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Refrain from using first person pronouns, please. This is a WMG page, not a forum.

Due to the nature of this page, all spoilers are unmarked.

The entire epilogue is one big future vision
Garnet's seeing all of this season in one big vision, right after she sat down on the beach with Steven in the finale. It'll end badly, and Garnet will make sure to address what's going to bother him down the line before it all builds up and it's too late.
  • Jossed.

Steven will leave Beach City on his own to start anew
Unlike the WMG below on the topic of leaving, this theory is more on the idea that this will be a source of growth for Steven, therapeutic. A lot of his anxiety is about his friends going their ways and leaving him. Steven would learn how freeing going on your own is and his friends "abandoning" him is actually good. This is also what the lyrics "just a little time, just a little something else instead" and the driving van come from.
  • Confirmed.

Mean Lapis/Curly manipulated her friend to be a double agent
It's just like Room For Ruby, but with Nice Lapis/Freckles being more sympathetic. Curly would force her to cough up some info about Little Homeschool, and join Aquamarine and Eyeball and who knows how many other gems going against Steven. This would be one way for how Mean Lapis would come back, since she clearly wouldn't appear in one episode to never come back again.
  • Mean Lapis ended up never returning, but the WMG itself isn't Jossed.

The Rose Quartz that looks exactly like Pink when she disguised knows more than she lets on
Perhaps she may have been the one who helped Pink out at points where it was impossible for her to be in two places at once and where Pearl shapeshifting wouldn't have helped either.
  • Maybe Pink's original plan to stage her own shattering included the Rose Quartz that looked identical to her, but she was bubbled before they could go through with it, and thus she went for a shapeshifted Pearl as the next best option.

Little Graduation would be crashed/be a new Steven Universe S1E25 "Mirror Gem"
  • Jossed, it was Steven who disrupted the graduation. (Specifically, with his own emotions manifesting as uncontrollable powers.)

Larimar saying she will make Steven scream is Foreshadowing
He might either crack or shatter her by accident or, worse, losing control for a moment. The ensuing realization will break Steven's mind and trigger his transformation into the opening's monster.
  • Jossed, though she was around when Steven yelled out loud and destroyed part of Little Homeworld in "Everything's Fine".

Steven will discover how to duplicate himself in A Very Special Episode
A lot of people have been theorizing this. The episode description even says "How will Steven be able to be in two places at once?" and it seems unlikely that he can switch places with fusion. Plus it would explain how Pink Diamond was able to wage a war against herself without having to run back and forth for centuries.
  • Jossed. Steven never duplicates himself, and episode's events are ambiguously canon anyway.

If Jasper won't be apart of the Rebellion, then she would be The Corrupter in Steven's arc
Maybe not a literal one. Jasper wouldn't be in the villain shot if she's (mostly) pacified in the first episode, and doesn't seem ready to lead a gem rebellion like most people think she would. Jasper might see the potential to be a Steven's Svengali to cause havoc for Little Homeworld, or genuinely want him to succeed for whatever reason. For that she'll encourage him to let his gem half take over, leading to the WMG below. It would also be a nice twist, since everyone was suspecting her to be Blood Knight when they saw the trailer.
  • Sort of confirmed in "Fragments". However, Jasper's reason for this was to have a rematch against Steven.

Pink Steven is the Big Bad, having completely taken over his human half.
  • The events of "Volleyball" support that this is the case, showing how destructive Pink Steven can be when he's not under Steven's control.
  • Even further supported in "Fragments" and "Homeworld Bound" when Steven loses himself to his gem powers and kills Jasper and attempted to kill White Diamond. This may be Pink Steven taking over since Steven normally wouldn't kill.
  • Sort of confirmed?

The giant serpent monster in the intro is the corrupted form of an ultra powerful Gem of relation to the Diamonds(Black Diamond perhaps?) who will end up serving as the Final Boss.
  • Jossed.

The giant serpent monster in the intro is in a corrupted Steven.
  • Sort of confirmed, or at least the Diamonds assumed he was corrupted, but the circumstances of his transformation and healing process is much different from that of normal corrupted Gems.

The giant serpent monster is Steven's gem half.
It takes over his human half and then turns into a monster in a process similar (though not necessarily the same) to Corruption.
  • Sort of confirmed?

Steven will learn he has assimilation powers just like White Diamond.
With the knowledge that Pink Diamond has a plethora of destructive and more terrifying powers, would it be such as surprise that Pink Diamond had some of the other Diamond's more terrifying abilities? Plus, realizing that you had a power so terrifying as to take away the free will of your friends and family and not even know how to reverse it would make great drama.
  • Jossed.

Something bad will happen to Blue Diamond.
Whether it be shattering, corruption, or something else. Something awful will happen to BD. Something irreversible. Think about it. Isn't it weird that Stevens new design swapped his blue shirt for a black shirt, breaking the Diamond Authority color motif? Why would they change Stevens design from the movies design, no matter how small, when they could just reuse it? This is why. It's foreshadowing.
  • He still wears blue jeans, so technically the Diamond color motif isn't actually broken.
  • Jossed.

An episode will center on the Cluster Gems
Since they’re some of the only characters who haven’t been conclusively dealt with in a while, or even seen that often after season 2. Plus, these poor souls need some sort of redemption after what happened to them. Or in a darker turn, they meet an even more permanent end.
  • The Cluster did return in "I Am My Monster" but it didn't center on them, so Jossed.

A second, much less well-intentioned, rebellion is brewing.
Considering Jasper's comments about there "Always being someone to fight", Steven saying how she's just waiting for another war, and Holly Blue, Eyeball, and Aquamarine's hatred of the new status quo, it seems like Foreshadowing that there may be another rebellion forming. And this one looks like it'll be fighting to restore the old ways...

A Very Special Episode was based on something Garnet saw in the future
Garnet foresaw that Steven would have trouble budgeting his time and get stressed out and warned him about it to avoid the crisis. The two of them made the PSA that makes up the episode's plot, exaggerating the disastrous consequences to get the point across.

Crazy Lace will turn out to be a fusion.
She is much bigger than the other Quartzes and Agates, and seems to have a nose gem and an eye gem (although both could be just odd colorations if this guess is not true). Her fairly normal limb arrangement is due to the fact that she's a same-gem fusion (two Quartzes or two Agates).
  • Sort of confirmed?

Jasper and Steven will at some point fuse.
Since the two seem to be getting on equal levels in terms of understanding each other (at least somewhat), it's possible they could come close enough to fuse, whether it be while fighting, during a break time, or after some sort of civil talk between the two.
  • Jossed.

One episode will center around the fact that Peridot will never fuse.
Either because she's physically unable to (perhaps because of another defect due to being an Era 2 gem), or because it makes her extremely uncomfortable. The other Gems will encourage her to fuse, but ultimately they'll learn a lesson about accepting her the way she is. The whole episode will have implicit Asexuality undertones.
  • Same concept, but it's Lapis. Her experience with Jasper left her permanently psychologically unable to fuse and unwilling to try. The Aesop is that there are scars that can't be healed with magic or compassion, but you can still go on to live a good life anyway.
  • Jossed.

We will discover what can kill a Gem more permanently than shattering or what Rose did to become Steven
Perhaps it’s melting? This would add a lot of drama.
  • Jossed.

White Diamond's Original Pearl (as in, the Pearl White had before taking and possessing Pink Pearl) will be an antagonist.
She'll either pull the strings behind the scenes before revealing herself or do an invasion on Little Homeworld, with the intention of shattering Pink Pearl for taking her place. It'll probably serve as a reminder (mostly to the audience) that Pink wasn't the only sinful Diamond.
  • Jossed.

The villain in the opening credits who looks like a purple version of White Diamond is the original creator of the Gems
The Gems are artifical beings, so someone must have created them before they started self-reproducing. The reason why White Diamond looks like this purple character is because White was the first gem she created, and she made White into her own image, just like the Biblical God did with humans. Also, the creator probably intended the Gems to be world-conquerors, so she's pissed off that Steven has made them pacifists.
  • Jossed. It's actually White Diamond letting Steven posses her.

Steven will lose his right eye.
Call it a stretch based on symbolism, but there are several pieces of symbolism that could be foreshadowing.
  • Steven is winking in the promo picture for the premiere.
    • A promo for reruns also features Steven winking.
  • Bluebird draws her gem(s) over Steven's right eye.
  • Onion has a doll of Steven with mismatched eyes.
  • Cat Steven is missing her right eye.
  • Spinel's Rejuvenator slashed through Steven's right eye in the movie.
    • All of this without regard to the references from previous seasons like "The Return" and "Coach Steven". In both episodes, Steven's right eye is injured in some way (if only jokingly in the latter example).
  • The girl from Unfamiliar Familiar also has an eyepatch on her right eye.
    • Actually her eyepatch is on her left eye. Though that, along with Pink Pearl's cracked left eye, could still be foreshadowing another major character losing their left eye.
  • Another possibility is that, when Steven's corruption is cured, his right eye will remain black and deformed as his "scar".
  • Jossed.

Jasper will meet and possibly fuse with one of the new Lapises.
Basically, the new Lapis will be a Doppelgänger Replacement Love Interest to her. With the new Lapis, she'll be able to form a new Malachite that is much more stable than the one she formed with Crystal Gem Lapis. It will be either:
  • Nice Lapis: Both of them live on Earth and Nice Lapis attends Little Homeschool, so there's a chance she'll chance upon Jasper's lair. They can bond over the fact that they're both reformed villains who are still adjusting.
  • Mean Lapis: If she comes to Earth, Mean Lapis can find Jasper and bond with her over how they dislike Era 3, thus Lapis can push back Jasper onto the path of villainy.
  • Jossed.

One of the next episodes after Prickly Pair will feature Steven's Rage Breaking Point
  • Sort of confirmed, if you count corrupted Steven's rampage in "I Am My Monster" as such.

Steven will run away from Beach City and Little Homeworld
Finishing the Generation Xerox between him and his mother, Steven will try and leave just to avoid the "issue" of communicating his problems. Depending on how hard his Sanity Slippage ended up hitting him, he might create fake Gem shards just to trick the others into thinking he's gone and not going after him.
  • In "Fragments" he runs away to Jasper's lair and in "Homeworld Bound" he runs to Homeworld. He does use his gem powers both times (Super Speed the first time, creating an energy wall the second time) to stop others from following him, but does not fake his death.

There will be attempts to create another human/Gem hybrid.
This would be one of the final obstacles for Steven to face: a Gem decides to give up her form and pass her powers down to a hybrid, possibly for the same reasons as Rose or perhaps because she believes a human/Gem hybrid would be more powerful than a normal Gem due to Steven's success. Maybe she proposes the idea and seeks out a human to mate with and Steven tries to stop her, or maybe she is successful behind Steven's back, and he doesn't even realize it until she's gone and he meets the baby's human parent. If such a baby is born, it would throw Steven's identity even further out of wack, wondering if he's special anymore and possibly project all his trauma onto the baby by acting overprotective. Maybe there will be another time skip one day and we'll see a whole society full of Gem/human hybrids.
  • Jossed.

An argument between White and Steven will be followed by the first appearance of the worm monster
The WD-like being in the introduction is actually White herself while arguing with Steven. But, depending on how it rolls, White might not even be that much of an antagonist compared to the rest, and might even call out Steven on how he's becoming too much like herself.

Right as the argument escalates, the Worm Monster will make their debut; either they'll be a transformation Steven will achieve and use to attack White in a blind rage or an independent being that'll take the chance to attack a distracted White for multiple reasons.

  • Jossed.

At the very end, there will be a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue where we see all the characters, accompanied by Steven summing up the lessons he learned from them
Such things as Sadie, Shep and Lars reminding him that the future is all about moving forward, Jasper showing him that everyone can change, Bluebird showing him that some people won't change, Cactus Steven showing him that you can't run away from your feelings, Volleyball showing that you need to confront your problems to heal, etc.
  • Jossed.

Nanefua's Ruby bodyguards are Leggy and Army or Doc.
Of the five members of the Ruby Squad, only Eyeball and Navy were hostile (Eyeball hates Steven in general, and Navy deceived Steven to steal her squad's ship, rescue her squad, and expose the Crystal Gems' continued existence to the Diamonds). The other three haven't been as developed, so there's a chance they embraced Era 3 (Navy may have also embraced it, but more likely, Steven wants nothing to do with her lest her very presence piss off Peridot and Lapis).

There's no doubt Leggy is most likely one of the bodyguards, but the other one could either be Army or Doc, as the one Ruby bodyguard that has spoken has a gruff voice.

Jasper will end up teaching Steven after all
Near the end of the Series, Steven could possibly lose his Gem, possibly either taken or even shattered by the main villain. He could be left incredibly weak without his powers and will be found by Jasper, who, having realized how bad things have really gotten, will take up Steven on his offer to teach him and will end up helping him regain control of his powers without the use of his Gem, showing that his powers aren’t tied to a single source and are a part of who he is on own.
  • Jasper teaching Steven is Confirmed (happens in "Fragments"), but the circumstances are Jossed.

Sneople will be introduced in the series, however they are not the monster in the intro
The sneople will actually resemble snakes in some way, unlike the intro monster whose only "snake-like" feature is a long body and that's about it.
  • Jossed.

Steven will die
If all of Steven's "death"/shattering imagery throughout Future so far are any indication. Plus Steven says "oh no, is this the end of my (adult) life?" after being tagged by Sapphire and the screen shattering in "Snow Day".
  • And now Steven has straight up said he feels like he's "about to die" in "Growing Pains"...
  • There's also the pink cake being broken into pieces in "Together Forever" which might be foreshadowing Steven's pink gem getting shattered.
    • There are even more "pink thing getting shattered" imagery in "Fragments" (Jasper breaking Steven's shields).
  • Another thing from "Growing Pains", Dogcopter (who proposes to Drew like how Steven proposed to Connie in "Together Forever") seemingly dies before getting back up again, not only foreshadowing Steven's death but also him being brought back to life (which will most likely happen anyways if he does die).
  • In "Homeworld Bound" there's a scene where Steven is controlling White Diamond and trying to make her shatter her own gem—while she's entirely colored pink, making her gem look like Pink Diamond's, and her voice is sounding just like Steven's—which ends with Steven smashing his own head on a pillar (instead of White's like he intended to). This may be a more explicit foreshadowing of Steven's gem being shattered.
  • If he not only just dies (and gets revived) but also gets his right eye messed up, he'll parallel both Lars and Jasper who got a scar on their right eye after dying and reviving.
  • Jossed.

Steven will become human by the end of the series
Foreshadowed by the "Being Human" song and Archimicarus turning into human at the end of the Spirit Morph Saga. Though obviously it won't be as simple as Steven deciding to pull his gem out and live on as a human, as he (currently) can't survive without his gem.

Based on the above WMG, Steven will die after getting his gem shattered, then be resurrected by the remaining Diamonds, which will let Steven live as a human (albeit with a different color and presumably some new powers, much like Lars) without Pink Diamond's gem.

  • Jossed.

Pink Diamond had memory-based powers
The Gem Rejuvenators (both Spinel's scythe and the one in the Reef) are made from Pink's memory-erasing power (like how the Gem Destabilizers are presumably made from Yellow Diamond's power) which is why the color of the Rejuvenators' energy is always pink.

There is a 5th Diamond
There have been many "5th Diamond" theories in the past, but Future may have made this theory even more likely:
  • If the colors of Steven's current outfit and Shep's shirt + bracelets count as foreshadowing, then the 5th Diamond's color could be Black/Green.
  • The presumed logo back when all 5 Diamonds were active, a 5-point star made with 5 diamond shapes, is briefly seen in "Little Graduation".
    • The placement of the logo's colors could be based on the "elemental pentagram", like how the 4 Diamond logo is based on the Fire Diamond.
  • It's been made clear that Pink Diamond had destructive powers. What if Pink Pearl wasn't her only victim? Maybe we've never seen a 5th Diamond because Pink accidentally shattered her a long time ago. This would make Rose's refusal to shatter the Diamonds with the Breaking Point Harsher in Hindsight. Ironically this would also mean Rose did indeed shatter A Diamond.
  • After the 5th Diamond's shattering, the other Diamonds erased all records and evidence of her ever existing, followed by Pink using her power (see above WMG) to erase the memories of the 5th Diamond from all the other Gems, as a Diamond shattering another Diamond would be a bad look on them. But then Pink erased the memories of the other Diamonds as well, likely due to not wanting to see them suffer from the 5th Diamond's loss anymore.
    • Pink may or may not have erased her own memories too; if she did, then accidentally hurting Pink Pearl could be what made Pink remember the 5th Diamond again.
    • It's also possible that White Diamond remembers the 5th Diamond's existence (either Pink's power didn't work on her or she remembered after seeing/hearing about Pink hurting her Pearl), which may mean both White and Pink's hair having 5 points and both their gems looking like pentagons were actually meant to foreshadow that they both remember the time there were 5 Diamonds, while Yellow and Blue (with their quadrilateral gems) have no idea and believe there were always only 4 Diamonds.
    • The problem with this is, the 4 Diamonds actually had a way to put Green back together (as shown in "Fragments"), yet they opted to not try that and instead completely erase her existence, though this could've been because they had no idea it was possible for them to put a shattered Gem back together... or they were afraid to face Green again after what happened.
  • Pink bubbled the 5th Diamond's shards and later stored the bubble in a chest, eventually hiding the chest in Lion's mane.
    • The 5th Diamond and her shards were originally green, but after being in the dark for such a long time (even longer than, say, the Cluster have been stuck inside Earth) the shards have lost their light and turned black.
    • The chest may or may not also contain another tape from Rose where she explains how she's actually Pink Diamond, as well as what the shards are. Rose likely left out the part about how she's the one who shattered Green Diamond, and how she erased everyone's memories of Green, but Steven will still end up finding that out in a different way anyways.
      • It’s quite frustrating that we still haven’t seen what’s in the chest yet, even after the finale...
    • Jasmine from Camp Pining Hearts burying a body in the woods might be foreshadowing Pink hiding Green's shards, which are basically the Gem equivalent of a dead body.
  • It's entirely possible Green Diamond will only appear in flashbacks, as she's a dead Diamond just like Pink. Alternatively, Green/Black Diamond could have gemstone-based powers that includes letting her shatter and un-shatter gemstones at will (which would also make her a potential key to healing the Cluster and other forced fusions and gem shards), including herself when her shards are unbubbled and placed closely together, which would let her be an active character in present time.
  • The color choices could also be based on the RGB color wheel: Yellow and Blue are opposites, while Pink/Rose and Green are opposites. But as Black Diamond, she'd be opposite of White.
    • In "In Dreams" Steven presents his self-insert OC "Stefan" as a foil for Rodrigo from Camp Pining Hearts; this might be foreshadowing how Steven himself and Pink/Rose's own major foil, in this case Green/Black Diamond, will be introduced. Pre-shattering she could've been similar to Rodrigo (who also happens to have green eyes and wear mostly green, plus there's a scene where he's sitting next to the right side of the tree which roughly parallels the chest's location in Lion's mane), "infuriatingly passive", contrasting Pink's outgoing yet hotheaded and rebellious nature. But post-shattering, well... what would be the opposite of an All-Loving Hero like Steven?
      • Speaking of Rodrigo, he was betrayed by Stefan in Steven's final dream—like how Pink "betrayed" Green, though obviously in a different way. But then again, considering how the color green and especially green eyes are associated with jealousy, it's possible Green's jealousy was involved in whatever conflict that led to Pink shattering her.
      • In one of the dreams Spinel's injector is shown on Rodrigo's side, rather than on Stefan's side like the Diamonds did, which may or may not be hinting that Green/Black's anger and vengefulness will be akin to that of Spinel's, if not worse. The sky in that scene also happens to be green and black, which will be even more fitting if this does turn out to be foreshadowing for Green/Black.
  • Some other details:
    • Green/Black is a small Diamond around Pink's size, and her gem is on her navel (again, like Pink).
    • The shape of Green/Black's gem could be an upside down version of Blue's gem, like how White and Pink's gems look like upside down versions of each other, just to balance things out.
    • Originally Pink and Green each had a single-leg ship, but after Green's death the ships were combined into the 2-leg pink ship, while any excess remains from Green's ship were used to create the green hand ships.
    • The 5-Diamond era could've been called "Era 0".
    • Green/Black might also be a potential key to completely healing corrupted Gems, including the corruption scars; with only 4 Diamonds the healing was incomplete. Alternatively she could make corruption worse, especially if her powers are influenced by her inner rage from being shattered by Pink.
    • Nephrite may have been an Era 0 Gem that belonged to Green, then taken in by Pink after Green was shattered (which might be why Nephrite is painted as a particularly important corrupted Gem that gets to bond with Steven the most). There could also be visual parallels between Green/Black and Nephrite, both being green and black "one eyed" (if Green/Black's left eye is actually messed up) Gems.
    • The 5-point star that Rose used as a symbol for the Crystal Gems could've been a tribute to Green Diamond in a way, depending on what Green and her relationship with Pink were like.
    • Even the Homeworld planet's design might be foreshadowing Green/Black Diamond: on the outside it's white, yellow, blue, and pink, but on the inside it's black and green, symbolizing how she's a forgotten Diamond. Not to mention Homeworld itself is shattered.
    • The Cookie Cat thing from "In Dreams" may or may not be Black Diamond's shards communicating with Steven through his dreams, so that she can tell him "if he wants to feel useful again he better set her free/put her back together and help her", and possibly drive him away from his friends, in order to manipulate him to do her bidding and/or torment him as revenge for being shattered by his mother. Bonus points if Black is somehow aware that Peridot (and/or another character[s]) can watch Steven's dreams through the TV.
    • If White has nicknames for the other Diamonds like "Starlight" for Pink (i.e. maybe something sun-related for Yellow and moon-related for Blue), then Green's nickname might've been "Gem Glow", as a callback to the very first episode (more parallels/connection with Nephrite?) and a reflection of Green's gemstone-based powers.
    • Steven and the 3 Rose Quartzes' sibling dynamic could parallel the sisterly relationship of (pre-shattering) Green, Pink, Blue, and Yellow, including living in their "mother" White's shadow.
    • The promo image for "Mr. Universe" shows 5 spoons at the bottom of the cabinet, each decorated with green, blue, yellow, white, and pink gems, with the green gem spoon partially obscured by the shadow—possibly foreshadowing the existence of Green Diamond and her death/transformation into Black Diamond.
    • Shep's green and pink bracelets have these y shaped lines on them, while their blue and yellow bracelets don't have such patterns. This might parallel how Green and Pink are both dead/"shattered" Diamonds (with the lines on the bracelets being "cracks"). Green was shattered for real; Pink faked her shattering and later actually died by having Steven... and Steven's own gem might get shattered at some point, if the "Steven will die" WMG above turns out to be true.
  • As of the end of Future, the 5th Diamond's existence was neither Confirmed nor Jossed.

Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond will return
Yes, it is confirmed that she's gone. No, it hasn't been confirmed that her disappearance is permanent and she won't be able to return at all.

4 possible scenarios:

  1. After getting hit by Spinel's Rejuvenator, Pink Steven was reverted back into Pink Diamond, who will reform when the gem is removed from Steven again.
  2. Pink erased all of her memories (see "Pink had memory-based powers" WMG above), and therefore basically erase herself, in order to create Steven. Pink will be able to return when Steven regains all her memories.
  3. Pink's consciousness has been possessing Lion (the most recent possible foreshadowing being her portrait in Lion's mane). Something will cause Pink to either deliberately, accidentally, or be forced to return to her gem.
  4. She won't return as Pink Diamond, but as Rose Quartz, revealed to be a Split Personality that Pink created as a coping mechanism. Rose guided her into a Redemption Quest ever since she awakened after what she did to Pink Pearl, because she existed because of the Diamond's abuse towards her former identity.

And 4 possible ways for her to coexist with Steven:

  1. Pink (and possibly the other Diamonds too) will heal/resurrect Steven so that he'll be able to live without a gem.
  2. White will take the excess pink (seen in "Change Your Mind") from herself to create a new Pink Diamond gem, to which our Pink will transfer her consciousness to, so Steven can live and keep his gem.
  3. Similar to #2, except Pink will keep her original gem and White will make a new gem for Steven, so he'll get to live as a Gem/human hybrid with a gem that is and has always been only his.
  4. She's from another timeline which Steven created back in "Steven and the Stevens", where one Steven used the hourglass to travel back to the rebellion and caused it to ruin, resulting in Pink's Sanity Slippage and eventual Death of Personality. Destroying the hourglass causes a Merged Reality, and then a third personality awakened and made herself immune to the time change. She may be the one behind Pink Steven's rampage and Rose is the one who kept her dormant.

Before Pink's actual return, it will be foreshadowed by Cookie Cats being back on sale, as the Cookie Cat mascot's backstory is similar to Pink's. Though it can be argued that Pink's return was technically already foreshadowed in the Golf Quest Mini game's ending where Ace's disappeared father is freed after years of cryostation (the only parental figure who would logically fit this kind of foreshadowing is Pink); the episode featuring this ("Rose's Room") also happens to have the Tiny Floating Whale talk to Steven in Pink's voice, almost as if Pink herself is speaking to her son.

The 3 real Rose Quartzes from "Rose Buds" could be foreshadowing how Pink Diamond will have 3 different forms (not counting Steven/Pink Steven for obvious reasons). Hippie Rose's color scheme is the closest to Pink's original Diamond form's. Shy Rose is obviously nearly identical to Pink's form as Rose Quartz. Superfan Rose's color scheme will be similar to that of Pink's new third form when she returns. Pink's darker hair color will be an influence from being a part of Steven (who himself has dark hair) for so long and/or a part of her corruption scars (if Steven does get corrupted at some point). Even the order the Rose Quartzes are standing in their first (left to right) and last (right to left) scenes somewhat support this: Hippie Rose (Pink Diamond) is 1st, Shy Rose (Rose Quartz) is 2nd, and Superfan Rose (newest form) is 3rd.

  • 2 of the scenes from past episodes used in the promo for the finale are: Pearl asking Steven if he has Rose's memories ("do you remember this place?") from "Rose's Scabbard" and Blue recognizing Steven as Pink ("it's you... Pink") from "Reunited". This might be hinting at how the characters will get to meet Rose/Pink for real in the finale.
  • Jossed, or at least she didn't physically return. Whether she is at least present within her gem or not is still unknown.

Pink Diamond was suppose to be Red Diamond

This theory assumes White created the other three diamonds by removing the three basic colors and becoming "pure". But red makes a more balanced color trio with yellow and blue than pink.

White calls Pink "a part of herself she has to repress", and she gets pinkish in at least two occasions (when flustered in Change Your Mind, and when angry/distressed in Future's intro); we never see her yellowish or blueish. Yellow even calls her off-color in this state.

So, for some reason, White didn't put all the "red stuff" she had inside herself when creating one of the lesser diamonds, resulting in a "diluted" Red Diamond, Pink. This imbalance causes issues for both White (which she represses) and Pink (who eventually learned to deal with it).

There will be a new intro at some point
It could include the following:

  • Short haired Greg
  • Cherry Quartz, Yellow/Blue/Pink Pearls, some Famethyst members, Shy/Superfan/Hippie Rose Quartzes, and Nice Lapis in the first group scene (and/or maybe the Big Donut scene)
  • Changes to the antagonist group scene:
    • New enemies added
    • Nice Lapis, Cactus Steven, and maybe Jasper will no longer be in this scene
    • Some other enemies might also be missing based on what happens before the new intro is dropped
  • Jossed.

The enemies in the intro won't be the only enemies in Future
Even if we never get a new intro, it's possible that some antagonists are left out from the current intro due to being too spoilery.
  • Jossed.

Steven's first time singing will be after he finally allows himself the vulnerability of admitting he needs help.
Songs tend to come from emotional points for the characters singing it. And Steven is continuing to bottle his feelings down, which is causing increasingly obvious strain on his mental health. When he finally opens up, it'll be in the form of a song. And that's why he has yet to do any singing in Future up through "Prickly Pair".
  • Jossed.

Kevin will return at some point either during or after Steven's mental health arc, possibly both.
If Kevin returns during the arc, it could be in an episode featuring Stevonnie, and he could be the trigger for something that'll push Steven further into his personal abyss (and potentially strain his relationship with Connie).

If Kevin returns after the arc (provided there are enough episodes after Steven admits that he needs help), whether he appeared in it or not, we can finally take a peak into his past and learn why he acts the way he does, and Steven can finally start to put in the effort to help him become a better person.

  • Jossed.

The monster in the intro is a corrupted fusion of Steven and a major villain Gem
During a big battle involving the villain Gem, the Diamonds will decide the villain is too dangerous to be left alive and will try to use their Diamond blast once again on said villain, this time on a much smaller scale, feeling like they have no other choice as they want to prevent many more lives from being sacrificed. Steven, who obviously won't want anyone to be hurt, will rush (likely in his pink form) to try to save the villain Gem by pushing her out of the way, just as the Diamond blast hits the villain. This will lead to Steven and the villain accidentally fusing, like how Ruby and Sapphire first fused into Garnet. Both the villain Gem and Steven already being hit by the Diamond blast by then, combined with Steven's pink form possibly messing it up in some way, will cause the fusion to be corrupted into the monster from the intro, sped up by Steven's own emotional turmoil. Steven will be trapped in this toxic fusion, much like what happened with Malachite, until he and/or his friends figure out how to separate the fusion.

It's worth noting that fusion has been somewhat of a recurring thing in Future: Smoky Quartz in "Guidance", Mega Pearl in "Volleyball", Bluebird Azurite in "Bluebird", Rainbow Quartz 2.0 and Sunstone in "A Very Special Episode", Sugilite, Sardonyx, Opal, and Alexandrite in "Snow Day", Lapis' song mentioning how fusion was a prison in "Why So Blue?", Obsidian in "In Dreams", Stevonnie in "Bismuth Casual", and Steven wanting to permanently be fused as Stevonnie in "Together Forever". Even Jasper serves as a visual reminder of how she got corrupted in the first place because she fused with another corrupted Gem. So it would make sense for the final boss of Future to be some kind of fusion as well.

Bonus points if the villain Gem is Green/Black Diamond from the "5th Diamond" WMG above. It's worth noting that the monster is a darker shade of pink as if it's a combination of pink and black, though it could just be looking like that because of the lighting in that scene.

More bonus points if Steven's own corrupted form resembles a cat in some way (which would make sense considering all the cat imagery with Steven: Cookie Cat, Cat Fingers, Tiger Millionaire/Philanthropist, Cat Steven, etc.), and the intro monster doesn't really look like a cat due to being a fusion (we've only seen its head, so it's possible the body might have some more catlike features, but Steven on his own would still look more catlike). Green/Black's corrupted form could resemble a snake, not just foreshadowed by "sneople" and the recurring snake imagery throughout the series, but also by how the snake symbol on the dollar bill with Pink Diamond's gem is in pieces, like it's been shattered; plus it would explain the fusion monster's long body.

If the "Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz will return" WMG above also turns out to be true, then Steven and his mom will team up to defeat Green/Black in the mindscape, paralleling how Steven defeated Nephrite (a corrupted green and black Gem) using the Cookie Cat freezer (the Cookie Cat's backstory foreshadowed Pink/Rose's) in "Gem Glow".

  • Jossed.

Alternatively, the monster in the intro is a corrupted fusion of Steven and Nephrite
At least it would explain the spikes on the monster's body, since Nephrite's arms also have spikes on them.
  • Jossed.

In the latest promo there are 2 scenes where Steven is seen wearing a hospital gown. In one of them Steven is in a big room with a chair, which could be a room in the hospital where he's meeting the therapist. In the other scene Steven is remembering the events of "Change Your Mind", which may be after the therapist asked him to tell them about his past trauma.

Bonus points if the therapist turns out to be either:

  1. A snerson shapeshifted into a human,
  2. Possessed by Black Diamond's shards (see "5th Diamond" WMG above) like how Steven possessed Lars in "The New Lars", or
  3. Otherwise some kind of Psycho Psychologist.
  • Jossed, Steven visited Dr. Maheswaran instead.
    • Confirmed in "The Future" that Steven has a therapist now, albeit we only hear from Steven that they will communicate by video chat.

Steven won't just leave Beach City, the rest of the Crystal Gems will be separated and move on with their own lives as well
Or at least the main CG members will (Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, maybe Bismuth, Peridot, and Lapis too), similar to what happened with Sadie Killer and the Suspects.
  • Jossed.

Steven can live without his gem
It will turn out the only reason why Steven was dying in "Change Your Mind" was because White dropped him from such a great height and he couldn't heal himself without his gem.

Cactus Steven is foreshadowing the backstory of the Diamonds
This is based on the assumption that the "5th Diamond" WMG above is true (in this case she'd be Green, as this deals with what happened before her shattering).

At first there was only White, like how Cactus Steven started out with only one head. Her creator(s) (sneople?) didn't exactly treat her well, even locking her up at times. At some point White created four more Diamonds (Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green)—likely to make herself more perfect so she can please her creator(s)—which parallels Cactus Steven growing four more heads. Later the Diamonds rebelled against their creator(s) and eventually escaped, though they may not necessarily have made up with their creator(s) and given them some kind of gift like how Cactus Steven gave Steven one of its flowers.

Steven's dreams will be projected through the TV (or some other medium) again at some point
This new power of Steven's may turn out to be a Chekhov's Gun, especially if he dreams about Pink's memories or enters another character's mindscape.
  • Confirmed, though they're more accurately memories than dreams.

Connie will fuse with the main CGs at some point
As long as Steven is part of the fusion he'll be able to fuse with both humans and Gems at the same time. Foreshadowed by Obsidian with Connie's face from "In Dreams".
  • Jossed.

Steven will involuntarily shapeshift into Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz's form
...In his sleep—at least initially—as a result of Pink/Rose trying to reform (may not necessarily be 100% intentional on her part, similar to how the Cluster couldn't stop themselves from forming until they were bubbled), assuming she did indeed return after Steven was hit by Spinel's Rejuvenator. This will be how Steven's pajamas get torn as seen in the promo. The excessive shapeshifting will cause physical strain to Steven's body, which will be addressed in the episode "Growing Pains".

Even if Steven's mom isn't actually back, the gem does still remember both Pink and Rose's forms as shown in "Change Your Mind", so that could have something to do with Steven unintentionally shapeshifting into either of them.

  • Turns out it's just Steven's body growing bigger, but that could be a result of Steven('s body) restricting the gem's shapeshifting attempt, and the actual shapeshifting could still happen in a later episode so... not quite Jossed yet?
    • While this can happen in any of the remaining 6 episodes, the most likely ones for it to happen are "Mr. Universe" (Steven shapeshifting into Rose in front of Greg) and/or "Homeworld Bound" (Steven shapeshifting into Pink in front of the Diamonds and Spinel).
  • Steven's eyes can now turn into diamond eyes when he's using his powers as of "Fragments"; this may be another step towards him shapeshifting into Pink/Rose.
  • While this ended up not happening in "Mr. Universe" or "Homeworld Bound" as mentioned above, not only did the latter feature diamond eyed Steven once again but both his hair and body size also became more similar to Pink Diamond's at the end of said episode. Perhaps his shapeshifting into Pink's form is more gradual...
  • Jossed.

The moon goddess statue is a depiction of the creator of Gemkind/the Diamonds
Ever since the movie, the statue has been consistently shown in Steven's bedroom throughout Future, as if the series is trying to remind us of its existence so it will give an explanation for it at some point. The statue holding a gemstone looking similar to White Diamond's is a visual representation of the creator creating White as the first ever Gem. The creator will likely (only?) appear in a flashback.
  • Alternatively, maybe White will take Steven to the creator to "fix" him when he comes to the Diamonds with his troubles. She'll do so, and it'll go horribly right.

How "Together Forever" will end.
Rather than leave Steven and cut off all contact with him until the finale, Connie will realize exactly what is going on, and declares she won't abandon Steven like she did after his return from the Zoo, and takes him to see her mother.

Unfortunately, Priyanka has been replaced by a Snerson, as the Sneople want Steven to become corrupted so his destructive rampage will tie up all of the Gems' resources and they can destroy the one race that can stop their campaign of galactic conquest.

  • Jossed.

Steven's doctor will suggest to him that his gem needs to be removed
And of course Steven will refuse, since he has horrible memories of getting his gem pulled out by White Diamond. But at some point after that Steven will eventually ponder on the possibility of living without his gem...
  • Jossed.

Steven will crack, or possibly even shatter, Jasper in "Fragments"
That could be why the episode title is, well, "Fragments". It would be completely accidental on Steven's part of course.
  • Confirmed (but she gets better).

Nephrite is at Homeworld
That would explain why she hasn't appeared yet in Future aside from the intro.

"The Future" will end the series with a song, just like how the original series and the movie ended
This song will probably be:
  • A new version of "Finale" from the movie.
  • A new version of We Are the Crystal Gems' extended version.
  • A whole new composition.
  • Love Like You.
  • A new version of "The Tale of Steven". If Pink Diamond returns and/or Green/Black Diamond (from the "5th Diamond" WMG above) exists, they'll be singing along with the other 3 Diamonds.
  • Confirmed to be "Being Human".

Assuming Steven is corrupted
He will be healed by all his loved ones coming together and singing Love Like You to him.
  • That would put a nice bow on things.
  • And it'll be capped off by a Big Damn Kiss from Connie.
  • Jossed.
    • Confirmed, actually, though there’s no song, and it’s unclear if Kaiju!Steven is genuinely corrupted...

Garnet will say "nooooooo" for the third time
And this time, it won't be funny.
  • Jossed.

Why Steven will go to Homeworld
After shattering Jasper in "Fragments" Steven will decide he no longer deserves to accept help from his family/friends (who haven't been able to successfully help him anyways). Instead, he'll believe that the best course of action for him is to start helping others again. Now that he knows the essences of all 4 Diamonds can heal shattered Gems, Steven will go to Homeworld and convince the Diamonds they should start working together to heal damaged Gems. Not only will Steven see this as a way to make up for his own actions, but also the actions of the 4 Diamonds (maybe even Spinel too if she can assist them in some way). If the "5th Diamond" WMG above is true, Steven will bring Green/Black Diamond's shards to Homeworld (since he used up all the Diamond essences for healing Jasper, he can't heal Green/Black at home) and have her be the Diamonds' first patient.

But considering pink White Diamond and the monster in the intro, Steven's plan unfortunately won't go so well...

  • Jossed.

The monster in the intro is in Steven's head
The giant monster we see in the intro isn't a literal, physical monster. What we're going to see in the end (or at least this is how this Troper would do this) is that that monster is in his head. Steven is coming face-to-face with the darker side of his own mind and personality, aspects of himself that he doesn't like, and he's fighting against it, seeing it as something he needs to fix. Except...there's nothing to fix. We all have that side of ourselves. And the only way to deal with it is to accept it. Meaning, the final battle of Steven Universe will take place in the landscape of his own mind, with him having to come to terms with his own dark side that will manifest as that monster.
  • Jossed.

White Diamond isn't the one speaking in the mindscape scene in "Homeworld Bound"
As in the scene where Steven tries to shatter her gem while controlling her. Steven may believe White's the one speaking during that scene. However, "Volleyball" at least heavily implies (if not outright confirms) that a gem isn't aware of what's going on while they're being controlled, as seen with Pink Pearl who doesn't remember anything that happened while she was controlled by White. So it's likely White also has no idea that Steven tried to kill her, especially since she never mentions it to him.

So the pink White Diamond speaking with Steven's voice in the mindscape is either Pink Steven (who can feel emotions as long as he's in contact with Steven's human body) or... Pink Diamond—being represented by a literal pink colored Diamond—who has returned within her gem after Steven got hit by Spinel's Rejuvenator, hence her presence being foreshadowed in a Spinel episode that ends with Steven's appearance changing to look similar to Pink's and the Diamonds saying they're his family. Or it could be human Steven, with the giant Steven being Pink Steven (which could be why he's more ruthless), though it makes less sense for human Steven to be represented by pink White and Pink Steven to be represented by... not-pink Steven.

Steven will try to remove his gem
Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Jossed.

Steven will become corrupted because of the Diamond essences
Since Steven used up the Diamond essences at home when he was healing Jasper, he'll go to Rose's fountain and take a dip in there so he can either let the essences fix his out-of-control gem powers somehow, or pull out his gem without dying. But Steven's negative mental state (possibly worsened by the sight of the Rose statues), combined with the fact that he's a Diamond himself, will cause the essences to react negatively to his body/gem and corrupt him into a monster.
  • Jossed.

Steven will confront either Pink Steven or Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz in the mindscape
Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Jossed.

"That's not Steven anymore!"
That was Pink Diamond. White Diamond found Pink in Steven's gem when she used her power on him in "I am My Monster". That's why White was the only one to bring up Pink afterwards while no one else did, not even the other Diamonds. Now White has a (another?) secret to keep for eons.

Note that this doesn't necessarily mean Pink was in control of Monster Steven. If the scene with Steven puppeteering pink "White" in the mindscape from "Homeworld Bound" is any indication, it's been hinted that Pink's gem and powers are mostly if not fully under Steven's control.

Even the return of Cookie Cats in "The Future" hints at the return of Pink herself, now shaped by Steven's memories like how Steven made the new Cookie Cats. And considering the distorted crying faces of the new Cookie Cats... Pink isn't happy about what's been happening.

Steven fully intends on revisiting Beach City from time to time, especially once he's done cross-country sightseeing and has found his new home.
He did say he was uncertain he'd ever return to Beach City again, but he was trying to get a reaction from the Gems, who were still acting weirdly stoic about him leaving.


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