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Stickin' Around is actually a Magical Girlfriend series recycled with stick figures

Apparently drugs are most definitely NOT the reason why Bradley and Stacy experience various Imagine Spot sequences throughout every episode. There's something rather "supernatural" about Little Miss Stickler that makes you question whether or not this is an ordinary life themed show at all. The Belligerent Sexual Tension and Well, Excuse Me, Princess! between the two sure helps out in proving this. Maybe that story Stacy told about how she was once an actual princess was true (though she might remember the part about also being a magic user of sorts). And Bradley, he fits the Loser Protagonist bill enough to actually qualify for the common archetype male lead for this type of story. Go ahead, B-Man. Deny it all you want. The shippers already know the truth. You two definitely ARE a couple, just not the everyday kind.


The whole show is actually the Fanfiction Of Stacey.

  • And THAT'S why she's so good at everything.

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