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Mega Man Legends is set in the far future of Castle in the Sky
Laputa is a base of the "true humans" of Mega Man Legends who wanted to live closer to earth instead of the Elysium satellite but eventually started rejoining with the "carbons". This still makes the statement that no true humans are left true as, save for the ones in Mega Man Legends 2, they mixed with the Carbons.

There are a lot of similarities between both:

  • Shiny crystals that can make things fly - check
  • Strange flying machines that could double as ships - check
  • Character designs - check (OK both are Anime, they're still similar enough to count)
  • The designs of the "ruins" in Mega Man Legends and Laputa in Castle in the Sky - check
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  • A "ascended" kind of humans that vanished - check
  • Lost technology - check
  • Ancient weapons that can wipe out whole civilizations - check
  • A artificial weather anomaly that can hide a entire island - check

But what personally is an example is the design of the Boss in the lake ruin of Mega Man Legends which looks somewhat similar to the robots guarding Laputa.

Dr.Wily is the Bonne family's ancestor
It would explain the Skull symbol.
  • Biggest problem with this: Nobody in the MML world is actually human any more, so he can't be their biological ancestor.
    • Depends how we view this though. Wily considers Zero (His final creation) his son for example.
    • Given that there's a boat owner named Wily, Wily is a surname, and that the owner in question looks just like ol' Albert, its pretty damn clear that even if his genes aren't around anymore, somebody made sure something of Dr. Albert Wily would exist in the Carbon genepool. Or whatever they have instead of genes to pass on traits. One of the initial Carbons was probably modeled after Wily as closely as possible, most likely because the designer thought it'd be a good design for robotics assistants.

Tron was letting Megaman win
Directly in any battle that she's involved in, and indirectly through continued negligent design of her mechs. In her prequel game she was able to create a small army of robots, ransack an island GTA style, go on numerous digs unaided by her brothers, and take down in international crime boss at the age of 13. Fast Forward a year later and she's getting her rear end handed to her by a little boy armed with the in universe equivalent of a BB gun. Maybe their first encounter can be attributed to her legitimately underestimating him, as well as not knowing the vulnerabilities in her own machines. But the prequel establishes that she's smart enough to learn from her past mistakes. It should've never been an issue again.
  • "Little boy armed with the in universe equivalent of a BB gun"? Megaman Volnutt is an incredibly powerful purifier class robot, and is far more advanced than ths technology that Tron uses. Don't be fooled by his small size of his body or projectiles he fire, as he's still stronger than Juno's war body, which is beyond anything Tron has access to. Megaman has the firepower to personally down the Gesselschaft, a massive warship, in a few minutes, which was built before Tron ever met Megaman and developed a crush.

Volnutt was "Joe"'s last name.
Both Roll and Barrel have the surname Casket, but it's established that Barrel is Roll's grandfather on her mom's side. Sometimes in families where the mother still uses her maiden name, that name will be inherited by her daughters while sons get the father's name. Since Megaman was raised as Roll's brother, he was given her father's surname.

The last human DNA
So it's established at the end of Legends 1 that Megaman Trigger contains the last remaining human DNA. In a hypothetical third game (sixth, if you want to get technical) it's entirely possible that the main quest results in the replication of this DNA. As Megaman, Roll and Barrel gather round what looks like a Doctor Light capsule, the door slowly hisses open and out steps... Wily. Cue 8-bit flashback cutscene of Wily replacing Light's DNA sample with his own. The newly reborn Wily creates chaos, and Megaman is forced to decide... destroy the last traces of humanity to preserve civilization as he knows it... or allow humanity to be reborn, with Wily as its blueprint?

The vault Mega Man Juno was hibernating in is a robot construction chamber

How else was his backup data going to 1. get a new body, and 2. get back in the Main Gate? Okay, there's Eden, but then he'd have to take the long route.


There will be a level in the third game where you (playing as Mega Man Volnutt-Trigger) carry out the mission to destroy elysium

  • Jossed.

Mega Man Legends 3 WILL be uncancelled...

...only for it to be released as a crappy game with all fan-made characters acting like total idiots, due to the fans' outrage.

The setting is due to someone replicating/reactivating a plan set by Master Thomas.
He did say he wanted to reset the world, didn't he?

If it's ever released, in Mega Man Legends 3 Mega Man Trigger will find a Dr. Light capsule

It will know of his existence.

Fisherman/Marina Wily really is Dr. Wily

Come on, he was a bit too interested in the knowledge that the Bonnes built a robot out of the wreckage of his ships. Evil chin rub of doom and everything!

The Reaverbots in Legends are the descendants of the cyborgs from ZX.
In ZX, people begin replacing their bodies with mechanical parts. Eventually they give up on human forms alltogether & even stop communicating in ways that the new cloned race of humans, or "Carbons", can understand. They Carbons believe that the Reavers are mindless drones left to guard the treasures of a lost civilization who are too primitive to realize that they no longer have a purpose & see nothing wrong with destroying them. What they're really doing is killing people who are just trying to defend their own homes & property.

The Reaverbots are the descendants of the technology of humanity that fled underground during the Mega Man X games
Mentioned in X6 and never mentioned again; Neo-Arcadia takes all the glory in ZX. The actual human colony died out, but their technology survived in the dark for a long time. We see this in the "ruins" at the Forest of Dysis in Zero 2. The entire system ran on auto-pilot until something provided it with Ciel's power crystal technology and it adapted it into Refractors and started growing beneath the Earth. The Human/Reploid hybrids cannabalizing their refractor shards slowed it down a little, but not by much.

The Reaverbots are the product of breeding between the Humanoids and the missing human technology
Ties those theories together. Maybe the Stardroids got mixed in, too?

The Elder System from Legends is a lot older than most people think.
It wasn't created by Albert, Ciel, Weil, X, or even Wily. It was created by the ancient, possibly alien civilization that made the Stardroids from MMV for Gameboy. At some point between ZX & Legends, more of their technology was unearthed & reprogrammed to suit the needs of the current civilization.

The Legends world is connected to the world of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
This is why the King of Red Lions stops you from leaving the map. Rupees even look like Refractor Shards!

Wily is in charge of Capcom.
And he hates all the Mega Men that have emerged over the millennia, which is why he killed Legends 3.

Megaman X (and classic) are games within Legends series.
There's a poster, and it was mentioned the name megaman (and maybe roll) is taken from games.The Wily wars did happened, and so the maverick wars centuries ago. However games are rarely accurate to the real history, thus explained the plotholes

If Megaman Legends 3 gets uncancelled...
  • Unlike the previous troper stated the game will actually not suck and will again take fan input by Capcom.
  • Or better yet: Capcom will sell/give the rights back to the rightful owner

The Reaverbots Have Something To Do With Model W.
I only came up with this after noticing the (very) slight similarity between the Reaverbot eyes and the red "lights" of the majority of the large Model W fragments. One of the biometal's abilities is the reanimation of machines. Maybe, the individual pieces combine themselves with these machines to actively fight. Maybe the Reaverbots respawn because of Model W. But this is just a random theory that I haven't given all that much thought into. So, sorry.
  • Perhaps Volnutt is in the same way linked to Mode X?

The sales numbers of Megaman Legacy Collection 1 and 2 will reflect on if Capcom will want to fund/make Legends 3
It seems kinda weird that they are re releasing all the Megaman games...again. Perhaps the sales numbers of both collections will make Capcom see they made a big mistake cancelling Legends 3. We will see the game be made with or without it's original creator at Capcom. (unsure if any people who worked on Legends 1 and 2 still work at Capcom)

When or if Legends 3 is announced, it will be in development for PS4, Vita (maybe), and possibly PC.
It was going to be a 3DS title, but now with the PS4 they have more horse power to work with, especially with the PS4 Pro.

The ending of Legends 3 would have had Mega Man and Roll kiss.
It's too obvious.

The Legends series takes place in the aftermath of a second Maverick War, with the "Elder System" being comprised of the Maverick human/Reploid hybrids that caused the war.

It's fairly obvious based on backstory of the Legends series that the Human/Reploid hybridization that took place in the ZX series didn't work. It's likely that, eventually, even these beings went Maverick and caused a whole new Maverick War. Fearing that the mass destruction that a new Maverick War would bring could destroy all life on Earth completely, the remnants of humanity created a Space Station that could both deactivate the Maverick hybrids and restore order to the planet. Once the "Master System" on Elysium successfully decommissioned the Maverick hybrids, the human scientists on board Elysium created the Carbons, a race of Artificial Humans, and sent them down to Earth to seal the Mavericks deep in massive underground complexes and clean up the Earth for humanity's eventual return. Fearing that the Carbons might rebel against their masters on Elysium if left unchecked, they created various localized Carbon Reinitialization Programs on the various islands of Earth in order to keep their populations in check, while also creating a "master" Reinitialization Program that would wipe all of them out when humans were ready to return to Earth. At the same time, the humans created System Units to ensure that the Master System carried out its functions continuously and without fail.

However, with the state-of-the-art life support systems on Elysium effectively granting them immortality, the human scientists on board Elysium eventually grew bored with existence and offed themselves one by one. During this time, the Carbons completed their tasks of sealing away the Maverick hybrids and cleaning up the devastation of the second Maverick War, and with no further orders to follow, they started building civilizations of their own. Eventually the Master, the last of the humans on board Elysium, took note of the Carbons, and realizing that they'd become closer to humans than the Elysian scientist had ever expected, he tasked Trigger, a Purifier Unit on Elysium, with destroying the Master System so that, upon his eventual death, the Master System would not be able to carry out its final task of executing the "master" Carbon Reinitialization Program, which would destroy the Carbons in the process of restoring humanity on Earth.

However, in his incredibly old age, the Master forgot about the Master System's ancillary function: to keep the Maverick hybrids deactivated. Thus, when Mega Man destroys the Master System and shuts down Elysium at the end of Legends 2, the Maverick hybrids slowly start to awaken, with the implication that when they finally make their way to the surface world, they will resume the war that they started millenia ago - and with true humanity completely gone and the replacement species ill-equipped to fight against an army of hyper-violent cyborgs bent on death and destruction, things are looking pretty grim.

The Reaverbots once served Ra Moon
This would explain their one eye and their mysterious whereabouts.

Mega Man Legends Legacy Collection
There's no telling if a Legends 3 will ever be un-cancelled, but given how successful Mega Man 11, and the Legacy Collection series has been, it is possible for a Legends Legacy Collection to come to pass, with Legends 1, Legends 2, and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne compiled together. Now, PS1 3D graphics might look odd on a PS4 or Xbox One, so a complete graphical overhaul, like with the Spyro Reignited Trilogy and some gameplay tweaks, might be in order to make the games acceptable for the times. Or, in a bold move, Capcom could keep the original graphics while cleaning it up and perverse the gameplay, to keep the nostalgia factor for fans. And if the compilation proves successful, Legends 3 might be considered.

Elysium, and by extent Legends 1 and 2 are inevitable.
No matter what happens, no matter how the future of AI goes, Elysium will always be created. And Humans, Reploids, Net Navis, and whatever else will go extinct. So essentially, Legends 1 and 2 are inevitable, and no matter what Mega Man continuity or timeline you’re in, they will happen at some point.
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