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Haiku / Orphan Black

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One test tube produced
A genetic sisterhood:
Welcome to Clone Club.

Have you accepted
Tatiana Maslany
As your lord/savior?

She's cute and polite
Even when threatening death:
All hail Helena.

Season 2 plot line:
Resume removing the stick
From Alison's ass.

Apologize for
Being late, Cosima, but
Not for being smart!

Who swishes through life
With flair, attitude, and snark?
Fee, fabulous Fee!

Want to make sure that
Felix is looking his best?
Fetch him something gay...


Guess who just crawled from
The Ball Pit of Denial?
"My sestra shot me..."

One kiss: All it took
For Delphine to realize that
Cosima's Sarah.

Oh, Gracie. You should
Practice your smothering, or
Else..."Shhh. You sleep now."

Donnie the Turnip
Stands up to Vic and Angie:
"Have a shitty day!"

Rachel has become
The Wicked Witch of DYAD:
"Surrender, Sarah!"

Scorpion Pupok
Is no Jiminy Cricket -
Where are these mangoes?

Helena tires
Of Pupok's taunts and guilt trips:
Scorpion sandwich!

Nice Irish lady
From Brixton - Siobhan Sadler
Will shoot you, fascist.

"He's synonymous
With friendly science worldwide -
Aldous Leekie." LIES!

God ordered us to
Kill the clones. You can't trick us.
Mutants don't have souls.

Did you hear about
The man who managed to trick
Art Bell? Me neither.

Not in hatred or
even in choice did Paul drive
Beth to suicide.


An angry angel,
or an unloved child, she is
always Helena.

Katja fled Europe,
but not even that could save
her from her hunter.

Just one, I'm a few.
No family, too. Who am
I? Tatiana.

Sometimes they're cophine,
or team science megaforce,
always together.

She killed without choice,
and never felt any true love.
Poor, poor Helena.

He chose who he was,
And got to die a hero.
You will be missed, Paul.


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