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Zero didn't die at the end of Zero 4, but YOU Killed Zero in ZX.
Zero survived the end of Mega Man Zero 4, and "Omega" is the remains of him. Zero was heavily injured at the end, and lost his helmet. He eventually came across a wandering Omega and destroyed him, and took his armor. Thus, YOU KILLED ZERO.
  • Then why did he yell the messiah line?
    • Not only that, but why would Zero try to kill you? How would he go about merging with Omega? Where was he all this time? Gonna use that "I hid myself so I could repair myself" excuse from X6, again?
    • If this is true then how does the Model Z Biometal exist?
      • Actually, if I'm not mistaken, it's stated that the Model Z Biometal isn't created from Zero's remains, but rather, his soul, meaning that it's possible that they Never Found the Body for Zero. However, the real problem is that Omega is, at most, a Bonus Boss, meaning that (in terms of canonicity) at best, he exists, but Aile/Vent never bothered to go after him.
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  • Counterpoint: OMEGA the bonus boss of the ZX series is actually Zero's original body, which has regenerated from the allegedly-lethal damage Zero dealt to it in Zero 3. Rather, GIRO is a revived Zero, who surfed down to Earth using the most heavily-armored parts of the Ragnarok/Weil's carcass as a heat shield, and decided to stay 'silent' about his true identity all the way into the future. The Z Biometal was made using data recovered from his helmet. So yes, you DID kill Zero... when Serpent tried to use him to murder you.

The Sage Trinity are the doctors from the Classic series.
Their Disk data says they were Human, taking on bionic bodies to let them live for centuries. Note the plural; ZX takes place 100 years after Zero, which takes place 100 years after X, which takes place 100 years after Classic.
  • By that token, Master Thomas went insane with grief after living so long and seeing Megaman, X, and Zero die and decided there was no better option than to start over by resetting the world.
  • This...this makes so much sense, and would tie up a lot of loose ends.
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  • X,Zero,and ZX are 200 years apart, Zero is 200 after X, and ZX 200 after Zero, presumably the Sage Trinity just grew up during the Zero Era

Megaman ZX 3...
...will be made and star Neige's daughter, who will Megamerge with Model C(raft). Just because it would be so cool.
  • Wouldn't she need to be immortal to pull that off? I mean, the ZX series takes place about a thousand years (Or was it a few hundred? I forget.) after the Zero series, and Reploids have human-like mortality now and humans only got robotic bodies. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, the only beings that were immortal were Prairie (for some reason), the Sage Trinity, and possibly Grey (since he was created by Albert).
    • I believe it's around 200 years. Given that humans were given cybernetic enhancements, I wouldn't be surprised if Ciel exists out there.
      • Unlikely. Even if Ciel was capable of living this long (which, granted, is a possibility), IIRC, she was heavily implied to have been murdered by Serpent.
      • There's also the fact that all the Biometals other than W have roots tracing back to the X series - Models F, H, L, and P being based off of the 4 Guardians from Zero, who in turn, are likely loosely based off of X's armors from X5 and X6; Models Z and X are obviously based on Zero and X; and Model A is likely partially inspired by Axl (since while Albert did likely name it after himself, he probably took inspiration from Axl's design). If they included a biometal based on Craft, they would have to include ones based on Vile and Sigma first.

Guesses for future ZX installments, mainly the final one
Character wise...
  • At least one new character will use a Model B, but if they are a Final Boss/ Disc-One Final Boss then they will stay hidden until their battle and reveal that Model B is Model Bass. Bonus points if a Treble Support System is used.
    • But remember, Japan is first in line. Model B would be Blues, aka Protoman. And since model F(orte) is already taken, Bass may be SOL.
  • For at least part of the plot, you will play as either the Model X user or the Model A user of your gender choice.
  • If you continue using Grey/Ashe, one of them will find a romantic interest in one of the other Mega Men (Atlas or Aile for Grey, Any of the others for Ashe).
  • You will be forced to fight Model Z or alternatively, Zero with a new body, at some point... unless he ends up being the star of the next game.
  • Model X and Model A will start thinking about who Model A's based off, as Model X is reminded of Axl.
  • Girouette will get rebuilt and come back just like Zero did all those times (basing this off of nothing except for the fact that it would be another way to compare the two).
    • Except that so far, the ZX games have just as much in common with the X games as they do with the Zero Games. For this to have worked, he would have at least had more of a presence in ZX Advent.
      • Not to mention that Girouette was killed off near the beginning of ZX; in the first X game, Zero died near the end. And even if you overlook that, there's still the issue that Giro's death is similar to that of Kamina's, in that it's supposed to act as motivation for Aile/Vent - bringing him back would undermine that character development.
  • You play as two previously-unknown characters who are revealed to be the memory-wiped Prometheus and Pandora, who eventually regain their powers.
    • Only problem with this idea is that as of the ending to ZX Advent, Prometheus and Pandora are currently trapped under the rubble of Albert's hideout at the bottom of the sea.

Plot wise...

  • Thomas will continue the Games of Destiny, but as a distraction from his main plan. This will be screwed up in one way or another.
  • Model A will have an identity crisis at some point.
  • The creation of the Carbons will either be involved or hinted at.

Boss wise...

  • If they don't return as good guys, Pandora and Prometheus will come back either Brainwashed and Crazy or in a damaged/falling apart form, possibly combined.
  • Omega will make a reappearance, though he may or may not be an Anti-Climax Boss.
  • The other four model users will be upgraded, but at the same time, due to their own Models fighting back, having second thoughts about the whole thing.
  • The Model W pieces will be used by Thomas, but instead of the form Albert took initially, Thomas's will be reminiscent of Weil.
  • Eventually, somehow, Wily will manage to construct himself a new body out of the Model W parts, becoming the series TRUE final boss and the mastermind behind pretty much everything. Bonus points if it ends up Mikhail was Wily all along and had manipulated both Albert and Thomas all along, perhaps even remarking to Thomas "Just like old times, eh, Light?" if Thomas does end up being Dr. Light.
    • Also, Wily will fight using a Model W form that resembles a Wily Capsule, then in hand-to-hand combat. As he bows his head and begs for mercy, you kill him execution style.

More guesses about the next ZX game/s (should they ever come out)
  • Ciel is still alive: Vent's storyline reveals a possibility that she managed to escape Serpent's attack, and while Aile's storyline is usually considered more canonical, I think it's pretty safe to assume that the different details revealed about the past are supposed to complement each other. And it was already established that humans can possibly live for hundreds of years via mechanical implants.
    • Isn't it implied that she was murdered by Serpent? Plus, if she really was alive, why didn't she turn up by the time of ZXA?
  • Prometheus and Pandora will return, even if they were intended to die in ZXA, they will be Saved by the Fans.
  • There will be a new Model Z biomatch, and you will be able to choose between playing as Vent/Aile (with model X, gaining powerups by reclaiming the Biometals and/or unlocking Model X's Mega Manning power), Grey/Ashe (with Model A, gaining powerups via A-Trans like in ZXA) and the new Model Z user/s (who will learn new moves by beating bosses, like Zero).
  • Weil will hijack the plot: Because that's a series tradition, and given the backstory, it will probably happen at some point.

Siarnaq's goal on the Game Of Destiny
Judging from his info from the Datadisk, he was backstabbed and Left for Dead in the past, and he becomes cold and impassive. With that, maybe he thinks that Humans Are Bastards and then he tried to wipe out humanity?

Alternatively, when we lose to him in his boss battle, he said that he's proceeding to take over the Legion. What will he do with that?

Master Albert is Doctor Wily
Albert? Wily? Come on, it can't be a coincidence! At some point, Wily became an Omnicidal Maniac who is using the biometals (even Model W) to "reset the world", because he hates the fact Dr. Light's legacy has managed to integrate with even human bodies, and that no-one remembers him. He's taken a step in Magnificent Bastard.
  • Model Z could also integrate with human bodies.
    • The problem with Master Albert being Doctor Wily himself is the same as the problem with Dr. Weil being Dr. Wily. How did Wily manage to live throughout the entire Mega Man X series, up until the Zero series (and in this case, beyond that) on his own? If he was Weil, he had to survive until he was given the cyborg body by Neo Arcadia, in which case their punishment — a body that refused to let him die — would be lessened. If he's Master Albert, how did Wily live roughly half a millennium without being discovered on a planet that's had at least one colony dropped on it?
      • Time machine. Wily's had access to one before. Now why he chose to stay in the future, THAT'S another question.
      • Or he was off-planet. Dr Wily has built space stations before; maybe he had one of those space stations store whatever computer he uploads his mind in. Dr. Weil isn't Wily, and his destructive Elf Wars forced Wily to delay any plan of world conquest. When becoming Master Albert, Wily could easily create fake histories for himself, and clone new bodies.

Master Mikhail is evil
The other two are. If we wasn't evil to begin with, he'll probably become an evil mastermind out of sheer peer pressure.
  • Except we don't know if Master Thomas became evil because of the events of ZXA, or if he was evil all along, but Albert acted before he could. Plus, if that was the case, why didn't the secret ending have him offer to help Thomas?

Mega Man ZX 3 will star a new Mega Man...
...who will Megamerge will Model V(ile). Who will have his/her own Ride Armor. You know you want this to happen.
  • While this would be really cool, it would be Model W in the Japanese version, and Model V in the US version, since Model W is the Americanized version of Model V (as in the Biometal used by Serpent/Master Albert, not the hypothetical Biometal spoken of here). This troper thinks that the MC and Model V (or W in Japan) will have a relationship similar to that of Eiji and Ankh; additionally, the Ride Armor will play a role as well (it'll be similar to the role it had in the Megaman X games), but whenever the MC defeats a boss, instead of gaining an upgrade for said Ride Armor, he'll gain a weapon to use (similar to Vile mode in Maverick Hunter X), and he can combine the various weapons to create different suits of armor (like Eiji does with the core medals).
    • Also, unlike Models Z or X, Model V/W will be made from the actual remains of Vile, recovered from an expedition to the moon, and adapted into a Biometal by someone who either helped Ciel create the Biometals or was working independently (OR, maybe perhaps Master Mikhail made it into a biometal as a back-up plan to use against Albert, in case Ashe/Grey failed). And unlike the last 2 games, Master Thomas will have never heard of Model V or the MC - so he'll basically be caught off guard when the main character confronts him, leading to Thomas making wildly inaccurate guesses as to who the MC and their Biometal is supposed to be; and similarly, Aile and Grey (or Vent and Ashe, depending on what gender the MC is) will be hostile towards the main character at first, before realizing that they are actually a good person and helping them.

More unhinged predictions for the third game, Proto version
At one point during the game, perhaps at the end of the final boss fight, the player will be helpless, perhaps due to Model W energy, perhaps due to any number of things. Then, just as it looks like they're going to be finished off, a familiar, but slightly distorted sounding whistle sounds off as Protoman, damaged and looking a bit mix-and-match in regards to parts, pulls off a Big Damn Heroes. Double points if all he did was expose himself to the boss and the Main Character finishes things off ala MMZ 3.

Alternatively, Protoman is behind everything.

If a third game ever gets made, Model Z will find another Biomatch
Regardless of who the main character ends up being, Aile/Vent is the series's counterpart to X, and Ashe/Grey is the series's counterpart to Axl (in terms of personality as well as the obvious reason). There's still no Zero for the main heroes. Maybe perhaps the Model Z Biomatch will start off Brainwashed and Crazy...but after being beaten by the main character (assuming they aren't the main character), they will join the side of good.

One big Sage Trinity theory.
Alright, we've already explored the idea of the Sage Trinity being the original doctors. Now, let's go a little further. To do so, I will be in character.

Thetis is not evil
He was, at worst, a Well-Intentioned Extremist after he joined the game of destiny. Keep in mind that he would have been directly recruited, then, by the man running the whole game, Prometheus, or Pandora. My theory is he only started trying to wipe out humans after he came into contact with someone who had a powerful connection to Model W. Unfortunately for poor Thetis, this implies some things were done to him to make him more accepting of the implications of the game of destiny.
  • Except if the Mind Rape aspect is true, then couldn't you say the same thing about Atlas and Aeolus? It seems like Sirnaq is the only one who's truly evil of the 4.

Model A is Axl and Albert.
Because both of them are hosts for Lumine. It's hinted that Lumine possessed Axl at the end of X8. Also, Albert's final form bears a slight resemblance to him. Albert/Lumine based his biometal on the last fully reploid body he had before switching over to a cyborg host.
  • Albert (A) X Lumine (L). Axl

Alternatively, Model A is just Axl.
Albert, being the self-centered bastard that he is, claimed to have named Model A after himself just to mess with our heads.

Model a (lowercase) is original Mega Man's biometal.
Not only is he 8-bit, he plays exactly like classic Mega Man.

The Biometals are only copies of the heroes. The true heroes are dead.
True, Model L, P, H, and F act like they are the real heroes, but they only have the memories of the legendary heroes. Same with Model X and Model Z. They were given all the memories the legendary heroes had, by Ceil. Ceil found it was impossible to bring them back to life, so she just copied them, the same thing she did with X in the Zero series. Only this time, she copied them much better. To prove this, look at Omega and Model O. Model O can be obtained through normal gameplay, as well as the battle with Omega, but you can't use Model O until you beat the game once, probably to prevent it from becoming a game breaker, but I believe it is still canon. You can fight Omega with Model O, so Model O must be a copy of Omega. Also, Model Albert is clearly a copy of Albert. Albert says he downloaded his plan into Model A, and talks about other things he's given Model A, and the fact that it"s called "Model Albert" all point to Model A being Albert. But that's impossible, Albert is standing right there. It's simple, Model Albert is a copy with Albert's memories, and his mind (thus giving him his plan). Model A was supposed to give Grey Albert's plan and tell him what to do, so it makes sense that he would be a duplicate of Albert. And since Grey was under mind control, Model A would've been the one who would truly replace Albert. Model W is also not Weil, but Weil's robotic body revived, with his memories and basically everything Weil had, making it basically the same thing.
  • Given that these are robots we're dealing with (albeit ridiculously human ones), and they already all switch bodies regularly (we call it "extra lives"), if they have all the memories, how is it truly different, philosophically speaking, from the original? The original X died halfway through the first level of MMX, for example, if you look at it that way.
    • It's the same as the difference between X and Copy X of the Zero series. Just the biometals are much better copies. Ceil does consider copying a reploid just as good as bringing them back to life. That's why she copied X when she found out she couldn't revive him, and she didn't bother to tell anyone (outside of Zero and maybe the resistance) because she figured a copy is just as good as the original anyways. If it was just a switch of bodies, you shouldn't be able to fight Omega with his own biometal (and Albert, but his Biometal could be an exception since he never died). Also, Word of God when talking about the creation of the biometals is actually more vague than the game is. Word of God leaves open the possibility that the biometals are in fact copies.

Mega Man ZX takes place in 27XX.
Mega Man X takes place in 21XX, but Command Mission is 22XX. Zero supposedly takes place 100 years after the end of the X series, so that would put it at 23XX. Master Albert has been working on Model W for over 300 years, but we don't know how long it's been between when the Zero series ended and Albert started on the project, so it could've taken a long time for society to rebuild. Thus it's been 700 years since the original Mega Man fought Dr. Wily, and it seems that the works of Thomas Light has been lost to time judging by the loose continuity.
  • The events of the previous series are probably not entirely lost, given that the Three Sages knew enough to name themselves after the founding roboticists. They just know about as much about 20XX as we do the 14th century — less, even, given that most data would have been on short-lived storage media, and most of the rest would have been destroyed in the unending massively violent warfare between 21XX and 23XX.

Giro is Zero.
The official materials say that Zero's body was never found after Ragnarok, but if that's the case, then how did Ciel make a biometal for him? Whether it's a copy or the real thing, she'd need a base of some kind to get the information from. In X's case, she used a refined and debugged version of the data she had on Copy X, but in Zero's case she got it from the man himself. Zero survived Ragnarok (we only saw his broken helmet, not the rest of his body), and having ended the human/reploid wars for good, he dropped his weapons and ceased to be a war machine, devoting himself to helping Ciel better the world through peaceful means. Of course, he was still a reploid and eventually outlived her, but he kept in contact with Alouette and the Guardians and assisted them in a non-combat function until the beginning of ZX, when he used Model Z — which, of course, biomatched with him perfectly — in place of the equipment he'd long since discarded. Unfortunately, Zero had gone so long without fighting that he was only at a fraction of his total ability when he first faced Serpent, and got sucker-punched when Serpent pulled out Model W.
  • Except for that Word of God has explicitly said that Zero and Giro are not one in the same. Similar? You can bet your life he is. But the same guy? No. As for the Biometal? Ciel studied Model W (aka the remains of the fusion between Dr. Weil and Ragnarok) and used her research as the basis for the other 6 Biometals. It's unknown if Model Z is a Soul Jar for Zero, but at the very least, it retains/emulates elements of his personality, right down to his kinship with Model X (X) and the one-sided Foe Yay-esque rivalry with Model L (Fairy Leviathan).
  • As for the lack of body... he was on the open surface of a space station burning up on reentry. And there wasn't nearly as much of him to burn up as Weil.
  • Didn't Ciel have to repair Zero in a lab once or twice during the Zero series? She'd be a pretty poor scientist if she didn't keep as much of his data as she could get, given that his systems were repeatedly referred to as superior to most current Reploids'.
    • Having data =/= having the body. Plus, she might have felt that if she did rebuild Zero, it just wouldn't be the same (or she wanted him to be able to rest in peace).

Aile's story (and by extension, Grey's) is canon.
  • Regarding whose storyline is canon and whose isn't, before I'm going on it, I will say that all of the protagonists (Vent, Aile, Grey, Ashe) exists in all storylines. This is my hypothesis.

The Secret Ending of ZXA leads into the Legends series
  • With no knowledge of Master Thomas's plans, the heroes were unable to stop him from resetting the world and bringing about the Legends era, a peaceful place with no humans at all.

Master Thomas succeed in his plans
Tied with other WMG above
  • Master Thomas is Dr. Light (specifically, his consciousness that appeared in X. By the time of ZX, he was moved into a robotic body.)
  • He reset the world by creating a time machine and going back to 20XX, telling the future to his past selves so that he picked networking instead of robotic major. His action created the Battle Network timeline. The original timeline still existed, though. The problem with this theory is Duo, though they could be simply different, unrelated entities.

Giro was one of the Cyber-Elves in Area E.
  • It's never really explained where the heck he went after he sacrificed himself, and he spontaneously returns after Vent/Aile defeats Serpent. In Area E (the Power Plant), there are hundreds of Cyber-Elves in tubes being used to power the plant, and after the boss is defeated, the Cyber-Elves disappear, likely free to escape without Hivolt keeping them there. Giro may have been one of these Cyber-Elves, and escaped after Vent/Aile defeated Hivolt, watching over him/her and appearing one last time to encourage him/her to keep going after Serpent's defeat.

Ciel will make a return... as a Cyber-Elf.
  • While she is heavily implied to have been murdered by Serpent, that doesn't mean she can't make a return. Becoming a Cyber-Elf upon death is not unprecedented.
    • This isn't as crazy as it sounds. Normally, Reploids end up as Cyber Elves when they die since they go to Cyberspace, a la Hidden Phantom and X. Ciel is 100% human, so the chances of her ending up in Cyberspace or as a Cyber Elf are slim to say the least, until you remember what made her special in the Zero series: She's the only human that can see and interact with Cyber Elves. Perhaps she has a connection with Cyberspace that would allow her to live on in it?
    • Likely Ciel was turned into a cyborg along with the other humans when the Sage Trinity passed the equality laws. That would allow her to turn into a Cyber-Elf.

Making sense of Albert and Model W's connection
Back when the Ragnarok debris fell onto the Earth, they weren't Biometals - as in you couldn't merge with it because there was no system that made it possible. They did, however, house Weil's evil soul, which caused them to corrupt anything that comes close; they also ate sufficient amounts of negative emotions/cyber-elves that came near, because Weil simply liked it (considering his personality). It's likely around the founding of the Sage Trinity that Albert came across the Ragnarok debris, which started to corrupt him; he might be once a decent guy (at least relatively more than he was in the present) before the evils of Weil twisted whatever noble goals he once had. Albert then found a way to harness the Ragnarok debris as a source of great power: the M.E.G.A system, which allowed him to merge with the debris; from then on, it is a "Biometal", designated as "Model W", likely because he knew enough of the person inside the things. It is also likely that he made it so that the Model W can only work with his DNA, so that he can have all the powers of his own. He also likely knew about Ciel making the 6 heroic Biometals by studying Model W; her Biometals (X, Z, H, L, F, P) likely got the same modification on Model W that only allowed Albert's DNA to use it, hence what she said: "The power of the Biometals can be used to save the world... or to destroy it." From this, for his "Game of Destiny", he deliberately set up Maverick raids that left certain people on their wakes, in order for them to be donated with Albert's blood, which contains his DNA. As implied from the second game, he likely did this because he wanted to manipulate them into sacrificing people to be made into Model W's sustenance, as they're necessary to power all of the fragments up to complete his Ouroboros plan. Once it is done, the Enemy Mega Men basically have lost their usefulness, hence the game being a farce.

Another reason why Albert put his DNA into multiple people so they can become Biomatches
This isn't really hinted, but it's likely that he'd like to not only shut down any opposition to him and Model W, he also figured an idea on making them all his; specifically referring to Ciel's 6 Biometals. Thing is, Albert can only be a Biomatch for one Model, so he figured a way around it: making certain people have his DNA so they can use it, while manipulating them to do his bidding.

Deeper meaning behind Serpent's Project Haven
He states that his Project Haven - absorbing Cyber Elves (people's souls, basically) into Model W - was in order to remove all suffering from the people. He also states that Model W's power is not about destruction, but rather rebirth and evolution. Then in the second game, Albert reveals that everyone whose souls are captured by Model W can be revived back via its True A-Trans system. It basically lends credence to Serpent's goal, in that those Cyber Elves that Serpent harvested and then fed into Model W are meant to be revived as people again once he becomes a ruler, i.e Mega Man King, and especially, he would be able to revive people over and over again, making them all virtually immortal.

But of course, this is Model W we're talking about, not to mention the thing corrupting Serpent's mind, so there would be so many "catches" to this plan, like the fact that the Biometal is activated by people's negative emotions, how it turns anyone into Mavericks, and the fact that immortality may not be all it's cracked up to be (which Serpent likely not understands), i.e what Weil was cursed with back in the previous series.

Albert did model Model A after himself, but...
He didn't create it, he merely put the finishing touches on it - someone else created it (take your pick as to who - Ceil was developing it as a back-up in case the other 6 Biometals were stolen, a rival of hers made it in an attempt to one-up her, Ceil was working with Master Thomas or Mikhail in secret, etc), basing the design on Axl, finishing 90%, but Albert got his hands on it before they could finish it, and Albert named it after himself (either not knowing that it was based on Axl, or knowing but not caring). In other words, he's invoking Exact Words - he modeled Model A after himself, but he didn't create Model A.

Biometal W exists because of Brain Uploading.
The other Biometals are from Reploids, who already have an artificial brain and can survive bodily destruction. Zero was able to survive his first Heroic Sacrifice because the chip containing his mind wasn't damaged. But Dr Weil, in spite of being little more than a Brain in a Jar, is still human. What gives? It's established that his memories were converted to data, meaning somewhere inside his head/the suit there's a chip capable of storing his personality so things like Alzheimer's don't wear it down. What was left of Weil's human body may have been destroyed, but his consciousness already had one step in the artificial valley. Having jacked himself into the core of Ragnarok, it gave him a way to transfer and copy his consciousness into the systems. Enough of Ragnarok's computers survived to store a back-up of Weil's memories, allowing him to resurface despite not being a Reploid. That's why he boasted to Zero that he's confident he'd survive no matter what happened to his human self-he could just as easily transfer his mind to Ragnarok. He may have even wanted that down the line because it would allow him to be his Kill Sat.

By ZX, Dr Wily has undergone a Historical Hero Upgrade.
The Trinity named themselves after famous roboticsts of the Classic era, so it would seem rather alarming for one of them to be named after the first Big Bad of the series. However it's possible that after hundreds of years and at least one apocalypse, people have a different opinion on the man. Wily's crimes would've been dwarfed by the damage Sigma and later Dr Weil did, even if they happened in part due to him. Records on him might have been blurred in the century X was in status, and especially after the Elf Wars. Nowadays, all people really remember about him along with Dr Light and Cossack is they helped create the modern world with their Robot Masters and technological achievements.

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