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I'm a 23 year-old autistic female. Now that that's out of the way...

I'm an aspiring writer whose been writing since she was 12. These are my works.

    Sonic and Sonia: Rise of the Unis 
A Sonic the Hedgehog fan fic. It's basically a story about Sonic meeting his Distaff Counterpart Sonia. It's existence haunts me.

    The Zodians 
Slightly better than the above.

It took place after World War III and the nuclear weapons used during the war caused 50% of the world's population to have powers based on their Sign. The War was also so bad that the very concept of war had been abolished.

The main character, Princess, was my Author Avatar and the story was heavily inspired by how I felt during all of the bad times in my life.

It's about Princess trying to clear her name of a crime her little sister Alisha framed her for.

I may or may not get back to it.


    Sins & Virtues 
The concept was creative enough; humans, like dogs and cats, come in breeds. 4 breeds to be exact. Faithfuls (humans with angel wings and flight), Vessels (humans with devil horns and magic), Mortals (standard humans with no wings or horns but physically stronger than the last two breeds) and Neutrals (humans with both wings and horns and all the power of the last three breeds).

All humans have supernatural beings as servants/battle partners; Faithfuls have Guardian Angels, Vessels have Personal Demons and Mortals have Spirit Animals. (Neutrals have no need for them).

But the story was basically just a scene for scene, word for word rip-off of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. And the characters were also just a rip-off of the Mane Six.

I have no idea where to go this.

     24 DS 
This is the one I'm focusing on right now and the one I have most faith in.

The concept was actually thought up by an old friend of mine. He and a group of friends wanted to create an anime about a bunch of kids who were raised by evil dragons from different dimensions, had powers and wanted to save the world from the creatures who raised them.

They gave up on it after a while, most likely because they couldn't find any animators.

I felt bad about it so I decided to take over and used the limited information I got from him about the story and characters to make it into what it is now. I left a dedication on the first page.

I made a Work Page for it here.

My Naruto fan manga starring my fan characters, the Utatori Siblings.

It follows Ryoko Utatori and her 9 siblings as they try to find out what happened to their parents 7 years ago.

I write the scenes and story and my friend Aya on Twitter draws the panels and writes the dialogue.

Here's the link to the folder:

    Zodiac E 
My newest story idea.

Sabrina Blackwood’s birth parents were killed by a venomous High Snake when she was just a baby. The snake proceeded to kidnap her and leave her on the doorstep of the Serpent Palace before disappearing.

Nobody knows what his motive was, but the most widely accepted theory is that he wanted give the Queen Stacia an heir after her husband and child were killed earlier that week. Why he chose a human and not a High Snake is a mystery.

In any case, Sabrina was taken in by the human members of the Palace staff and officially adopted by the Queen herself after she gained possession of the baby’s birth certificate.

Almost 21 years later, just a week before Sabrina’s 21st birthday, Queen Stacia gets into battle with an insane High Snake is killed. The snake is arrested, but the country was left without a monarch. Sabrina was officially crowned queen on her 21st birthday, being given her five affinity snakes as a symbol of her status and her magical Serpent Crown so she can have the same abilities as a High Snake.

Unfortunately, almost nobody in the council thinks she’s fit to rule the kingdom. This has nothing to do with her being human; the kingdom has had a human monarch before and almost half of the council are humans too. They just don’t think she grew out of the “rebellious princess” phase and still needs her retainers to basically handhold her just to take care of herself let alone an entire country.

In order to prove her independence, she convinces them to send her out of the country to solve some magic-related issues while the council runs the country in her absence. The only catch is that her retainers *have* to come with her, but she can bring other people if she wants. She decides to bring her boyfriend and is later joined by the prince of a neighboring country who is looking for his father.

I’m still working on the finer details of the story, but I know how it begins and ends at least.

I've also got two video game ideas.


A genius scientist named Queenie Gutierrez invents a system similar to the Internet that links people's psyches together, allowing them to explore each other's Mindscapes. She hopes this will help people gain a better understanding of each other and even treat mental disorders. The system also turns people into a warrior of some sort based on their personality and traits. (Think Code Lyoko) This is so Mindscapers can defend themselves in case they run into any danger within a Mindscape.

A Mindscape is a large pocket dimension that exists inside everybody's head and is home to six races; the mammalian Truths, the reptillian Memories, the amphibious Emotions, the aquatic Qualities, the avian Ideals and the insectoid Ids.

The Mindscape is divided into three regions; the Koyū Region, the Chie Region and the Seishin Region. Each region consists of two areas; Truth City and Memory Mountain (Koyū), Emotion Island and Quality Ocean (Chie), and Ideal Forest and Id Valley (Seishin).

Truths embody a belief the person has, Memories and Emotions speak for themselves, Qualities embody a trait of the person's personality, Ideals embody a hope or dream the person has and Ids embody the person's inner most desires.

The Mindscape (and by extension the person's psyche) is held together by three Cores; the Mind, the Heart and the Soul, which are located in different regions and spawn new Embodiments. The Mind is in the Koyū Region at the peak of Memory Mountain, The Heart is in the Chie Region in Quality Ocean directly below Emotion Island and the Soul is in the Seishin Region at the center of the border between Ideal Forest and Id Valley. If the Mind were to die, the person will go insane. If the Heart were to die, the person will become depressed. And if the Soul were to die, the person will become apathetic.

Each of these Cores (and by extension, their home regions) are protected by three different gods: Logos, Pathos and Ethos, who are the embodiments of each Core.

When an unknown assailant knocks Queenie and her team out and hooks them up to the system, she must work together with them to escape their Mindscapes.

Heavily inspired by Inside Out and The Evil Within.

Inspired by the Chinese Taoism philosophy/religion.

The Taijitu isn't just a symbol of contrasting complimentary forces here; it's a representation of actual gods.

To keep the peace of the world, the twin gods (who are also husband and wife) pick a single human every month of the year to be their proxies. The "Yinko" are the proxies of the goddess Yin, and the "Yangko" are the proxies of the god Yang.

There are three kinds in each group; Yinko of Death, Yinko of Darkness and Yinko of Destruction, and Yangko of Life, Yangko of Light and Yangko of Creation. The first kind in each group are warriors, the second are rogues and the last are mages.

However, there is a third kind of proxy that belongs in neither group; Taijiko, who are the the proxies of the goddess Taiji, the daughter of Yin and Yang. Unlike Yinko or Yangko, Taijiko are born once a year and can choose to belong in either group and in any one of the three classes each group contains. Basically, they're Jacks of all Trades, but they are the only ones capable of becoming Yinko of Space or Yangko of Time, classes that allow them to achieve temporary apotheosis.

The main character is a Taijiko and the player can customize them and pick their gender and class. I haven't got an idea as to how the gameplay should be, but the story is that the main character is joined by one of each of classes on their journey to stop the Wujiko, an organization who plans on resurrecting the god Wuji, the father of Yin and Yang, to destroy the world.

But writing isn't my only identity.

I'm also a gamer who posts walkthroughs on my YouTube Channel here:

I also have a DeviantArt:


Tropes that apply to me

  • Abusive Parents: My step-dad was an alcoholic who would lose his temper over the smallest of things, whip me with a leather belt (threatening to use the buckle on some occasions) and even hit my mom so hard he cut her lip. The latter only happened once, but still. I was stuck with him for 17 years before Mom finally kicked him out.
    • My other mom (read: maternal grandmother) is slightly more tolerable, but that doesn't make her any less of a problem. She's an elitist hypocrite who thinks she's always right, speaks out of her ass constantly and when you do something she doesn't like, she emotionally manipulates you into thinking you're in the wrong. She even threatened not to go to my high school graduation because my grades weren't up to her standard (note that she had already travelled from Florida to New Jersey just to go). I told she her that she didn't have to go if she didn't want to. And she didn't go in the end. Why? Because I supposedly hurt her feelings saying that.
    • Downplayed with my mom. She got mad at me for getting Child Protection Services involved in our personal life because, according to her, Dad's abuse was our business. She even begged me not to tell them about how he hit her that one day, but they came anyway. I guess somebody next door heard our screams.
  • Berserk Button: Quite a lot.
    • Biased reviews. Refer to my Dethroning Moments of Suck entries for Phantom Strider and Screw Attack on the Web Original page. There's a bit of a Double Standard here. It's only biased negative reviews that piss me off; biased positive reviews are still unfair but they're easier to tolerate.
    • Screechy noises. One of the curses of being autistic.
    • People who lose their temper over tiny things. Seriously, it's not the end of the world.
    • Ignorance. You make a mistake and I'll be quick to correct you.
    • Don't insult my intelligence. My other mom pulled up the car by her house once and asked me, without a shred of sarcasm, whose house it was. I didn't even dignify her question with an answer.
    • If you talk to my other mom for a few minutes, don't tell me she's a nice person. You don't know her. I do.
    • Religious arguments. We don't ALL have to believe the same thing, you know.
    • Asking me a question, only to answer it yourself with what you think I'll say. What's the point of asking if you think you know the answer?
    • Lying. How can I trust you if you can't be honest with me?
    • Calling me a liar. I'm not.
    • Betrayal. See Pet-Peeve Trope below.
    • The concept of "common sense". If common sense is so common, why are there so many without it?
    • The concept of "originality". Let's be real for a second here; being original is impossible nowadays. No matter what idea you come up with, chances are it's been done before. What matters is execution, not the tropes themselves.
    • Sarcasm. It's an insult to one's intelligence and a form of lying. This one's a bit hypocritical considering the next trope.
  • Deadpan Snarker: At school, if someone does or says something ironic or stupid, I'll make a smartass comment about it. I usually get a laugh from the teacher and/or students.
  • Disappeared Dad: Downplayed. My biological father still contacts me but I haven't seen him since my Sweet 16.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Only when watching anime or reading manga. If a Bishōnen shows up in either, I'll spend most of my time staring at him as much as possible. Especially if he's shirtless.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Cinematic, animated blood and gore is beautiful. Poorly animated or Black Comedy blood and gore is disgusting. Real Life or Live-Action blood and gore is horrifying.
    • As much as I love Orochimaru, if I actually lived in the Naruto universe, I'd never become a Sound Ninja. Though I might change my mind considering how he seems to have pulled a Heel–Face Turn...
  • Evil Is Cool: All of my favorite characters tend to be villains, especially Sissy Villains... Provided they weren't introduced as good guys. But I always forgive them if they eventually redeem themselves.
  • Friend to All Living Things: I love all animals unconditionally. Especially snakes and cats.
  • Genius Bruiser: My IQ may be 134, but I don't know my own strength.
  • Hates Being Touched: One of the curses of being autistic. Being touched sends an uncomfortable tingling through my body that screams "Don't touch me!"
  • Incompatible Orientation: I'm a straight cis female. My first crush was a gay cis male. It's okay though; we're still friends.
  • Motor Mouth: I don't socialize much, but I tend to clutter my sentences. Especially if we're talking about something I enjoy.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Sitting down in the middle of night with something sweet watching beautifully animated blood and gore splatter across my TV screen... There's nothing better I tell ya.
    • Orochimaru holds a very special place in my heart. From his pure white skin, yellow snake eyes and near-constant evil smile to his sinister, soft-spoken English dub voice to his creepy, sadistic personality... Just thinking about that Mad Scientist makes me squeal with glee. In fact, any fictional character that reminds me of Oro becomes an immediate favorite of mine. Him, The Joker, and Dr. Genus are good examples.
    • Also, Tim Burton is my favorite film directer.
  • Only Sane Man: I certainly feel this way, what with some of my classes having at least one student that refuses to take things seriously.
  • Pet-Peeve Trope:
    • Face–Heel Turn: I blame Sasuke Uchiha for this. He was my favorite anime character and Naruto wasn't the only one who felt betrayed when he left the Leaf Village. I was so upset over this I quit the franchise for 8 years. So you can imagine my joy when Sasuke finally got his act together in the finale. Ironically, the man responsible for his descent into madness (my beloved Orochimaru) would eventually replace him as my favorite. Anyway, ever since then, I've hated betrayal with a passion and tended to obsess over characters that betray the good guys. Hoping that, one day, they'll become good again.
    • Hate Dumb: Especially the Willfully Blind variation. Not liking something? Fine. Having a reason? Even better. Being an ass about it either way, focusing only on the negatives, purposely ignoring any positives it might have, whining over nit-picks, and not even bothering to explain why you don't like it? Not fine. If you can hate something and STILL manage to see the good in it, you have my undying respect.
    • Never Live It Down: But only if it's something negative. If something only happened once and you hate that it happened, how about you stop exaggerating and move on? For example, whatever your opinion on The Powerpuff Girls 2016 is, you can't deny that the meme references are nowhere to be seen in the newer episodes. As for the infamous twerking? They only happened twice (in Painbow and Somewhere Over the Swingset) and for a few seconds. Get over it. At this point, I'm just waiting for the reboot to start Growing the Beard so the Hate Dumb can't needlessly bash it without getting burned at the stake.
  • Rule of Three: The number 3 seems to follow me everywhere. I was born on March (the third month) on a Tuesday (the third day), and my Eastern Zodiac sign is the Tiger (the third sign).
  • Sarcasm-Blind: One of the curses of being autistic. I can and will interpret sarcasm literally, either by accident or on purpose to spite you.
  • The Quiet One: A friend of mine described me as this. He told our biology teacher that he likes me because I'm usually quiet, but when I do say something, it's either something very smart or very funny.
  • The Stoic: Despite all my Berserk Buttons, I rarely raise my voice about anything.
  • Tranquil Fury: When my Berserk Buttons are pushed, I might look and sound deadpan, but inside I'm burning with anger and confusion.
  • True Blue Femininity: Subverted. Blue is my favorite color. I'll wear anything that's blue, and if a video game features Character Customization, my Player Character will most likely have blue somewhere on them. But the only thing feminine about me is my gender.

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