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Citizens of Space is a quirky, turn-based RPG just like its predecessor Citizens of Earth. Once again you are thrust into the shoes of a red haired, self-absorbed politician trying to do good despite what their, uh, limited worldview would otherwise indicate. In this case you play as the ambassador of Erf, I mean, Earth, which had finally gotten accepted into the Galactic Confederation. During his speech, the ambassador learns that the planet he represents has gone missing, and figures the best solution would be to just go out and find it so he can do his job properly.


There are plenty of changes to the battle system compared to the previous game. Encounters are now truly random rather than showing up on the world map. Rather than all citizens being party members, you have 3 classes of citizens: Fighters, Partners, and Summons. Fighters will be put in the party to trade blows, partners are somewhat like equipment but they will not only alter the stats of the fighter they're equipped to but also add their own moveset to that fighter's pool, and summons which can be used much like items. Summons, items, escaping, and a new feature that enforces battle conditions for both friend and foe cost charisma, the ambassador's own energy bar that fills up from fighting and winning battles. The ambassador in this game can step in during allied phase and do his charisma costing actions without using up the citizen's turn. For all the changes the actual battles are still mostly the same as before: each citizen has their own skills and energy, some attacks give energy or use energy, and their skills are based mostly on their job.


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  • Action Commands: A new part in this game is each action has commands you can use to increase damage, a la Paper Mario. You can turn them off.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: You can get the Teacher and Assistant early on, and both their talents are designed to let the player customize difficulty. The Teacher lets you adjust how easy it is to preform action commands, or even lets you turn them off to no real penalty, while the assistant lets you adjust encounter frequency once you've fought a few enemies in an area. The teacher's talent levels let you make it more difficult on yourself while all the easier options are unlocked by default while the Assistant lets you adjust the rate further and either direction with his talent levels.
  • The Final Temptation: The Big Bad tries to tempt the Ambassador with wealth and power, but he, along with everyone else, ignore him and walk to the final battle.
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  • Fusion Dance: During the final battle, the Final Boss fuses with their partner, becoming the Super President.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Like the Vice President before him, the Ambassador can be very rude through his sheer ignorance and self-focused world view, but the truth he really does want to help people. He's not going to turn down a legitimate request for help if he can solve it, and as much as he focuses on his own goals he clearly is willing to take time to help others with theirs, even if he bungles the actual helping part.

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