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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Season 1

  • The way "Beth" manages to get herself reinstated to the police force, by delivering a blistering "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the sleazy psychiatrist who prescribed Beth the cocktail of medications that probably contributed to her psychological problems in the first place.
  • Helena vs. Sarah in episode 3, on both sides.
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  • Paul's smackdown of Vic.
  • In hindsight Donnie not cracking under Alison's torture and convincing her that he wasn't her monitor. It's as impressive as it is heartbreaking.
  • The Attack of the Clones in episode 7.
  • Delphine's sexy spy theme and the fact that Cosima has managed to gather enough information on the clones that her monitor was blindsided.
    Delphine: ...Merde...!
  • Helena's cold, steady defiance as she refuses to lure Sarah into a trap.
  • Mrs. S continues to be awesome.
    "Shotgun. Forgot about that."
    "That's the lovely thing about this country... Hunting's not just for the rich."
  • Helena realizing Tomas has been lying to her and that he will kidnap Kira and hurt her if given a chance. She promptly leaps on him and uses all of her assassin training to beating the living hell out of him. It's only thanks to Sarah's intervention that he survives at all.
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  • It's more of a Tearjerker than anything, but Cosima being savvy enough to track down Delphine's true identity, even though it hurt her.
  • Alison telling off her loved ones (especially Aynesley) for staging the intervention.
    How would you like it if I turned your life inside out?! If I told everyone here that Chad, your husband, slept with the ski instructor long before I did? Well, maybe he acts that way because you BLEW THE ROOFER AT THE CABIN!
  • Felix's delightful protectiveness of the clones.
  • Cosima and Delphine collaboratively figuring out the truth behind the Neolutionists' plan, and getting a message to Sarah just in time to stop her signing her life away. Though not in time to save Kira.
  • Sarah finally killing Helena. Or did she?
  • It's understated, but after being kicked out of Cosima's apartment Delphine apparently went home, put her sexy underwear spying skills to good use, discovered the ruse, figured out where Cosima was going, and flew across international borders (nobody knows exactly where Sarah lives, so it could have been anywhere from a half-hour flight to the entire continent) to show, rather than tell Cosima exactly what Leekie was up to. She did all this without even bothering to change her clothes at any point. And it's Delphine who first realizes the code is binary.

Season 2

  • The Chase Scene between Sarah and Mark at the start of the season. She knocks out part of a wall with a fire extinguisher and kicks him in the chest to get away.
  • Sarah avoiding having to make direct contact with Paul by luring him to a bridge, then getting a teen to deliver a phone to him (not without asking for twenty bucks first) and then to avoid DYAD, she gets a teenager to stand with her back to them and when they see she's not Sarah, the teenager has a message to deliver from her:
    "She says 'Up Yours'."
  • Sarah's staunch determination to find Kira. She sneaked into the Dyad event dressed as Cosima, fired her gun near Rachel, pistol-whipped her, demanded to have her daughter back.
  • Just about everything Mrs. S. does: staging the kidnapping, bringing Kira to a safehouse in the woods, setting up an escape route for them to go to London, killing the Birdwatchers who betrayed her.
  • Helena's Big Damn Heroes moment at the end of episode 4.
  • When Kira overhears that one of her teeth could help Cosima get better, she doesn't hesitate to tie one off to a doorknob and slam!
    Kira: It was already loose.
  • A small but rather important one: Art says of Tony, "She's a trans clone." Felix corrects him: "He's trans. He's, yeah." This is also a meta one for the writers as the show manages to address a common confusion people have when dealing with transgender individuals without being anvilicious about it.
  • In 2.09, Helena observes a woman at the Proletheans' compound being abusive to one of the children. Her reaction is a deadpan, "There was a woman in convent like you. You touch her again and I will gut you like a fish". She gets another one later in the episode with her Big Damn Heroes moment saving Mark and Gracie and her Pay Evil unto Evil moment towards Henrik.
  • Donnie Hendrix confronts Vic and Angela for their sketchy behaviour. "Beth Childs' police business? How about Art Bell? Suspended for doing far less than this. All these women and you just can't put it together, can ya? You don't want to know what we know, and if you come near my home or my family again, I will bury you. Smile. [takes photo of them] Have a shitty day!"
    • And to celebrate a body burial well done, he bangs Alison on the freezer. Man, Donnie became a huge badass pretty quick.
  • A villainous one for Rachel in 2.09: she manipulates Delphine into meeting with Sarah in order to kidnap Kira while impersonating Sarah. She succeeds marvelously.
  • Ethan Duncan kills himself to prevent Rachel from finding the cipher for his synthetic DNA, telling her in his final moments that she no longer deserves him. And he had her convinced that he had memorized the cipher himself, when actuality he snuck it to Kira who, in turn, gives it to Cosima in the final moments of season 2.
  • You've got to give props to Kira for stealing a phone from a nurse at Dyad and using it to call Cal. She sends him to Mrs. S so they can collaborate on a plan to get her and Sarah out of there — which involves double agents and shady deals with the military — and it works perfectly. Not bad for an eight year old.
  • Cosima and Scott build a contraption to help Sarah get loose during her unexpected operation. Just before she's cut open, Sarah uses it to launch a pencil into Rachel's eye and escape.

Season 3

  • Mrs. S grabbing a knife once she gets home, sensing that there's danger. Seth still gets the drop on her, but still.
  • Sarah successfully tricking and manipulating Ferdinand. Then she comes close to strangling him with his own belt.
  • Helena attempts to escape the Castor home-base twice, showing how clever and inventive she is. She only fails because the first time, the drugs in her system got to her; the second time, she fails because she stopped to put the captive clone out of his misery.
  • Sarah hitting Rudy over the head with a shovel hard enough to draw blood.
  • Helena and Sarah collaborating to escape from the Castor home-base, which involves Sarah stealing forceps from the infirmary and Helena sliding through the small window of her cell coated in butter. After Helena leaves Sarah behind, she races through the compound and scales up its walls to escape, and manages to avoid being caught the whole time.
  • The rather unexpected Dying Moment of Awesome for Paul, killing several guards while bleeding out from a knife wound in the belly, and then still having the strength to look Virginia in the eye after she empties her gun into him, while dropping a grenade that destroys all the work she'd been insisting justified all the evil she'd done.
  • Helena turning on Pupok after it tells her to abandon Sarah, ending up "eating" it.
  • Rachel proves that not even brain damage can stop her from moving everyone around like chess pieces. She screws over Clone Club, Krystal, and Delphine in order to get Ethan Duncan's book, set them against each other, escape Dyad, leave the country, and get a new eye. All the while only Nealon, her ally, has any idea that she's even capable of this; the rest all think she's in a coma.
  • "I got refund. We should go now."
  • After the first half of the Season 3 finale builds up Castor launching a new plan to find the Source, it turns out our heroes knew perfectly well what they'd do, and already had a plan in motion to turn the tables on them. And even with the twist about Neolution controlling everything, they manage to come out on top and end up in easily the best position they've ever ended a season in.
  • Helena vs. Rudy: Prison Style.

Season 4

  • Ferdinand's Big Damn Heroes moment in the third episode.
  • It doesn't accomplish much, but it's very satisfying to see Beth pistol-whip Evie Cho after finding out just how horrible she is. Art's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Marty Duko in the next episode is equally pointless and equally satisfying to watch.
  • Mrs. S in 4x08 finally gets a hold of Duko, and just brutally interrogates him with jumper cables. Once she has the information necessary, she blows his goddamn head off anyway for killing Kendall.
  • 4.09:
    • Rachel kidnapping a Brightborn mother right under Sarah's nose and using her to not only trick Evie Cho that she's on her side, but getting her to incriminate herself on camera and uploading the video to all news sources just as Evie is giving her big presentation.
    • Helena's Big Damn Heroes entrance, just in time to save Alison from getting implanted with one of the worm bug thingies. And kill her assailant via an arrow through the neck for good measure.

Season 5

  • In the first episode, Sarah deals with being stabbed and stuck out in the cold with just the things she has on her. She uses a photograph as kindling and a tampon to stem the bleeding.
  • The show's visual effects to feature multiple Tatiana Maslanys have always been amazing, but this season truly goes above and beyond with Sarah and M.K.'s final conversation, filmed as The Oner so there was absolutely no wiggle room and Maslany had to nail every single beat perfectly as both characters.
  • "Beneath Her Heart" is Alison's Moment of Awesome. She waltzes right into Neolution, confronts Rachel and demands she call off the police searching her house by presenting her with Leekie's severed, decomposed head. Not only did she prove quickly to Rachel that the Hendrixs are Not So Harmless, but she also points out that Neolution doesn't exactly need an investigation into his murder right now, and neither does Rachel since that would get her in trouble with Westmoreland. Rachel is pissed... and lets her go! Looks like Alison's a fighter just like her sisters.
  • Cosima spilling the beans on "Westmoreland" being a fraud to all the people duped into coming to his supposed Fountain of Youth, causing them to riot and burn the whole place down.
  • Rachel's plan to get Kira out of Dyad working perfectly. She then rips out her own robotic eye so Westmoreland couldn't spy on her anymore.
  • Mrs. S's Dying Moment of Awesome. She kills off Ferdinand with a secret gun hidden in the armchair and he never saw it coming.
  • Helena, suffering from extreme blood-loss and in the middle of childbirth, still manages to incapacitate Coady, by asking for a bottle of water, then smashing her head.
  • Helena gets double-points in the finale when she just straight-up stabs Coady in the neck while lying on her back, getting rid of her for good. And by that point, Coady was definitely an Asshole Victim.
    • Sarah giving Westmoreland (or Matheson, or whatever his name is) a brutal Shut Up, Hannibal! by bludgeoning him with an oxygen tank.
    Sarah: I survived you! We survived you! Me and my sisters together! This is evolution!
  • Rachel's ultimate redemption by giving Clone Club, via Felix, information about all 274 Leda clones, allowing Cosima and Delphine to cure every one of them. She also takes the sestras' wariness of her in stride, understanding that after all she'd done, there was no chance she'd be Easily Forgiven.

The Next Chapter

  • The list of Leda clones that Clone Club obtained in the season five finale was of all the clones, including the main cast (aside from Sarah and Helena), ones who were already cured, and ones who are dead. Setting aside the known number leaves nearly 250 (and there are probably more dead than just the ones known), but regardless, Cosima and Delphine still manage to successfully distribute the cure to at minimum over a hundred clones, and likely over two hundred.


  • You have to give props to Tatiana Maslany. Not only is she wonderful as Sarah, the main protagonist, but she very convincingly plays the other clones that sometimes you forget that they are all played by the same person. The makeup and effects departments deserve a lot of credit for helping to pull this off convincingly as well, and Maslany herself will be the first to give credit to her double Kathryn Alexandre (who plays opposite her in scenes where there are two clones and is edited out in post-production).
    • Of particular awesome is the way Maslany plays one clone playing another. For instance, when Sarah pretends to be Alison, it doesn't come off as Tatiana Maslany playing Alison, it comes off as Sarah playing Alison, and you can tell in the performance that Sarah does not have a very high opinion of Alison. The performance is just mind-blowingly subtle and layered.
    • As recently as 4x09, Maslany's portrayal of Sarah's portrayal of Beth is a little off. Because Sarah is out of practice.
  • The way the media managed to turn Maslany's 2014 Emmy Award Snub into huge publicity for both her and the show. When news outlets started to write about that year's Emmy snubs, rather than focusing on something like Elisabeth Moss or The Walking Dead, they put Maslany's snub front-and-center. The fact that they singled out a relatively unknown actress from what is considered little more than a cult show, let alone one from a country whose shows rarely get any buzz in America, against bona fide cultural phenomena proves how rapidly the show's profile is growing.
    • Tatiana's Emmy nomination in 2015 after all said controversy is a massive Moment of Awesome.
    • As of September 18, 2016, any mention of Tatiana Maslany can now be preceded by "Emmy Award-winning actress".
  • One for the fans. A while before the second season aired, any fans who attended a certain event got to see the season 2 premiere earlier. And no one spoiled a thing from it. Namely Helena not being dead. That shows just how dedicated a fanbase Clone Club is.
  • Tatiana Maslany had the flu when the fourth season finale was filmed. If it hadn't been publicly revealed, no one would probably ever have been able to guess. The fact that she won the Emmy for this season makes it even more awesome.
  • Of course, everyone on the show deserves props for the clone dancing scene at the end of season 2, both very well acted and very well made, CGI-wise.