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Awesome Music / The LEGO Batman Movie

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  • Lorne Balfe's musical score is no slacker. Special mention goes to "Battle Royale", which even found a way to incorporate the original Adam West theme.
  • The opening music, "Black", is so Batmanesque, it would work even for a non-parody/satire/homage. It manages to combine elements from all the incarnations of the Batman theme into one.
  • Then there's the more introspective, melodic "A Long Farewell".
  • It's not an original piece, but "(I Just) Died In Your Arms" was the perfect song to play during the two scenes where Bruce is gawking over Barbara. It makes the scenes even funnier, and in a strange way, beautiful.
  • "Who's the (Bat)Man" by Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy is an epic heavy metal song describing how awesome Batman is. In the movie proper, it plays when Batman is beating up his entire Rogues Gallery. Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.
    In the darkest night, HUH!
    I make the bad guys fall, HUH!
    There's a million heroes, HUH!
  • "Friends are Family" by Oh Hush is this movie's equivalent of "Everything is Awesome", being an upbeat and extremely catchy pop song. To make it better, Batman starts rapping in the middle of it.
  • "I Found You" is a sweet little tune that pops up in the movie's soundtrack from time to time, especially in relation to Robin. It's sung by a talented 10-year-old boy from Robin's point of view.
  • The recurring song in the movie is Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror", which is covered very well by Alex Aiono, to the point some people like it more than the original.
  • While not in the movie itself, trailers and other ads had a very catchy electronic remix of "We Built This City" as background music.