanage.

Joker and/or other villains are fallen Master Builders.

The Phantom Zone will end up being the real world
  • Jossed

"Because I'm Batman" will be said in the movie

The Shark Repellent will be a Chekhov's Gun
Once and for all proving that it's not completely useless.
  • CONFIRMED! Robin uses it in the final battle to save Batman from Bruce.

Superman will play a crucial role in the film
  • Kind of. He makes two appearances (in a television interview discussing the Phantom Zone and at the Fortress of Solitude), and Joker gets the idea to enter the Phantom Zone and unleash their villains from watching his interview
Dick Grayson will become Nightwing in the sequel.
This movie will definitely get a sequel, I mean come on. He DOES try on a suit labeled Nightwing during the climax.

Phyllis's boss in the Phantom Zone is Finn's little sister
  • Phyllis mentions her boss using a female pronoun, and one could assume this story takes place a while after The LEGO Movie wherein Finn's sister could have outgrown the Duplo figures and taken an interest in the Batman figures.
  • Or perhaps it's Finn and his sister's mother.
  • Aethyr?
  • Does that mean Finn and his sister's mother's name is Phyllis?

If there's a sequel, it will involve Batman learning to work with the Justice League and Superman.
Since Batman's problem with Superman was never really addressed or worked out in this movie, in the next one they're going to be forced to team up so they can work out their differences. And it will end with him being properly invited to a Justice League party.

The movie is Finn and his little sister playing together.
  • Like above, Phyllis' boss is referred to with female pronouns. In addition, Clayface has a young female voice rather than a deep menacing voice as expected. Also, the snake clowns at the end look fairly reminiscent of the sister's creations at the end of the The LEGO Movie. Now that that Finn and his sister are a bit older, they probably play more cooperatively than implied at the end of The LEGO Movie and worked together to create this story.

The villains Joker mentioned at the beginning, such as the Condiment King or Calendar Man, will be introduced into the DC Extended Universe
Most like the Nightwing movie that Chris McKay is directing.

Finn is behind the story and the movie is actually about relationship with his brother
I've read this theory on WGM page of the first movie that Batman is supposed to represent Finn's older brother, who is an Emo Teen ( explaining why Batman himself acts as one ) and that Finn and the brother have strained relationship, which is why Batman is kind of a jerk. However, Finn still looks up to his brother. My theory is that because Robin is slightly similar to Emmet personality wise ( optimistic, kind, dorky and a fan of Batman ), he is supposed to represent Finn himself. So, similarly to the first movie, the older brother eventually walks in and realizes that he hasn't been treating his younger brother, who admires him, with enough respect and starts playing with him, which is represented either by the scene where Batman is stuck in Phantom Zone and forced to watch all the Kick the Dog actions he committed ( in real life, that would be the older brother seeing himself in Finn's Batman ) and/or by Robin's and Batman's hug.

The reason Batman doesn't consider Joker his greatest enemy
  • Is because his greatest enemy is Joe Chill, the man who murdered his parents. No matter what The Joker does, he will NEVER be worse than the man who took away Bruce Wayne's family and childhood and made him into the man he is today.
    • Though if The Lego Batman Movie takes place in a continuity where every other Batman movie (made before 2017) happened, that'd be complicated because of Batman (1989): the Joker was the man who murdered Bruce's parents.

the movie is being acted out by Finn and his father
  • It would follow up on the themes of the Lego Movie nicely, and it's fun to imagine his dad as a closet Batman fan.

Finn created this story to teach his sister about Batman lore.
Finn's sister expressed curiosity about the character of Batman after he told her about the previous adventure (The LEGO Movie), So Finn thought up this movie's story as a way of explaining to her the most important pieces of Batman history: The Joker being Batman's greatest enemy, Batman having two sidekicks and a huge rogues' gallery, Harley Quinn being The Joker's faithful henchwoman, etc. He intentionally left a few details out like not outright saying Batman's parents were murdered or The Joker abuses Harley to keep the adventure suitable for his younger sister. After all, Batman can be accurately portrayed as both dark and light.

A hypothetical sequel would be a take on Batman Incorporated.
Batman would get kicked out of the Justice League for stealing their equipment, and create his own organization.

The Big Bad of Lego Batman 2 will be Ra's al Ghul.
Assuming it takes place after the Lego Movie 2, Al Ghul's evil plan will be to split up Batman and Watevra Wanabi's relationship so Bruce will fall for Talia and become his new heir.

The "two flimsy plates" Gotham is built on are tables.
The scientist on the news who explains the cataclysmic consequences of the Joker's bomb detonating sounds like what would happen to a large model city spanning across two tables if you pulled them apart; things would break at the fault line and fall into the Eternal Abyss of Nothingness/basement floor.

In contrast to the prior sequel theories, instead of a LEGO Batman Movie Sequel, we’ll get The LEGO Justice League Movie.
It would likely focus on primarily of Superman and Green Lantern's relationship as well as a subplot involving Aquaman teaching some rookie Leaguers that Heart Is an Awesome Power.
  • The Villains will be the Legion of Doom, with primary focus on Lex Luthor, Black Manta and Sinestro.
  • The Legion will lead most of the Justice League into a trap where they get scattered across the universe, except for Aquaman and a handful of rookies.
  • Believing themselves victorious Luthor has the Legion proceed with phase two and conquer the world. Black Manta of course tries to warn him that Aquaman could still pose a threat, Luthor disregards Manta's warning because it's Aquaman.
  • Meanwhile, on some alien planet orbiting a red star, Superman is stuck with Green Lantern and due to losing his powers in dependent on him for survival. After fighting and making up Green Lantern discovers that the Planet is Mogo and have him bring them back to Earth.
  • Back on Earth Aquaman rallies the rookies against the Legion of Doom and teaches them how to use their powers effectively, successfully leading an attack on the Hall of Doom.
  • Across the universe the rest of the League work together with whoever they wound up with and manage to make their way back to Earth on their own.
  • The overall Aesop of the movie will be the value of teamwork, listening to your teammates and that everyone has their talents.

The Justice League at the 57th Annual Justice League Anniversary Party wasn't the actual Justice League.
It's revealed in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part that this adventure took place around the same time the Justice League left for the Systar System. Superman didn't want Batman to find out the Justice League was going to another galaxy, so he created replicas of the Justice League members to make the Fortress of Solitude seem less lifeless.