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Trivia / Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

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  • Approval of God: Jhonen Vasquez reportedly loves the fact that Chuck was based on GIR's dog suit, saying "It's like I have my own Mr. Sparkle!"
  • Bad Export for You: The early copies of the UK DVD release were based off of faulty masters that cut the last 20-30 seconds off of the last three episodes. Unfortunately, that meant The Stinger from the finale was lost as well. Thankfully, the publisher fixed this issue, with the DVD reissued two months after the original release.
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  • Development Hell: Season 2 has been hinted by Gainax since 2011. To make matters worse, the original crew has since left the series, putting the production in extreme jeopardy. In December 2016, it seemed Season 2 was finally happening. However, it turned out the announcement was about an anime cafe, an exhibition and concept shoes for the cafe's staff. In an AMA on r/anime, Hiromi Wakabayashi said (through a translator) that he and the team at Studio Trigger would very much like to work on Season 2, but indicated that it had been Screwed by the Lawyers. In early 2021, it was revealed through merch made for the "World of Hiroyuki Imaishi" exhibition that Studio Khara (the current owners of Neon Genesis Evangelion) had obtained the rights to the show. After years of being limbo, Season 2 would finally be Saved from Development Hell by Studio TRIGGER, who would go on to announce the show's return during their Anime Expo 2022 panel.
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  • Fan Community Nickname: Fallen angels, for the fans of the series.
  • God Does Not Own This World: Rather infamously, most of the people who worked on the show left and founded Studio TRIGGER shortly after the show ended. They've expressed their desire to come back to the series and work on it again, but can't because Gainax had the rights to it (later passing them on to Studio Khara), which might be why Geek Boy Homecoming was released. TRIGGER would finally be able to work on the show again in 2022, with the second season getting announced at Anime Expo 2022.
  • I Knew It!:
    • More than one fan predicted that Panty would sooner or later use Stocking's panties to dual wield. Guess what happens in "Les Diaboliques"?
    • Brief is a Bishounen!
    • The Mayor is Corset!
    • Pretty much everyone has predicted that if a second season were to happen, it would be done by Studio TRIGGER due to it being formed by much of the show's staff (including director Hiroyuki Imaishi), on top of their keen interest in continuing it. Sure enough, these predictions ultimately ended up being correct when Season 2 was finally announced in 2022 by TRIGGER.
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  • Inspiration for the Work: The staff have noted that the biggest influence on the show was the mid-2000s Animated Shock Comedy Drawn Together, specifically the sheer audacity the show had and how it explicit it was and they wanted to do something similar.
  • Rule 34 – Creator Reactions: Gainax is well aware of the Rule 34, and greatly supports it - going as far to tell Doujinshi artists to "work hard" for the Comiket 79.
  • Sampling: The theme "Fly Away" originated from a sample library called Vocal Forge.
  • Saved from Development Hell: After spending 12 years in a state of limbo due to legal issues, the long awaited second season would finally be announced by Studio TRIGGER during their Anime Expo 2022 Panel.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Various people who worked on the series have expressed a desire to make a second season. Unfortunately, most of the original staff left Gainax to form Studio Trigger, and they couldn't make another season since they no longer had the rights to the show as it was still owned by Gainax, and later by Studio Khara as of 2021. Trigger would finally get to make a second season in 2022.
  • Studio Hop: The second season is planned to be done by Studio TRIGGER as opposed to Studio Gainax. This is largely due to the fact that Hiroyuki Imaishi and most of the people that worked on Panty and Stocking are now at TRIGGER as opposed to Gainax.
  • Trolling Creator: Studio Trigger posted on their Twitter account a picture of a pile of one dollar bills which featured angel wings (not unlike Heaven Coins) and the words "Who Can We Trust?" a few hours before making an upcoming series announcement at their panel at Anime Expo 2017. The announcement was for three new series that have absolutely nothing to do with Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt in any conceivable way.
  • What Could Have Been: A minor example in that the early character concept sketches showed Panty with two-tone hair like Stocking's—her regular blonde on the outside, pink on the inside. Another showed her with blonde hair and with red eyes.
  • The Wiki Rule: Fuckin' A, man! WARNING: May be NSFW in some places.
  • Written by Cast Member: Jamie Marchi wrote the English dub scripts and voiced Panty.