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Tear Jerker / Mega Man ZX

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  • At the very beginning of the first game where after fighting a posessed Giro, he sacrifices himself to allow Model Z to lend you its power in order to survive. And in the implied backstory, Ciel is murdered by Serpent (who was supposedly her ally) during an expedition to find the biometals.
  • Towards the end game of Advent, Prometheus and Pandora get their revenge on Albert - only to have their energy drained by the real Albert and Model W. Even after everything they'd done, they were left to die at the bottom of the ocean in an exploding base. Probably one of the most depressing fates in the franchise for such memorable characters.
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  • When looking at the ZX series's position in the franchise as a whole, you realize something: Dr. Light's dream of human and robot living in harmony as near equals has finally come true. And all it took was over 500 years, at least 2 near-extinction events, and three different inter-species wars. And while human/reploid quality of life is easily the best it's been in centuries, you can still see the effects of the wars in the landscape at times. And to top that off, there are still nutjobs out there trying to genocide everything, who arguably wouldn't have the means if Light hadn't gotten the ball rolling with his robotics.

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