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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Season 1

  • In the first episode, when Felix meets Sarah at the bar, the two immediately give each other a big bear hug.
  • Sarah thanking Alison for helping with Kira and Mrs. S. It's the nicest those two have been with each other so far.
  • Sarah speaking with the terrified little boy who saw Helena in episode 4.
    "It's okay, darling. I'm not her."
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  • Sarah and Kira's reunion in episode 5 is a good old fashioned "d'aww" moment. Somewhat undercut by the fact that they're being stalked.
    Sarah: It's me this time.
    Kira (smiling): I know!
  • Donnie, Alison's husband, forgiving her for going crazy on him and finally being honest with her about his affair. As of the season 1 finale, this is way Harsher in Hindsight, since he's actually just continuing his deception about his role as her monitor.
  • Mrs. S dropped her whole life to come to Canada because it would keep Sarah safe. She promised to keep Kira safe the same way, then hugged Sarah goodbye.
  • Helena's interaction with Kira. You'd expect her to kill the kid, or hurt her in some way. But no, she just wants to talk to her. Then, when she lets Kira go, Helena asks if she knows the way, because she doesn't want her getting lost. Helena is also genuinely distraught when Kira's hit by a car.
    • If it's possible, Helena actually looks more horrified than Sarah.
  • Helena calling Kira 'angel'.
  • Kira spotted right away the same thing her mother saw in Helena-that she's a terribly lonely, terribly broken individual who has never in her entire life known love. That hug was probably the first hug Helena has ever received. Ever.
    "Helena? What happened to you?"
    "...I don't know."
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  • Felix letting Alison stay over.
  • Sarah putting Kira to sleep and promising to keep her safe.
  • Throughout episode 9, everyone's really concerned about Kira's health and asking if she's okay.
  • Kira asking Sarah to help Helena on her behalf.
    • It's more than that: Kira's first words after waking up are "It wasn't Helena's fault," followed by "She just needs your help!" Even while unconscious, she was muttering things about Helena not being a bad person.
  • Helena is forced to call Sarah, and instructed to set up a meeting. Instead, the only thing she asks is whether Kira is all right, and when her handler realizes she's not going to cooperate if it means placing Sarah and Kira at risk, she takes an absolutely brutal beating and allows herself to be locked in a cage so she can get in one last, desperate assurance: "It was an accident!"
  • When Sarah frees her, Helena gives her a tentative, broken, childlike hug and whimpers "I love you".
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  • Sarah meeting her birth mother.
  • Donny, of all people, standing up for Alison when he suddenly realizes that their 'intervention' is a ridiculously condescending charade full of pretentious people who have no right to tear her down when they've all done awful things. It's the first indication of why Alison married him in the first place, and it's actually very sweet. Or was, until it turned out he has an agenda of his own.
  • Helena turns on Tomas when she realizes that he's going to hurt Kira if he gets his hands on her. That was all it took. A lifetime of brainwashing, years of abuse and indoctrination... and then he threatened a little girl.
    • He promised her Kira. He said that Kira was rightfully her daughter. She could have had her 'angel'. But she will die before she lets Kira be touched by the kind of violence and misery that Tomas brings with him.
  • "I didn't want to fall for you. I wasn't supposed to. But I have."
  • Delphine showing the first hints of not being entirely onboard with the Neolutionists' agenda.
    • "...Promise me Cosima's safe."
    • And then, very pointedly not telling Leekie anything about Kira's existence. It wasn't enough to save her, but it was an act of kindness and says a lot about her character.
  • Pretty much every time Cosima and Delphine interact, including everyone's favorite geek monkey going out in the middle of the night, in her underwear, to buy her girlfriend ice cream.
  • During her confrontation with Cosima, Delphine is nothing but apologetic, owning up to everything she's done and not offering any justification for the betrayal of trust besides that she was only trying to keep Cosima safe. The only time she grows genuinely angry is when Cosima implies that she would hand Kira over to the Neolutionists.
    Cosima: Delphine, you can use me. Okay? That's fine. But don't you go near that little girl.
    Delphine: I didn't, and I won't!
  • When asked why she bothered coming at all, Delphine's instinctive answer is "Because I... because Leekie is a liar."
  • When a Cosima who has had the worst possible 24 hours shows up tired and sick and fighting back tears at Felix's, she manages to choke out that Sarah was right about Delphine. Sarah, who has every reason to be furious at the lapse in judgement that could have exposed her daughter, just pulls Cos in for a long, gentle hug, and you can tell it's exactly what Cosima wanted most in the world at that moment.
  • The fact that 'Felix's Place' has become the default bolt-hole for clones in need. It's never exactly discussed, but it's clear that to Felix the idea of leaving Sarah's "sisters" to flounder and manage on their own when they're in danger is not even to be considered.
    • Felix's protectiveness towards the clones is incredibly sweet. When Delphine shows up he makes a point of trapping her in the doorway and making her as uncomfortable as possible; it drives home the fact that here, she is an outsider at best and an enemy at worst, and that in both cases she is unwelcome. It would almost be cruel, if it wasn't clear that he was only angry for Cosima's sake and that until she said that Delphine was forgiven, he was going to behave as if she wasn't.
  • Paul quietly telling Sarah how the Neolutionists got him under their thumb, and telling her not to give up her freedom.
  • Delphine's little smile when she recites Cosima's ID tag.
    • Their instinctive little touches, even while both of them are visibly reminding themselves that they're not a couple anymore. Cosima can't help but brush her hands over Delphine's shoulders, and vice versa. When Cosima is visibly rattled by the fact that she even has an ID tag and the reminder that her girlfriend knows it and has been watching her for ages, Delphine reaches out to touch her hip and apologizes softly.
  • "I'm on your side now. Please believe me... you have to trust someone."
  • Art's reaction to finding out that Beth killed herself and that he's been working with an impostor. Yeah, he's a Good Is Not Nice Hero Antagonist, but the way he nearly begs Sarah for answers shows how much he really did care about Beth.

Season 2

  • In 2.02, Sarah discovers that Mrs. S. and Kira were safe the whole time, hiding in the same safehouse that Sarah and Felix had stayed in when they were children. Sarah goes on a trip down memory lane, points out a spot where Felix once hit his head, and shows Kira where they had carved out "S.M. + F.D. FOREVER" on the headboard of Sarah's old bed, which Kira is currently sleeping in.
    • But also subverted. Sarah, Kira and Mrs. S were having a lovely dinner with the Birdwatchers, Brenda and Barry, and reminiscing about the good old days — then Brenda and Barry turn out to be traitors.
  • Sarah Stubb's unwavering kindness and support toward Alison.
  • Cal slowly warming to Sarah after their falling out years ago and accepting Kira as his daughter. There's a very sweet scene when they're happily playing cards together on the porch like a normal family — until Daniel completely ruins it.
  • Felix giving Alison a pep talk while she's in rehab.
  • Pretty much all of Cal and Kira's interactions are really sweet.
  • An unexpected one from Rachel: Sarah breaks into her hotel room and finds tapes of a young Rachel happily playing with her parents. Cosima theorizes that Rachel was raised in a sterile, loveless, rigidly controlled environment and was taught only how to be "superior" to the other clones, but Sarah insists that couldn't be the case.
  • Leekie of all people having one when he goes behind Rachel's orders and continues to let Cosima and Delphine research to find a cure for the formers illness.
  • Helena's date with Jesse, culminating in a Big Damn Kiss. It's certainly one of her happiest and most normal moments.
  • Kira referring to Cal as "Daddy".
  • The phone conversation between Sarah and Cosima, in which Sarah looks really worried about Cosima's health, and they agree getting Alison out of rehab when they're together again.
  • Kira pulling out one of her baby teeth because she heard Sarah say that Aunt Cosima was sick and needed them, even though she didn't fully understand why.
  • Alison and Donnie spend the night reconciling after the events of the last episode and finally admit their Dark Secret to the other.
  • Scott telling Cosima it's an honor to be working with her.
  • Sarah asks Kira if she would be willing to undergo a bone marrow transplant to help Cosima and she says yes. Throughout the procedure and recovery Sarah and Felix stay by Kira's side to make sure she's okay.
  • Helena shows her Mama Bear side when she steps in to stop a little girl in the Prolethean nursery from being abused and it is adorable.
  • It's confirmed that Mark and Gracie are in love. When Hank continues abusing Gracie, Mark stands up for her and they run away together once Helena had Hank incapacitated. In the next episode they get married and start a new life together.
  • The season 2 finale, where Sarah, Alison, Cosima and Helena all reconvene with Kira and Felix, in his apartment, and dance like fools together. They've never gotten to be all together before this point, and it's such a stupidly happy scene, it's amazing it came out of this show.
    • Not to mention how even after all Helena's done, Alison and Cosima still gladly welcome her with open arms. Cosima even gives her a warm hug!
    • And the first thing Helena says when she sees Ill Girl Cosima is "you should not be standing". Even if she's just met her sestra, she cares about her.

Season 3

  • Helena's Happy Place dream sequence features her being heavily pregnant and attending a baby shower thrown by her loved ones; not just Sarah and Kira, but Felix, Alison, and Cosima are included as well.
  • Sarah's determination to rescue Helena.
  • Cosima and Kira playing together in Felix's loft. And Cosima talking to Kira about her Near-Death Experience.
  • Rudy subtly being confident that Seth would find and free him. And when he does, they hug.
  • In episode 2, Sarah, Cal, and Kira play some indoor hockey in Cal's new house like the family they are. It's clear that all three of them are having a great time together and the moment is simultaneously adorable and hilarious.
  • Gracie and Mark are really, deeply in love with each and it shows: him being worried about her safety; her agreeing to go along with his plans even though she doesn't like it; her praying for his safe return; him letting Bonnie know his feelings for Gracie are genuine.
  • Cosima and Art have a brief heart-to-heart about Beth.
  • Helena putting Parsons out of his misery at the cost of her escape, then yelling at Dr. Coady for keeping him alive in such a sorry state when all he wanted was peace.
  • Sarah taking care of Mark's wounds because he's her brother, even though he doesn't like her.
  • Mark and Rudy hugging after they're reunited for the first time in a year.
  • Felix notices that Cosima's depressed about breaking up with Delphine, so he takes her out for drinks to lift her spirits.
  • Cosima and Shay's date is pretty cute to watch.
  • Mrs. S taking Gracie in and telling her about her past. The Gracie lets loose and has some fun for the first time in her life.
  • Even though he can't do much to help her now, Paul is genuinely concerned about Sarah's well-being and starts doubting that what he's doing is the right thing.
  • Helena coming back for Sarah during her own escape, saying there are people who need them.
  • Paul's Heroic Sacrifice. As sad as it is, it's also kinda uplifting. Not only does he declare and prove his love for Sarah, but he shows he genuinely cares about innocent people. He was helping Castor because he wanted to find a cure for sick soldiers, and when he finds out they're sterilizing civilian women to create a biological weapon, he destroys their research and goes out a hero.
  • Mrs. S sincerely apologizing to Helena for selling her to Castor. When Helena punches her, S hits back but immediately regrets it, apologizes profusely, and gives her a Cool Down Hug. By the end of the episode, they've called a truce.
  • Gracie and Helena meeting again. When Gracie apologizes for losing the baby, Helena hugs her and says she can still be an honorary aunt to the other baby.
  • Felix almost tells Krystal the truth about her being a clone, but doesn't because Sarah tells him its better if she didn't get dragging in all the danger and drama. Instead he lets her know that she's strong and one-of-a-kind.
  • Cosima confesses to Delphine that she had a near death experience, and that a vision of her is what kept her alive.
  • Despite Donnie's initial resistance to having Helena around, she's the first person on the show to recognize his virtues and deem him a good husband to Alison. After the events of 3x09, they seem to be becoming fast friends.
  • Mark and Gracie's reunion. Even if she did betray Clone Club, she did it for the man she loved.
  • Siobhan takes Felix and Sarah to her old stomping grounds in London, where she reconnects with some old friends. At a bar, she puts on a show for them with her old band, looking quite happy and nostalgic.
  • As a surprise for Helena, Donnie and Alison track down Jesse and get him to come out to reunite with her. And he remembers her and is happy to see her.
  • Kendall asked Ethan Duncan to steer Sarah in Siobhan's direction because she wanted her daughter to always have a piece of her, even if Siobhan never forgave her for killing John.
    Kendall: She’s your blood too. A little piece of me. All I had left of my foul life to give.
  • Cosima deflects all of Kendall's harsh words with her usual gentleness and thanks her for being the person whose DNA brought the clones to life. Kendall actually pauses, then starts cooperating.
  • Delphine apologizes to Shay for harshly interrogating her and gives her a Dyad business card, saying Cosima is allowed to tell her what's going on if she wants to.
  • The entirety of Alison's dinner party. Clone Club and their allies won a hard victory against Castor, Alison won the election, and everyone is safe and happy. Sarah raises a toast to Beth, and in turn Helena raises a toast to Kira.
    • Also, outside the party Delphine shows up to have a heart-to-heart with Cosima, which ends in a Big Damn Kiss.
  • Sarah flies to Iceland to reunite with Kira, along with Siobhan and Kendall.
  • In Season 3, Sarah begins to call Mrs. S "Mum", something neither her nor Felix had done before on the show. It's a really sweet thing that shows how much closer they've gotten lately.

Season 4

  • M.K. comforting Beth after the Maggie Chen shooting.
  • While Art's phone calls to Sarah in Iceland is a tense scene, it's good to know that M.K. has been looking out for Clone Club from a distance the entire time.
  • Helena discovering she's having twins.
  • Alison's willingness to dig up the corpse in her garage, and the fact that it was her first reaction to learning the thing in Sarah's cheek could be harming her.
    Alison: Donnie, my sister has a robot maggot in her face, you tell me what the solid plan is.
  • When Helena tells Sarah about the twins:
    Helena: They'll always have each other, like you and me.
  • While they're also a massive tearjerker, Kendall's last words definitely count.
    Kendall: No tears, Cosima. These shites ain't worth the salt. Tell Siobhan... she's done right, always. And tell your sisters I'm so proud to have been part of them all. Turn around, love. Turn around! Good girl!
    • Equally heartwarming and heartbreaking is the reveal that Beth killed herself to protect her loved ones — Alison, Cosima, Art, her parents, even Paul — from Evie Cho.
  • In the span of about two minutes, Felix stops Cosima and Sarah from killing themselves.
  • In 4x08 it looks like Alison is going to betray the other clones for Donny's sake, but it turns out to be an elaborate plot that gets him freed without any harm coming to her sisters. Doubled as a Moment of Awesome; it's not entirely clear whose idea it was, but whoever it is surely qualifies as a Chessmaster.
  • Cosima ends 4x10 weak, possibly dying, and in Delphine's arms.

Season 5

  • Cosima kissing the gunshot scar on Delphine's abdomen.
  • Rachel injecting the cure into Cosima.
  • Helena telling Gracie that she has a family, herself and her babies.
  • Rachel deciding not to let Kira be experimented on like she was as a child, she gives Kira back to her family.
  • Cosima and Delphine sending the information exposing Dyad into the world together. And Cosima's tears of joy after it's done.
  • Felix ends his art show by introducing the audience to his family - Sarah, Mrs. S and Adele. Really cute at the time; a Tear Jerker in hindsight when it turns out it's their last happy moment together.
  • A small one from Rachel: when a former Dyad board member refers to Helena as the science, she coldly corrects him saying her name is Helena. Quite noticeable since she usually only sees her sisters as less than her and the Rachel back when we first met her wouldn't have cared to do such a thing. It may not indicate a big change of heart but maybe a small one.
  • The series finale: The entire second half of the episode is devoted to showing us the Clone Club settling into their new lives after taking down Neolution for good, all free and happy but with just enough intrigue and bittersweetness involved to keep it from drifting into Tastes Like Diabetes.
    • Helena finally delivering her babies, safe and sound, with help from Art and Sarah, is in and of itself a CMOH. When they turn out to be boys, she names them after "real men" - Arthur and Donnie.
    • Rachel's final redemption moment: she gives to Felix, who in turn passes on to the girls, all the information of the Leda clones all around the world, and information they need to cure them. And Cosima and Delphine do just that!
    • And the final scene of the series. Sarah, Kira and Felix are going out to the beach and after Sarah closes the door we see their house. The last time we saw it, Sarah was packing boxes and planning to sell and move out. Instead, it's filled with paintings and warm colors and clearly lived in. Sarah had finally stopped drifting and found her home.


  • The 2014 SDCC panel, where a Cosima cosplayer takes the mic during the Q&A and tells the cast that Orphan Black helped her repair her relationship with her mother. "You made me cry, sestra."
  • Tatiana Maslany was fulsome in her praise of her acting double Kathryn Alexandre, who not only had to learn to mimic as far as possible the way Maslany played all the clones (learning how she moved, talked etc.) but also gave her a real performance she could react off, and provided her with constant encouragement and support on set, all the while knowing that nothing of what she did would ever be seen on screen. Alexandre finally got a small on-screen role in seasons 2 and 3.

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