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Note: While some spoilers are marked below, not all of them are. Tread carefully. These tend to be in rough chronological order, but no guarantees.

There are different sets of clones out there besides Sarah and her group.
It's possible that whoever made these 'Orphan Black' clones would have at least one other set to compare sample sizes.
  • Not to mention there were a few clones in both America and Europe, so there can be more clones than we think.
  • Confirmed in the season 2 finale. The group of clones is male and includes Mark Rollins. It's fairly clear that the second batch was in development before the Duncans were removed from the situation.
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  • Confirmed with more LEDA clones in season four - we meet Mika, and Kira talks about more they don't know about.
  • The series finale ultimately confirms that there are some 274 Leda clones out there. And presumably beyond those, there were also the Helsinki clones and presumably others before they were killed off.

Blond Evil Clone
  • Is an agent of whoever made the clones, trying to get rid of the experiment
    • Jossed.
  • Is an agent of opposers to whoever made the clones, trying to get rid of the experiment
    • Confirmed, though Helena's group brainwashed her into believing she was the original.
  • Has gone rogue after learning about the experiment, trying to get rid of the experiment on her own
    • Jossed.
  • Is the original, either having just learned about the experiment or knowing for some time and having a guilty conscience, trying to get rid of the experiment because she feels responsible.
    • Jossed.

Sarah is the only one of the clones who can have children.
Alison seemed very surprised to hear that she has a biological daughter. And Helena did seem to sense something special about her.
  • As Helena is her twin, it's possible that she can have children as well.
    • Not quite confirmed yet, but that seems to be the line of thought by the new sect of Proletheans. A surrogate mother is currently pregnant with half of Helena's DNA. Whether or not the child will come to term has yet to be seen...
    • This appears to be confirmed, as it's been stated the reason Sarah and Helena are fertile is because their birth mother fled before Dyad could do whatever it was that made the other clones infertile.
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    • Helena ultimately becomes pregnant and ultimately gives birth towards the end of the series, so it's safe to say this hypothesis is confirmed.
  • Beth couldn't have kids either, according to Paul.
  • Alternately...

Sarah is the original.
  • Seems unlikely, though, as Sarah was born within a month of the others. One would think the original would be older.
  • Although, Sarah is (presumably) the only fertile clone, and it's worthy to note that when Sarah asked Helena if Helena thought herself to be the original clone, she didn't actually answer. There's also that Helena didn't want to kill Sarah after learning that she wasn't Beth.
  • Jossed in Season 3: Mrs. S's mom is the source of both the Castor and Leda clone lines.

Beth's suicide wasn't a suicide
She discovered something important about the clones and was drugged or Brain Washed into killing herself in order to shut her up. It would explain a lot, like the unusual timing of her decision to throw herself in front of a train. (If you were trying to protect a bunch of clones of yourself from a crazy murderer, would you just kill yourself and leave them to deal with the fallout?)
  • It is possible that she was trying to cover up the real reason why she killed Maggie Chen. That said, it was weird how she was completely unfazed by seeing Sarah right in front of her, even if she already knew about the clones.
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  • Confirmed, more or less, in season 4. She was blackmailed into her "suicide".

Alison will eventually die
She's hot-headed, isn't good at hiding how she feels (sure, Alison, repeatedly confront and physically assault the guy who's possibly in on your clone conspiracy and monitoring you like Paul monitored Beth; nothing will happen), and while she makes a big show of being able to take care of herself for the sake of her children, she doesn't seem to be too good at following up with it (her hesitance to shoot Felix when she first met him).
  • Jossed.

The clones are not entirely identical.
When having dinner with Dr. Leekie, Cosima mentioned a transgenic cloning patent. What if each clone was given a different genetic modification as a test to see which would produce superior results? Using clones to test biological outcomes is standard practice in lab experiments. The original would be the control.
  • Confirmed at least partially: Each clone has at least one distinctive genetic marker, probably so the Neolutionists can tell them apart.

Kira will turn out to be the ultimate goal of the cloning experiment.
Kira does seem to be very bright and perceptive. What if the goal of the cloning experiment was to introduce "superior" genes into the germ line with the goal of breeding a more advanced version of humanity? As the only biological child of a clone seen so far, Kira would be very interesting to the Neolutionists.
  • In addition, the cloning experiment was called "Project Leda". According to the other wiki, Leda of Sparta was seduced by Zeus in the form of a swan, then gave birth to a clutch of eggs... one of which grew up to be Helen of Troy.
    • Plus she exhibits a lot of special abilities and talents (her intelligence, in one scene she's practicing piano, the doctors looking surprised at something on her charts and her instant recovery after being hit by a car, her perceptiveness when meeting Allison faking as her mom and her perceptiveness at meeting Helena and asking her 'what happened to you?'. She's a very smart and independent child who might be special for more than one reason.
  • Jossed. The clones were intentionally made infertile - Sarah is an outlier.
  • On the other hand, by season 5's version of the story, Kira is the ultimate goal of the cloning experiment, if only by accident. This is claimed to be what they were trying to achieve. Though what that has to do with "establishing a baseline" is entirely unclear.

There's something wrong with Helena (aside from the obvious mental issues).
In nearly every scene she's been in, she's shown eating something. Sarah even lampshades it by asking if anyone feeds her "where [she] come[s] from". It's usually something high in sugar - apples, muffins, jello which she even added sugar to, ice cream, and what looks like either packets of sugar or Pixi Stix. She possibly has some sort of undiagnosed major health issue which is causing this massive need for eating which could cause severe problems in the future.
  • If there is something cloning-related wrong with her...
  • Seemed to me that it was a simple matter of Tomas treating her like crap and not feeding her enough and definitely never giving her anything sweet.
  • It could also be a sign of opiate addiction ... sugar can sometimes alleviate the early symptoms of withdrawal.

Allison and Cosima are going to develop health problems.
Katja had an as-of-yet undetermined health problem, and, noted above, Helena might as well. It could be related to a breakdown of their DNA, and if so, something may start cropping up in Allison, Cosima, and/or Sarah. Allison's already been seen in at least two scenes popping pills, though they could have just been for a headache given the context of said scenes. Either way, this could also help pinpoint whoever the original is.
  • Confirmed for Cosima in "Endless Forms Most Beautiful", as she starts coughing up blood.

Leekie's secret ally is the original.
The woman with the bob haircut shown with her back to the camera, who tells Leekie that blood is thicker than he thinks. From her voice and the vague reflection in the window, she could be another Tatiana Maslany character.
  • Jossed. She is just another clone.

Helena's not dead.
She has the same Healing Factor that got Kira through the car accident. This would also explain the massive food intake referenced above, as she was healing from the rebar injury at the time. Besides, she's just too great a character.
  • Confirmed. Her internal organs are reversed, so her heart is on the other side of her chest.

Mrs. S. is the original.
She does somewhat resemble Sarah and the others and she is highly protective of Sarah and Kira. And it looks like she might have been involved with some secret project back in the day. She might have been at least a donor of genetic material and that might be why Sarah was brought to her in the first place.
  • Jossed. But close. The original is Siobhan's mother. And in a twist of genetic chimerism, she's the Castor original as well, thanks to DNA absorbed from her male twin in the womb.

Being raised by Mrs. S. is the reason Sarah had a kid and none of the others could.
If Mrs. S. was involved with a/the cloning project she might have known how to treat any health issues Sarah had as a clone.
  • Jossed. Sarah and Helena's birth mother escaped before they could be made infertile.

Felix had been abused physically before being fostered by Mrs. S.
Whenever Felix is manhandled and Sarah is around, she is incredibly quick to stop it. When the lady in the bar flicked a towel at him, he commented that he had a "traumatic childhood". I dunno, I think that Sarah tries to shut down all the negative contact on Felix in case he has a flashback, or a panic attack or something along those lines. Felix obviously knows his triggers, and so he tries to avoid them too - such as an object whipping at him (like the towel).

Cosima's adopted parents disowned her when they found out she was gay.
That would explain why she's had no contact with them even when she was suffering from a life threatening illness.
  • Jossed, she says in season 5 she grew up on a boat and has little contact with her parents because they are often remote, but they do care about each other

Kira escaped
Sarah had Kira put together an emergency bag, that not even Mrs. S knew about. When the house was attacked, Kira grabbed the bag and ran. That's why her window was open at the end.
  • Jossed: She was taken by Ms S herself. And safeguarded by one of her former associates from back in her revolution days.

There are parallels to the clones:
Cosima - Katja ...

Allison - Helena - Beth ...

Sarah - Rachel ...

As we saw from the finale, Cosima is sick, much like Katja was.And if you think about it, Allison is going down a slightly abnormal path, from a psychological standpoint, much like Helena.Additionally, from what we hear about her, Beth was withdrawing emotionally, and she committed suicide.Sarah and Rachel are both savvy people, even though they are on opposite sides of the fight. They are both seemingly in charge of the situation, slightly like a batman gambiter.

Allison and Helena's parallels are frightening when you think about the fact that Helena was pushed towards insanity by the many many years of abuse, while Allison is living a supposedly perfect life, yet she is finding herself increasingly paranoid and violent.

Felix is in on the whole thing
Face it, he's too likeable and has too many fans not to turn out to be a traitor later on.
  • I find it unlikely that he was a traitor before the first season, however he is a perfect candidate to become this: He is very close to Sarah (not to mention the other clones); Has a criminal record and does ilegal activities for finacial blackmail; Could be emotionally blackmailed to cooperate because of Sarah, Kira, Siobhan and even the other clones.
    • However, he was awfully fast to implicate Ainsley while Allison and Sarah were interrogating Donnie...
      • Doesn't that make him more suspicious, considering that Aynsley was not a monitor after all?

The clones are the result of a global conspiracy and/or alien technology
Per a forum post on the Orphan Black Wiki:
It's hard to believe they succeeded to clone humans in 1984 because the original Mac was just being sold along with the Commodore 64 and the Cray Super computers (cost $33 million) were as fast as a 1995 Dell Dimension. It would take 1 MILLION of those Cray II's to calculate a fold in a chromosome strand in a day at a cost of $33 TRILLION. The human Genome Project was just starting in 1984 and wouldn't be completed for decades (and still has a few uncharted regions).

This is a sci-fi show and for them to have cloned humans in 1984 I'm thinking they had alien help. Maybe a global conspiracy that would need the resources of the USA, Soviets, Germany, Japan, and other countries with vast hidden sections in their budgets to pull it off.
  • The problem is that half the world hated the other half at the time. Why would they work together, share technology (arms race anybody), and pool their money together?

Alison will eventually suffer a Sanity Slippage
She will discover that Aynsley wasn't her monitor and adding that on with her drinking and pill-taking plus the fact she let Anysley die will soon make her lose her mind.
  • From the remaining members of the Clone Club, she seems to be the most unhinged and unstable with the whole situation, is the quicker to complain about anything (a sign of how she doesn't see any way to control things). She also the one with has least amount of skill to contribute, she herself said that 75 grand was her way to give any sort of help, and that still is a very passive way of providing.
  • And besides Sarah, she is the only clone with children she clearly cares for. With her monitor this close to them, she might be more easily swayed or blackmailed than the others.
  • Semi-confirmed? She spends most of season 2 dealing with the guilt of Aynsley's death and she eventually gets put in rehab by Donnie for her pill and drinking problems. She gets better for the most part eventually.

There will a prequel episode that expands on Beth's life leading up to the suicide
As well as expand on her (and to an extent, Katja's, since she died shortly after Beth) relationship with Alison and Cosima in looking into their cloning.
  • Her suicide still seems a little too weird (it is hard to say if it is out of character), despite the situation.
  • Confirmed in season 4. The première is a Whole Episode Flashback focussing on Beth, but it ends right after Maggie Chen’s shooting. Later episodes reveal more of her life up to her suicide, and it's ultimately revealed that she was blackmailed into it.

Beth isn't dead
Take a look at the body shown in the morgue, the scar Beth has on her neck isn't there. Considering the scar plays a big part in Paul figuring out Sarah wasn't Beth, it was odd for it not to have been there. Granted, it might've slipped the minds of the creators but it would have made for some Foreshadowing. Also, as mentioned above, Beth's suicide is a little too weird. Beth is a cop. A cop who was on medication. She kills herself by jumping in front of a train. She could have merely shot herself, or overdosed but she chose a train. Perhaps the clone who jumped in front of the train was a clone Beth convinced to impersonate as her while she went on the down-low. Maybe the clone killed herself because she couldn't deal with it. Either way, it's more of a long-shot but her death just doesn't completely add up.
  • The "Beth" we see jump is dressed up in a skirt-suit and heels with her hair in an updo, which does not match Beth's usual style from photos and videos. There's also the question of of how she got to the station when her car was still parked at her apartment.
  • Season 4 will have Sarah exploring further on Beth's own investigations on the clone conspiracy given how she was Where It All Began which may or may not address this point.
  • Ultimately Jossed. Season 4 looks at Beth's life in several long flashbacks, one of which takes up most of the first episode. She's definitely dead, though she was blackmailed into her suicide. The scar may have been a simple continuity error.

Kira is going to receive an artificial growth boost
With a year between seasons, the little girl playing her is going to grow up far faster than the canon timeline would permit, so she's going to have to be given some sort of boost by her kidnappers to either compensate for the actress' growth or to justify a teenaged actress playing her later (since teenagers don't age nearly as noticeably).
  • Time seems to be passing a little faster in season four. Since there's only going to be one more season, I would doubt they'd change her now.

Sarah was held prisoner and had her memories altered
One aspect of the show that's been conspicuously ignored is where was Sarah during the near year she was away. I think she was grabbed and spent a year being studied to figure out why she was able to conceive. She was then brainwashed to forget.
  • I thought the show made it pretty clear she was with Vic during that time conning people with him. And then when she wanted out of it, she stole cocaine from him and returned back.
    • Vic could be in on all of it.
  • Jossed, presumably. There's no reference to anything like this occurring at any point in the show.

Helena has Kira's Healing Factor
How else is she still alive as of the season 2 premiere? And besides, she's practically Kira's biological aunt anyway.
  • Jossed. Her organs are reversed, which is why she survived.
    • You know, considering Helena survives beatdowns, being stabbed with rebar, can drink huge amounts of alcohol without it touching her... I think there's something to this. Even being shot in the chest on your non-heart side is pretty traumatic. Alison also seems to be stronger than the average woman her size, so this might only be semi-jossed.

Helena will do a Heroic Sacrifice
Because Redemption Equals Death. I think they still intend for her to end up as an ally of the Clone Club, and the only way Sarah is going to forgive her for killing Amelia is if she dies to protect Kira.
  • Could still happen, but your reasons are Jossed as she's joined Clone Club in full.
  • Ultimately Jossed completely. She survives through the finale.

Alison will kill Sarah (the woman in her musical)
Or at the very least be there when she dies. The show seems to be setting Alison up to be seriously unhinged and also making this Sarah character to be a new friend of hers. Plus, one of the lines of a song of the musical Alison is in is "we will be together 'till the day that death takes us apart". Maybe it's foreshadowing?
  • Jossed. At least for now, but the character hasn't shown up in a while, and Alison's on a better track now.

Project LEDA is the reason why Sarah was able to have Kira
Sarah being fertile is of interest to the people of the DYAD, and Mrs. S is still hiding a secret.
  • Jossed. Project LEDA was the name of the cloning project itself, in which all the clones were meant to be infertile (and Sarah was an outlier).

Mrs. S killed Rachel's parents.
The promo for "Governed As It Were By Chance" has a quick flash of a newspaper which says something about two Doctor Duncan's being killed in what looked liked a lab explosion. It will be revealed that Mrs. S was the one to cause it.
  • At least half-Jossed. Rachel's father is still alive. Her mother was killed by Leekie.
  • 3x10 Jossed the other half; Susan Duncan is still alive.

Donnie was only recently recruited to be Alison's Monitor.
Donnie is pretty bad at being a Monitor based on what we've seen in Season 2. Also, Kristian Bruun has stated in interviews that he was told by the creators to play the torture scene as if he wasn't a Monitor. The reason: At the time, Donnie wasn't a Monitor. He was probably recruited during the time Alison left him at the couples retreat by himself. It would have been a perfect opportunity for Dr. Leekie to swoop in and recruit Donnie.
  • Jossed. Donnie was recruited in college to be Alison's monitor by Dr. Leekie as part of a fake sociology experiment.

Alternately, Donnie being a monitor has to do with his college girlfriend.
At some point in college Donnie and Alison broke up and Donnie started seeing another woman. According to Donnie, they stayed in contact after Donnie married Alison but then stopped and he (allegedly) doesn't know what happened to her. In reality, she's being held by the Dyad. Or she really is sick and the Dyad are Withholding the Cure. That's why Donnie got back together with Alison, to save the woman he really loved. While he acts like the devoted husband and father, he secretly resents Alison for building a "great" life with him when it should have been him with his lover for all those years.
  • Jossed. Donnie genuinely loves Alison.

Gracie's pregnancy/child is going to play a major role in future events.
Given that a good amount of the main plot of season 2 is based around Sarah's ability to have Kira, it's not a far stretch that Helena's child that Gracie is carrying could play a huge role in the future storyline. It would be too major just to have her run off and never hear from her again.
  • Jossed: As of 3x04 Gracie suffered a miscarriage. However, see the most recent as of July 2017 episodes of season 5.

The season 3 episodes will be named after quotes from The Island of Doctor Moreau
Given how important the book is now to the lives of the clones, plus the subtext it has in terms of the entire cloning experiment.
  • Jossed. The titles are from Eisenhower's speech about the military industrial complex.

Sarah, Helena, and by extension Kira and Gracie's baby, are the result of a successful attempt to make a Super Soldier
A Healing Factor would explain how Kira walked off the car crash, how Helena recovered from a gun shot to the chest so quickly and why they were the only fertile clones.

It was also explain Sarah's Improbable Aiming Skills after literally minutes of practice and how Helena is such a terrifyingly competent assassin despite being trained to kill by nuns.

  • Jossed, pretty much.

Season 3 will involve a Time Skip
To accommodate for the actresses of Kira and Charlotte as mentioned above, as well as to not make us wait for the results of Helena's and Gracie's pregnancies.
  • Confirmed, but its only a few weeks long.

In Season 3, Rachel will get an Eyepatch of Power
If she's still alive, that is.
  • Confirmed. Though she gets a prosthetic eye at the end of 3x08, so it doesn't last long.

In season 3, Helena's embryos will be used to save Cosima
Embryonic stem cells for the win.
  • Sort of Jossed, but sort of confirmed. Not Helena's embroyos (those were destroyed), but Sarah's eggs fertilized by a Castor clone's do create zygotes that can be used to create the cure.

Beth has a twin, who replaced her shortly before the time Maggie Chen was shot
Multiple times throughout the series, it's been hinted by Paul or others that Beth has acted "oddly" before. Most viewers, if they suspect something, would suspect that the Beth that died wasn't actually Beth... but I'm going further with this theory.

1x03 is a very crucial episode to this theory, as it reveals that clones have identical fingerprints... yet the fingerprints of Sarah/Katja didn't match Beth! It's also never been stated whether Helena's prints match—she was wearing gloves in that episode.

If Beth were merely another clone, then her prints would match Sarah/Katja. However, if she were a twin, there's a 1/2 chance that her prints would not match! Beth was then replaced by her twin (who believed she was a separate clone), and the twin proceeded to use Beth's identity, shoot Maggie Chen, and commit suicide with the intention that "Elizabeth Childs" would die. Meanwhile, the real Beth took the identity of (or, if dead, was identified as) her twin.

Siobhan is, or at least used to be, a communist or anarchist.
Everything we know about her suggests that she is familiar with guns, has underground contacts in both Canada and the UK including at least one person who can make a car bomb, and doesn't trust governments farther than she can throw them. Everything points to someone who, in her youth, was opposed to the current establishment to the point of supporting violent action. By now, her attitudes have probably changed, or at least mellowed as taking care of Sarah, Felix, and Kira became more important to her enough for her to turn Helena over to the military. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if Art turns up an interesting record on her.
  • IRA or some related organization would make most sense. Siobhan is an Irish name and she tried to phone in a car bomb against DYAD. Car bombs were a frequent tactic employed by Republican Paramilitaries during the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland.
    • The Birdwatchers apparently started out as a group of freedom fighters somewhere in Ireland (possibly Northern Ireland), probably meant to mirror the IRA and similar organisations. Siobhan is confirmed to be Irish, and she certainly speaks with an Irish accent (which is also a case of Actor-Shared Background since Maria Doyle Kennedy is also, as one might expect with a surname like Kennedy, Irish; Siobhan's background may have been written to allow Kennedy to use her natural accent). That said, Mrs. S. has certainly espoused left-wing politics at certain points in the series - for instance, by gently chiding Sarah on the grounds that, while Sarah inherited her love of punk rock from Mrs. S, she didn't inherit the political thinking - so it's reasonable to conclude that Mrs. S may be still a communist, anarchist, or socialist.

Helena will rescue herself, thank you very much.
She's by far the most capable of the clones when it comes to violence. Remember that her preferred method of killing other clones wasn't a knife or handgun, but a sniper rifle.
  • Confirmed in 3.05.

Sarah was infertile but is now fertile and Rachel will be able to conceive.
Genesis describes how their biblical counterparts were, at first, barren but later God allowed them to bear children.
  • Jossed. Sarah gave birth to Kira probably around ten years ago, and Rachel was made infertile before birth.

The CASTOR clones will set up a Nature Versus Nurture comparison with LEDA
We've seen that the LEDA clones are all very distinct, but the CASTOR clones will be revealed to have similar personalities.
  • The show doesn’t officially bring the nature versus nurture debate into the clones’ personalities, but season 3 does indeed reveal that the CASTOR clones are mostly quite similar to one each other. Mark is the clear outlier, and that appears to be due in no small part to falling in love with Gracie.
    • This is further explored in season four with the case of Ira Blair, who is completely different from the other Castor clones, due to his wildly disparate upbringing.

The CASTOR original is the biological son of the LEDA original
Mythologically, Castor was one of the children of Leda, so it'd make sense. Furthermore, this could mean that one original genome could hold the key to the other due to their connection, explaining why everyone wants both sets.

Donny will take the fall for Alison's drug ring
Deangelis likely isn't going to let go of the clone-spiracy she's been digging up, and she could probably get wind of Alison's new source of income. Feeling like he hasn't done anything useful for Clone Club, Donny will take the fall and claim that he was behind the entire thing and that Alison had no idea, allowing her to go free and getting Deangelis off her back while proving his worth to the girls (at least in his eyes).
  • Semi-confirmed. Not with Deangelis, but Donny is arrested for dealing in season four.

By the end of the season, all CASTOR clones will be dead.
The idea of another branch of clones existing will only be a season-long arc. Given how it's been only four episode, and they've killed two of them off and how little of redeeming factors most of them have, when season 3 is over, they'll all be dead. Or at the very least, only one of them will appearing regularly when the season is over.
  • Semi-confirmed, but not completely. While only one of the CASTOR clones we've met survived the season, there seem to be more out there who will most likely play a part in season 4.
    • The only Castor clones to appear in the last two seasons are Mark Rollins and Ira Blair, the latter of whom is one of Susan's assistants and is completely different from the other Castor clones in both background and temperament, having not had a military upbringing. If there were any other Castor factions, they don't play a part in the plot.

Helena attacks, or kills Jason.
The promo for episode 9 shows Donnie asking what appears to be a blood-stained, hatchet-wielding Helena what did she do. What she did was attack Jason, either killing him or viciously brutalizing him to the point he would wish he was dead. Helena did bond with Donnie in the latest episode and thus would want revenge for him harming her "baby ox". If Jason survives, he will back off as he would think it was Alison who attacked him, both from his advances and the drug-dealing.

Susan Duncan is still alive.
Nealon talks to a mysterious woman on the phone after having Rachel smuggled out of the Dyad Instituted and sent abroad. From what we see of the woman from the back, she seems elderly. If Ethan Duncan survived his attempted death, why not Susan?
  • CONFIRMED in the season 3 finale.

The person who shot Delphine
Is Shay, who was innocent of spying for Castor because she's a spy for Neolutionism.
  • Makes sense, since Delphine's "What will happen to her?" remark suggests the shooter is someone else who knows Cosima well.
  • Jossed. Delphine was shot by Duko.

The Neolutionists are Aliens
And their true form is the worm thing that was in Nealan's mouth. Like other alien worms before them, can possess people and control them, which is why he tried to drop it into Delphine's mouth.
  • Jossed. It's new technology.

Marion Bowles shot Delphine
Why Marion? Because Charlotte seems to be in Susan Duncan's custody, even though the last time we saw Charlotte, she was with her mother. Maybe Marion's being co-erced, or maybe she was a Neolutionist the whole time.
  • Beat me to it. I find this very likely as she was set up as a major player, and then she just dissapeared for a full season. I don't think she was even referenced. Even if she's not the shooter, I think she is either allied with Neolution, or being held/under strict watch by them.
  • But see above. There's no evidence Marion has seen Cosima, much less cares for her enough for Delphine to ask her about it.
  • Jossed. Delphine was shot by Duko.

Scott shot Delphine
  • He'd be the last character you'd imagine doing anything like that.
  • The echoing footsteps after the shooting sound hard and loud, not like what you'd expect Shay's to sound like
  • But he cares very much about Cosima (And see next)
  • Jossed. Delphine was shot by Duko.

Delphine is Faking the Dead
  • Delphine had to know that taking Rachel's position makes it more likely that she will be killed, especially now that she knows the truth about Neolution. So why not stage her death before it happens for real, and go into hiding like so many other characters in the series did at one point?
  • She's shot in the abdomen, not the chest. It would produce a lot of blood, enough to make it look as if she were murdered if her body weren't also there. But with prompt care she could survive the wound and recover.
  • The sound of the gunshot also seems unusually weak for a firearm in an empty parking garage, even one with a silencer. Maybe it's not really a firearm she was shot with?
  • And why go to a parking garage, such an obvious place for an attempt to be made on your life, if you expect someone to try to kill you? Unless you've already planned it with someone else to make it look like you were killed.
  • And yes, she could fool the Neoloutionists, who seem not to know exactly what happened to Leekie (who, in fairness, they were probably going to kill off themselves pretty soon anyway).
    • 4x07 indicates that there may be something to this theory. When Krystal saw Delphine get shot, the latter was still alive and got carried away by an as-yet-unknown party. It's not clear whether Delphine is responsible for this herself, but it does indicate that she very well may still be alive.
    • Semi-confirmed. Delphine is alive, although she did nearly die, and Duko was trying to kill her, but she doesn't seem to be in control of who knows she's alive.

The Proletheans will be the Big Bad in the final season.
Season 1 had Helena, then Dyad as the Big Bad. Season 2 continued with Dyad. Season 3 had Project CASTOR. Season 4 will have Neolution. But with the Proletheans still around, that leaves them for last.
  • Or, after defeating the Proletheans, the clones, now in control of Dyad, will have a showdown with the Rossum Corporation.
  • Jossed, though they're arguably part of a Big Bad Triumverate with Neolution and Coady's military faction. Regardless, by far the most screen time is devoted to Neolution, and to Westmoreland in particular.

Detective Deangelis' downtime on Season 3 is getting knee-deep into the Clonespiracy herself in her independent investigations and in Season 4, she will become instrumental in Art making a hard decision.
Abandoning Alison after the fiasco in Season 2, she could've tried to run through various systems like Beth, finding clones maybe among the likes of Tony Sawicki in the process or just keep her guard up spotting Beth lookalikes around the city. This leads her further down the rabbit hole that she has to go without Art. Combining her findings and getting wind of Alison's drug business (Vic and Jason stumbling upon this?) could bring the Toronto Police one step closer to becoming an interest group in the clones and Art's affiliations between the force and Clone Club will be put to the test. Kevin Hanchard, Art's actor has confirmed on "something big" occurring for his character in Season 4; perhaps the decision on which side to ultimately pick is it.
  • Jossed. She doesn't appear outside of a flashback in season 4.

The fall of each of the main clones will thematically link to the fall of her respective institution too in terms of Project LEDA.

  • Beth - Law: Upon her suicide she introduces Sarah, a longtime criminal and con artist into the Clonespiracy.
  • Rachel - Corporations: Upon her capture by Neolution DYAD's control is virtually relinquished to Neolution and Delphine's assassination cements this.
  • Helena - Religion: Takes down the Proletheans in a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Allison - Social Obligations: Clones lose trust of each other and takes an "every man for himself" approach.
  • Cosima - Academia: Project LEDA becomes public scientific knowledge.
  • Sarah - None: (This seems to imply she is the fittest of them all)

The Dyad institute is linked with the group that made Eve 6

M.K. is really Veera Suominen, the only surviving Helsinki clone
  • Her accent is certainly suitably Nordic-sounding, and both characters are stated to be skilled hackers.
    • Confirmed! Very elaborate plot point upon this in Episode 4 of Season 4.

Neolution's plot will eventually drive Rachel to (begrudgingly) ally with Clone Club due to Enemy Mine.
She didn't look very happy about Evie telling her she wasn't needed. Rachel may have been severely broken over the past couple of seasons, but she's still proud enough to be unlikely to let an insult like that stand. She also isn't likely to ignore the fact that, if Neolution is targeting the other self-aware Leda clones as Evie claims they will, that can't bode well for her own security. Neither side is likely to trust the other at first, but her interests seem increasingly to be aligning with those of Clone Club, and she's presumably too shrewd to ignore that.
  • Seems to be confirmed as of 4x08 and the previews for 4x09. Of course, there's no telling whether she also has ulterior motives...
    • Ultimately confirmed, though she spends awhile in the Heel–Face Revolving Door first. Discovering that Westmoreland has been manipulating her for most of her life seems to be what permanently solidifies her alliance with the Leda clones, though she also seems to experience a genuine Heel Realization at some point in season 5. Even before then, Ferdinand's behaviour in the first half of season 5, which is far more ruthless than hers by that point, causes a case of Everyone Has Standards when she breaks up with him and fires him as a direct result of said ruthlessness, so it's possible that the other Leda clones' actions had already been rubbing off on her by that point.