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Heartwarming / Pandemonium Wizard Village

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  • Over the course of the manga, Zipher begins to have feelings for Domika. Even after the reveal that her and Anna have a lot of physical similarities, Zipher says that he was never attracted to her because of that, and it was instead because of her kindness.
  • The entirety of the epilogue qualifies. Molte has become a teacher at a school of variant children, and wrote a book about what happened over the course of the manga. Through some background clues and cameos, the school is implied to be in Jacka's hometown, so he's still being remembered roughly 16 years later after his death. Variants are accepted into society, thanks to Zipher spreading his account of what happened across the world. Lastly, he did marry Domika, and had a son with her named Schritt.
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  • In the extra chapter, once she's told about how she ended up in the village, Domika says that everyone who's part of the village is part of her family in her eyes. Kayoh even smiles upon hearing this.

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