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Heartwarming / Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Heartwarming moments in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

  • The end of "Catfight Club". Panty giving Stocking spicy pudding (Stocking hates spicy food). It doesn't bother her though.
    • Could also add an extra layer of heartwarming if you think on it: Panty hates sweets like Stocking hates spicy stuff. The implication is there that Panty only ate Stocking's pudding by accident and wouldn't have done so had she known it was hers. Quiet as it was, it was a sign of apology and understanding/forgiveness between the two as could only be had by the Anarchy sisters.
  • "Ghost: The Phantom of Daten City", featuring Stocking falling in love with a Ghost.
    • To expand on that, this particular Ghost disgusted just about everyone except for Stocking. She was the only one who stood up for him when everyone hated him, and he subsequently fell in love with her. His proposal to Stocking, and the revelation that he couldn't move on from this world until he discovered love, is one of the show's biggest tear-jerking moments yet.
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    • Quite possibly the biggest tearjerker moment in the episode was Stocking tearfully proclaiming that she was willing to give up heaven for him. Quite literally saying to him You Are Worth Hell.
    • Panty sticking up for Stocking, too. She even mentioned how there were more important things than sex.
  • Chuck's and Fastener's Head Devils kissing in Episode 10. Which quickly escalates into funny and WTF when they start banging.
  • Panty eventually falling for Brief in Panty + Brief.
    Brief: [inside abandoned shack with Panty] We should be safe here.
    Panty: [holds Brief's hand]
    Brief: P-P-Panty!
    Panty: Something's wrong with me...
    Brief: D-don't worry! I'll protect you! Because I love you! Ever since I saw you in school... [Panty gently lays Brief on bed]
    Panty: Geek Boy, let me see your face. [pulls back Brief's hair]
    Brief: Panty...
    Panty: [smiling] I'll settle for you for one thousand.
    • The fact alone that regardless of how much flack and abuse he got from Panty, Brief stayed loyal to her, helped her out when she lost her powers, and legitimately cared for her well being. And it managed to pay off.
    • Their interrupted lovemaking session near the end of the episode also qualifies.
      • Particularly since it's the first time Panty has truly made love to somebody, as opposed to "having sex" or "fucking someone" as is usual with her.
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    • "Don't you want to be my thousandth? Though honestly...with the way I am now, you're actually gonna be my first, Brief."
    • It's a shame their relationship basically returns to the way it was afterward; however, from that point forward, Panty stops calling him "Geek Boy" even when making fun of him.
  • The episode "Nothing To Room" because the Anarchy siblings weren't fighting with each other and acted like best friends.
    Panty: So let's say we get this bigass pole, like it's really fuckin' long, right? Then we stick that shit onto the Earth like this, see? [places pole on a basketball Stocking's holding, then grabs Bonekitty] This is you. Now pay attention. [imitating Stocking] "God dammit, what is that pole?!" And you start walking up it like anyone would do and are like, "Where the fuck does it go?!", so you just keep going higher and higher until guess what?! ...C'mon, you're not guessing! Gimme something to work with! ANYTIME, STOCKIN'!
    • Despite all their ribbing at Brief, they take his suggestion that Garterbelt could be slaving away at a party to appreciate their hard work rather well, and they wait it out for a little longer. It's ruined since it was ultimately a party for Garterbelt himself, but it does show that the girls are willing to honor others' accomplishments.
  • A bit of Fridge Logic with this... But, in spite of how much they fight, Panty trusts Stocking with her second gun, and when she needs it Stocking will give it to her without needing to be told.
  • The fact that the two left behind their autographs for Terao's daughter at the end of Episode 5 was kind of sweet, even if they were kind of pricks otherwise.
    • It might just be wishful thinking, but the fact that they did so in spite of their, particularly Panty's usual attitudes, suggests that when it really comes to the bigger picture, their actions are still making the world a little better.
    • The two have been stars and celebrities at more than one point in their life, so they're probably used to getting asked for autographs and special appearances by their fans. Even if it's just for their fanbase, it is a nice little touch that they're willing (in spite of those tendencies so be jerks to other people) to take a moment to leave a little something for someone who's asking for them. Whether they were aware it was actually for his daughter or not.