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Wild Mass Guessing for Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

Brief will end up in a threesome with Panty and Stocking.
...and the whole world will be insanely jealous that he gets BOTH of the hottest girls on earth.
  • This troper agrees. It's actually highly possible, as the OT3 Brief/Panty/Stocking is actually pretty popular within the fandom. Oh, I'd be insanely jealous too. I mean, COME ON!

Panty and Stocking take place in the world of Madoka Magica
Or, at least, the "reset" world with Goddess Madoka. In their previous lives, they were Puella Magi who either died or became witches (some of their deaths are shown in the end credits). Ghosts are another name for Demons and the so-called "Demons" are Puella Magi who, upon the verge of death, rejected Madoka's gift.

The Demon Stocking
... isn't really Stocking. I mean, come on. It doesn't add up with anything previous, specifically Ghost: Phantom of Daten City. Obviously, it was a fake sent from Hell to catch Panty while her guard was down. Real Stocking is in Heaven still.
  • This trouper seconds this. I mean think about it, Stocking has repented of her crimes and went to Heaven... and Satan and his minions can change their shape and assume disguises (remember, this is how he originally tricked Adam and Eve to eat the fruit). So it stands to reasoon that the Stocking that chopped up Panty is not the real Stocking, and season 2 will begin with the real Stocking coming back to Earth to attack the imposter that killed her sister and join in the mission to repair Panty.
  • Obviously is pushing it if you ask me. Demons ARE angels that fell from heaven to hell, Stocking DID come down from Heaven, and have you seen Stocking when she gets mad? I say her big entrance was just her getting kicked out of Heaven again and she chose to keep that tidbit quiet. ... Or she was a demon all along. Or this was a ridiculously elaborate plan to get back at Panty for the pudding thing.
  • Or she could have been possessed
    • This troper seconds this. I mean, just look at her eyes.
  • This Troper will bet that the entire "second season plot" will be resolved in the first half of the first episode of season 2 and everything will go back to being episodic after that.
    • The full first episode of the second season, at the most.
  • Considering that Stocking was reluctant of going to heaven until Panty thought up the "tube towards heaven" ordeal, was more than willing to marry a ghost (though it unwittingly sent him to heaven) and that she is guilty of gluttony, without taking in account she has admitted lusting and fornicating, which would send her back to Daten City as much as Panty was rejected for having sex indiscriminately, it's actually plausible that Stocking was a demon in disguise all along, or at least was made a demon along the way.
  • And yet she screened Panty from attack right when she entered, later pushing her out of range entirely, thus destroying the demons' chances of salvaging their Hellsgate scheme. Nobody believed her when she said she's a demon, and did what she did... I could go with the mind control theory. She did have the eyes and all... Corset showed himself able to infiltrate Brief's schlong right under their noses, and then showed the ability to split himself into many parts... so he might have been posessing Stocking since the moment that heel splattered him into many pieces and he realized he was still alive and could be in many parts at once. still... that doesn't explain what in the world is Oten City, and why it, too has a keyhole.
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  • This actually appears to be semi-confirmed by the season 2 poster. Here's a fact that I have yet to see anyone point out: Demon!Stocking in the poster also has a halo. This means that she's half-angel half-demon, aka a Nephilim. However, she may not be a born nephilim. In The Diet Syndrome, Garter goes on to say that "all the batty ghost bacteria" resided within Stocking after she ate all that cakey food stuff. In the poster, you can see that she actually appears to be all of those exact same germs combined. They're absolutely controlling her from the inside-out. Her tight-bindings? They're there to keep all the grudgey-germs bound together.

Occasionally, Laundry Day is a little bit different for Stocking and Panty
  • Panty will bust out a gun-cleaning kit and/or refill it with more bullets and all Stocking has to do is sharpen both her swords.

Panty and Stocking are actually Twilight and Applejack in an alternate universe / continuity

The second season will be titled ''Panty VS Stocking with Garterbelt"

Future Episodes will Parody:
  • Ninja
  • American Fast Food chains
  • Samurai
  • The Powerpuff Girls (For reasons pre-established)

Brief and Panty will have The Big Damn Kiss at some point in the show.
Because it just makes sense.
  • Jossed, only sex.
    • Um, it isn't exactly jossed if the show isn't done yet.
      • It is when the key to awakening the blood of Hellsmonkey in Brief was "an angel's kiss" and we didn't get to see ANY of the foreplay in episode 12. We can safely assume her lips got to his during that time they had to themselves off screen.
      • Not to be too dirty, but a girl does have more than one set of lips. And this being PSG....
      • There is nothing to prove that they wont get a kiss next season is what I am saying.

(Jossed) The Mayor of Daten City is Satan.
Makes perfect sense, according to Episode 6. Plus, that would explain all the Ghosts appearing only in Daten City (with Little Tokyo as an exception).
  • That actually does make sense via Fridge Brilliance. Daten City is a pun on fallen angel, and Satan (well, Lucifer) is mainly known for his fall from grace. Of course, that leaves the question of exactly who or what Garterbelt would be, considering the mayor seems to know him from way before...
  • Maybe not quite Satan... but Him.
  • Given the Theme Naming of the Heros and Villains of the show, My best guess would be Knickers.
  • Maybe he's Corset from the OST. ...Squick at the implications of that.
    • I wouldn't be surprised. After all, he (she?) has been presented as Garterbelt's Evil Counterpart and both a corset and a belt are something you tie around your body. Both are also used to keep something in check - belts for men to keep their pants up (pracmatic clothing) and corsets for women to tie their waists thin (estetic clothing) - much like a boss keeps tabs on his/her underlings.
      • I thought garters were meant for women? (To wear under PANTIES and keep the STOCKINGS up.)
    • Confirmed! I KNEW IT
      • I hereby declare this Wild Mass Guessing: JOSSED!

(Jossed) Brief will have a Face–Heel Turn
Scanty and Kneesocks will attempt to get him to go to turn him to the dark side. Besides the obvious benefits, It would also be a good way to give Panty a Heroic BSoD, and some Character Development into less of a bitch. Hopefully, if it does happen, It won't end the way it usually does.

Kamina and Simon are Panty and Stocking's Descendants
And the anti-spiral is a Ghost, in fact.

Brief will get a Transformation Sequence
More obvious reasons being Rule of Funny and possible female-oriented Fanservice, but this troper can't help but feel like he'll be important to the plot later on.
  • Well, he was important to the plot, alright... Still haven't seen a Transformation Sequence yet, though.
  • The OST features a song called 'Cherryboy Riot' and it sounds exactly like a male version the Anarchy and Demon sisters' themes, enticing phrases chopped up into catchy beats included....

Related to the above, Brief is actually a fallen angel with amnesia.
It explains his name fitting in with the other angels. The only thing he can remember is that he needs to hunt down Ghosts, which is why he's such an occult freak. Although he's been Brought Down to Normal, he still has some residual power left in him, judging from his shotgun.Alternatively, he was Panty's former lover in Heaven, and neither of them remember it. After all, it would be great fuel for some Cerebus Syndrome, don't you think?
  • Possibly Jossed, what with the blood-kin of Hellsmonkey thing.

Chuck is a fallen angel, too, and See Through is his... weapon
  • Well, in "Les Diaboliques" we see Chuck driving the car in a way that's maybe even better than the sisters. Also, it's obvious that he can use it to fight, and Stocking wasn't seen with the intention to change place with him. So, Panty and Stocking drive See Through, but it's actually Chuck's car/weapon. And, with Fastener, welll...
    • Considering that Chuck appears alongside Panty And Stocking in the end credits, which seems to be about How the three died, this is not impossible.

(Jossed) The sixth episode was a Red Herring.
  • Have we found a plot? Nope. Just an epic episode. (But even if this WMG turned out to be true, I think it was worth it)
    • Jossed; Scanty and Kneesocks appear in episode 7, suggesting that there is a plot after all.
      • Except, of course, that they went through Villain Decay just as fast as Team Rocket did. Really, we could go either way at this point.
      • But then they snapped back to scarily effective in Episode 12. And there is a plot now. In other words, Jossed.

All the people are dead in Daten City.
  • Just think about it, angels that protect the souls of departed people, the ghost will be souls of people who just died, and the demons will try to take that souls to hell
    • That would certainly explain why there's a city between Heaven and Hell in the first place - it's Purgatory.

The show itself is meant to be a Take That! against both Japanese and American otaku.
  • It's well known that Japanese anime fans want their waifus to be virgins (case in point: Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens fans). It's also well known that many American fans are obsessed with the generic anime style, drawing anything from Western shows to actual people in a style that they think is better than the original (see DeviantArt). What's the best way to mess with the heads of both? Make an anime in a Western style, explicitly stating that the main characters aren't pure.

There is a reason Panty and Stocking remain angels.
Simply put, they were good girls while they were still alive. After being "angelized" after death and realizing they can no longer really be punished for sinning, they decide to play it for all its worth. Which is why Panty doesn't get STDs from all the sex she has and Stocking doesn't get fat from eating all those cakes: they have credit from their lives as paragons of chastity and temperance. On the other side, Scanty and Kneesocks were whorebisquits in every possible way, which is why they are now demons.
  • At least they still work for Heaven; unlike a certain troublesome freeloader named Tenshi...
  • That would probably explain why they're very bitchy to almost everyone around them; they always had to play nice when they were alive, thus letting lots of people walk all over them and get away with being really rude to them. Since they're angels now, they get to exercise all the things they wanted to do, which includes finally telling others to "piss off".
  • Maybe they actually weren't that virtuous in their past lives, but became angels simply because they had the absolute crappiest luck in the universe. Considering how Stocking said Panty knows nothing about true love, and the dark implications of "Fallen Angel," there might be more to the angels' pasts than we were initially led to believe. It might also explain their abnormally good luck in "The Stripping": it's a pity gift from God.
  • OR, Panty died a virtuous virgin, and as such was rewarded with never experiencing pain/pregnancy/STDs during sex. Likewise, Stocking was either diabetic from birth, had very sensitive teeth, but ultimately could never eat anything sweet. Her reward was to forever indulge in sweets with no side effects. As for the demons, they could have been crooked prostitutes who were sent to hell and were punished by being forced to become rulemongers and to be punished gravely for even having the thought of sex.
    • OP's original WMG actually gets some canon basis in episode 12. In 12-A, Scanty and Kneesocks end up having some pretty kinky foodsex, and in 12-B, Panty appears to not recognize the pain of having a hymen ripped.
  • People don't become angels when they die
    • You're confusing Christian dogma with fiction.

(up to discussion) The series will end in a normal way.
To troll the people expecting a Gainax Ending
  • To be fair, considering how the series is, any ending they choose would be a Gainax Ending.
  • Who knows? i'm pretty sure that when the sister's fight the mayor there will be an over long speech about how the ghost existence is all human's fault. and blah blah blah
  • This WMG has been Jossed. So. HARD.
    • This troper begs to disagree. Episode 13 keeps getting labeled as a Gainax Ending, when everyone seems to fail to take into account that there's a Season 2 coming. It's more like a Cliffhanger or a sudden plot twist. Calling this a Gainax Ending would be like saying Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ended after Lordgenome's defeat.
      • I agree in disagreeing but disagree as well. Until we get a flat out official statement, it's all just extented trolling and maybes. That said, the ending, up until the "epilogue", very well DID end just like the original WMG predicted.
  • Well, when you assume that the episode ends with the credits roll and everything happening in the stinger is just a non-canon omake (and it certainly will be forgotten in the beginning of season 2 considering what kind of stupid plot hook it is) you are left with a pretty normal "Good pwns evil and everyone rejoices" happy end.

In a coming episode, they will parody the mecha genre
  • I think that there is two things about that Gainax is THE BEST. Gainax Ending and mechas. They already parodied the transformers franchise, the western animation and the Magical Girl genre, and the opportunity to parody their two best series it's too good to waste.
    • Does "Transwhoremers" count?
      • No, that's transformer's parody. Aaaand, as it's no human controlling them, i don't think it count as Mechas.

Panty and Stocking are... bi.
  • They weren't exiled from Heaven for Panty's lust or Stocking's Gluttony, they were exiled for being bisexual AND for being lovers AND sisters(oooh, nice!)
    • You know they're sisters, right?
      • I think that was obvious
    • Then why would Garterbelt, a gay priest, be their handler? He's not an angel (if he is, then Gainax has not stated it).
      • Well. Maybe, he, being a priest, has to be punished for being gay...and there is a worse punish that have to take care of those two?
      • Jossed as of Once Upon A Time In Garterbelt. He's not being punished, that was being forced to live through all of history from the time of the dinosaurs. Handling the angel's is God's mission for him, not his punishment. And he was punished in the first place for his past crimes which, according to his journal, is just about everything.

(Jossed) Garterbelt is an angel.
He's gay, and therefore was exiled from Heaven. He directs Panty and Stocking instead of collecting Heaven Coins so that he doesn't go to Hell.
  • Dude, Not Funny!. He was exiled for being a pedophile, perhaps?
    • Strictly speaking, while that's certainly the joke, he's not a pedophile, or hasn't been portrayed as such. He's only drooled over high school boys of indeterminate age. Gay, yes, but ephebophile at worst (ie, attracted to teenagers). Not only that, but... people really don't get too bent out of shape about adults appreciating the beauty of teenagers. If they did, anime girls, schoolgirl outfits, and barely legal porn would be much bigger deals. I mean outside of Australia, that is.
  • If Garterbelt's journal (shown in the most recent episode as of this writing) is true, then he's even cooler than an angel: he's an ex-gangster who, after his death, was returned to earth by God to the beginning of time as an immortal to fulfill a grand, mysterious, and currently undefined mission.
  • So basically Jossed.

1 Angry Ghost is the Japanese perception of the American perception of Japanese game shows.
Either that or it's the Japanese perception of an American version of an authentic Japanese game show that is taking place in America.
  • Your Head Asplode
  • Wait, it wasn't a parody of the american justice system, with juries and death penalties?

Brief won't end up with Panty, but instead Stocking.
Considering it's shown that Panty would never be all that interested in Brief, and Episode 9 shows that Stocking doesn't seem to mind appearance (she fell in love with a ghost, so), it would be an interesting curveball.
  • Jossed: given what happened in episode 12, Brief may end up with Panty after all.
    • Turns out, it's none of the above.
      • The series isn't over yet! There will be a second season! Therefore, he still has time to be paired with somebody. Besides, Panty's only cut up, not dead, and in the last two episodes it looked like there was real affection between them.
      • This troper can't see them finalizing any relationships... Unless Panty undergoes some massive personality changes, it'll probably be limited to the occasional round of casual sex. Or maybe Scanty and Kneesocks will pull a Heel–Face Turn in Season 2, and Brief will wind up with one (or more likely both) of them.

The ending will be a parody of The End of Evangelion.

(Jossed) During the finale, both Panty and Stocking will become human during the course of the final battle and one of them will die and be unable to become an angel again while the other returns to her angelic form
It has been stated much earlier that Panty and Stocking are both gradually becoming human, so this could end up becoming a sort of plot point in the finale. They currently can't die, but if they become human and one of them dies, what exactly would happen?
  • Confirmed, sort of. Stocking gets to go back to Heaven, while Panty becomes human again.
    • The above gets disproved. Panty's power loss is simply the reconstruction of her hymen; she gets over it with Briefs' help. Second, Stocking comes back. And reveals she's a demon. Whether this Stocking is a demon masquerading as Stocking or if Stocking was one all along has yet to be explained.

(Confirmed) There will be a new character called Corset
The preview for the OST has a track called "Corset Theme" and Scanty and Kneesocks theme is called... "Theme for Scanty & Kneesocks"... Put the two together and yeah. Who knows, maybe it'll be like a final boss or something.
  • I already mentioned it someplace else, but it wouldn't be to much of a stretch to assume Corset is the mayor... unless they pull a fast one on us, of course.
  • Considering all the theories that Brief is an angel in disguise...maybe that's his real name?
  • In any case, it has to be a Transformation Sequence theme. It's just way too similar to "Fly Away" and "Theme for Scanty & Kneesocks".
  • This troper noticed that while "Fly Away Now" is high-pitched - well, more so than Scanty & Kneesocks' theme - and Scanty & Kneesocks' theme has deep-sounding vocals, "Corset Theme" is more in between. Maybe "Corset" is a character that is on neither side? Neutral?
  • In any case, I'm betting that Corset uses a Sword and Gun combo. He/She just has to. Maybe they're a renegade angel/demon who hasn't been caught yet.
    • I'm betting bazooka. ...I don't know, corsets just feel like they have that kind of shape.
      • True, but then again, panties aren't shaped like guns.
      • Depending on the way you hold it, it kinda does.
  • Episode 12 confirms it's the mayor.
    • Episode 13 later confirms that he's evil, he's known Garterbelt for a while, and he doesn't have demon weapons.
      • He DOES have demon weapons. He turns Scanty and Kneesocks into swords.

Fastener (Chuck's evil other) is a girl

Ghost: The Phantom of Daten City was created with the intention of mocking the stereotypical Otaku
  • Male otaku have a lot of unpleasant stereotypes associated with them. According to stereotype, they are ugly, unpleasant to be around, have horrible social skills and are incapable of finding mutual love. They also often lust after female anime characters, and a behavior commonly associated with them is to claim their favorite to be their "wife". The seriousness of the claim can range from being a simple exaggeration used to express how much they love the character to, well... Seriousness. Some of the loonier ones (which tend to contribute more to the stereotype) are seriously in mad love with their "wife", and don't seem to consider the barrier between reality and fiction nor whether or not the object of their affections would actually love them back if they existed (if stereotypes hold true in this situation, they more than likely would not). Although nothing points to him being an otaku, the ghost in this episode is ugly, unpleasant to be around, has horrible social skills and is incapable of finding mutual love (well, prior to the episode anyway in regards to the last one). Stocking is very popular among otaku, more so than her sister. Despite being about the last person that anyone would fall for, Stocking ends up falling in love at first sight with the ghost anyway. Although this can be interpreted as being Wish-Fulfillment based on this description alone, it should be noted that the episode makes it quite clear that Stocking has some seriously seriously messed up tastes in men. Pretty much the entire city reacts to him like you would expect most people to, and they mock Stocking for willingly going out with him. In short, the episode mocks the stereotypical otaku by pairing up someone who fits the stereotype to the bill with a favorite target of Otaku Perverse Sexual Lust, and then pointing out how unrealistic the scenario is.
  • More likely it was about that you can defeat ghosts without weapons and that even so called otakus are as human as others and deserve to be loved.
    • Considering the nature of the show, it is more likely the former.
      • Considering the nature of Gainax, it could very well be all of those things, at once.
    • Considering the in-show otaku is Brief, and he gets with Panty in the end the original theory is unlikely.

Basing in a WMG from above, an episode will give us Actor Allusions and Shout Outs to a certain Sunrise's anime.
Brief will end up piloting by accident a Transforming Mecha and will gain/reveal a Jerkass and mean alternate personality that will lead to a lot of events that will make Panty begin to have feelings towards Brief.

Jesus had something to do with Garterbelt's sexuality and vocation.
A bit of a stretch, but if Garterbelt lived through history it stands to reason that he met the biblical Messiah along the way. Garterbert was either so touched (metaphorically speaking) by his savior's love and mercy that he developed a crush on him, or he was gay all along and was merely angry and rebellious our of fear of being persecuted for his sexual orientation (his prostitutes were his beards),with Jesus' acceptance giving him the courage to come out of the closet. If the above is true, the Son Of Man's martyrdom probably hit Garterbelt pretty hard/inspired him to make sure that his shepherd's word would not die with his mortal body and devoted much of his immortality to spreading the Good Teachings in honor of that great man.
  • Personally as far as sexuality is concerned i think Garter spent so much time on God's mission looking for the Hell's Monkey hidden as boys penises that he started liking to look at them.

(Jossed) There will be no Corset
We're being trolled by the soundtrack preview
  • Likewise, there will be no fight with the mayor, and the Daemon sisters were meant to screw with the fans by giving them an awesome intro then immediately tossing them the Villain Ball as GAINAX's huge "FAK YOU BITCH" to Draco in Leather Pants.
  • Jossed. Corset is indeed the mayor.
  • The Demon Sisters have become competent again, so that's Jossed too.

(Jossed) Corset is someone that Panty and Stocking knew when they were human
  • Corset can be a third sister who hadn't died along with her sisters, or perhaps she's Panty and Stocking's mother who comes to take them back to heaven.
    • If she's their sister, I think she may be on Scanty and Kneesocks' side. Just to mess with the angels.
    • Jossed. Corset is male, and knows Garterbelt but not the angels.

(Jossed) Corset is a Parody Sue
She's Panty and Stockings lost sister. She was too perfect for Heaven, so they sent her to Daten City.
  • Funny how everyone immediately concluded Corset was a girl since his theme was sung by women.

(Jossed) Corset is...
...Brief, an angel in a male disguise who hides her breasts with a type of corset. She was sent to look after them and to leave no suspicions, she disguises herself as a high school boy.
  • Jossed. Brief has been seen without his shirt in episode nine, I believe. That and Brief's "shotgun".
    • That must be a really well disguised corset....I wonder why Panty's gun is reasonably sized. Also if OP is true, maybe that's why whoever gets to see Brief's crotch is shocked.
  • Confirmed: Corset is the mayor.
    • How so? Corset is not Brief, and definitely not an angel. Therefore the WMG is Jossed.

Scanty and Kneesocks are really Ascended Demons.
Going by the logic that Panty and Stocking got kicked out of heaven for being too chaotic (and of course assuming that demonkind is Always Chaotic Evil), Scanty and Kneesocks got kicked out of hell for being too lawful. Their mission of causing Daten City to be overrun by Ghosts is to prove that they're really evil enough to return to hell, even in spite of being a sucker for RRRRUUURRRUU.

(Semi-Confirmed) Corset's weapon will be a BFS
  • If you undo the lacing on a corset, it becomes long and flat. One could assume if the lace was the (ordinary sized) handle, then the corset itself would make a very LARGE blade. How does it keep from breaking apart?
    • Corset is Cloud?
    • Jossed, actually. Corset has no weapon.
      • Partially... He used Scanty and Kneesocks as his dual BFS. And there was much rejoicing.
      • Moreover, he wraps them in his bondage straps to make them into swords. Not exactly the same thing, but similar.

Nozomu is a ghost who is the embodiement of all of the despair in the world.
  • Panty and Stocking will eventually have to take him out.

(Semi-Confirmed) Sex is the source of Panty's power
Panty has the opposite of Virgin Power. She needs sex with men to stay an angel and becomes powerless when she is denied sex for too long (In corollary this would imply that Stocking's power come from eating sweets).
  • After the fights in Buzz Of The Beehive and Les Diaboliques she immediately seeks sex from the first male in sight. Why? To regain the energy she just lost.
  • In episode 12-B Panty starts to lose her powers after she can't have sex anymore.
  • Ehhhhhhhh... I'm not buying this one. Garter forgot to tell Panty she was not allowed to have sex after she already screwed about three dozen guys; what I'm seeing here is that heaven got relatively pissed off with Panty for breaking orders she didn't know she had, and took her powers away as a result. Damnit, Garter! You should have told her this from the beginning!
    • Contrary to my original speculation, It didn't happen.
    • Eeeeeh, Garterbelt talks about the hymen reconstruction (what caused her power loss) as if it were natural. Still, she regains her powers after breaking it with Brief's "help". Therefore, the WMG is somewhat confirmed, as Panty had no powers when she was a virgin.

Garterbelt's mission was to protect the key
Remember the picture of a key that god gave to Garterbelt everytime he refused to accept his mission? his mission was to find and protect the key. In Highschool Nudical he wasn't trying to saw naked boys, he tried to find the key, because as we see, the key is a boy's dick, when Panty defeated the ghost with Brief's underwear, Garter discovered that Brief was/have the key. In Inner Brief he was watching closely to check that Brief was, in fact, the key. AND WE THOUGHT THAT HE WAS GAY!...wait a minute, and the end of Catfight Club?...
  • That makes so much sense.
  • OH SNAP!
    • To clarify, Brief's dick is the key to a massive ghost hidden under Daten City.
  • Garterbelt wasn't watching the boys in a man-on-a-mission kind of way... even if it was his mission, he was clearly having fun with it...

(Confirmed) Stocking will return for the finale.
Which will most likely be Episode 13. As Panty can't really do anything without her angel powers (Although she might retain some Badass Normal traits if she gets out of BSOD mode early enough,) Stocking will probably return, saying something along the lines of "I knew you couldn't do anything without me." The result of this combined with fighting the Daemon sisters and Corset will probably blow our heads off.
  • Although technically it's actually supposed to be 26 episodes long, which leaves plenty of time for Panty to rescue brief and possibly declare war on all the demons coming in. note 
    • That's 26 half-length episodes, not full-length.
      • FUUUUUUUU-!
      • Taking that into account, it will actually be at least 27 episodes, assuming, the final episode will be a double-length one like Episode 6.
  • As the OP, I have only one thing to say: I Knew It!! But the head-blowing was for other reasons too.
    • Although, to be fair, there was a "Until Season 2!" splash at the end of Episode 13. Therefore, we can probably expect more.
      • Well, a finale's a finale, even if it isn't the end of the show. ... Brief and Chuck, onward!

"Sex and the Daten City" was set prior to the beginning of the series.
Let's connect the dots. After Panty finds out about a copy of her porno being in the net, she decides to exile herself from the world and takes Stocking and Chuck along. They go through all the dangerous situations portrayed in "Fallen Angel" until they can't take it anymore and die. God sends them to Heaven, hoping for them to change their behaviour while there. However, after a few days He notices that they haven't changed at all, thus He kicks them out of Heaven, and the rest is history.
  • I connected the dots how you said, and my picture seemed to have skipped a few dots. How did Brief, who fell for Panty upon seeing her in The Buzz of the Beehive, start wanking to her porno before he knew she existed?
    • That was Brief? I thought it was some random pervert.

Maybe this one is obvious, but I'll say it anyway: Corset's corset suppresses his powers.
Long ago, he battled Garterbelt (And perhaps God as well), the fight ending with the Corset being put on him. Take it off, and he'll go full-blown Satan.
  • This means Brief is the key to opening the Corset. Oh God...
    • Pretty much confirmed; at the very least, he's the key to unleashing hell on earth.
  • I'd actually call this one inverted... Based on everything we've seen of him, his corset is actually the source of his powers. The tighter the stronger.

(Mostly Jossed) The Finale will be filled to the gills with twists.
Somehow, everything listed is going to happen.
  • Panty will recover quickly from her Heroic BSoD and will come to Garterbelt for guidance as they go into hiding.
  • The key will need a sacrifice, and when Corset loses patience trying to find Panty, he will throw Scanty and Kneesocks into oblivion.
  • Brief will not survive being used as the key, and will somehow become an angel. This will be closely followed by a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
    • Maybe he'll just go to Heaven and reason with God to let Panty back after Corset is defeated; or maybe his death alone would trigger something in Panty that shows she's more than a total bitch who cares about men for sex. Either way, Panty would get what she wants (to return to Heaven) and Brief what he wants (to be together with Panty).
  • Panty has an epiphany and it's actually a part of the "No sex" deal that wasn't mentioned; She is stuck a virgin and powerless until she has sex in a manner which is not considered sinful. How? In wedlock, preferably with Brief so shippers can squee.
    • Maybe after they marry, Panty ascends to Heaven anyways in a way that makes it look like the finale of TTGL.
  • Brief will be the third among Panty and Stocking during the final battle against Scanty, Kneesocks and Corset. He will have a shotgun, while Corset has a sniper rifle.
  • Chuck will make a Heroic Sacrifice for one of the protagonists, regardless of how he's been treated thus far.
  • Stocking is aware of the events that have taken place, and acts out a sin punishable by banishment from heaven, and will return as a Demon, not unlike Scanty and Kneesocks, and will support Panty in her Darkest Hour.
    • This WMG is the only one that's somewhat right. At the very least, Stocking became a Demon...
  • When Corset is defeated and sealed away once and for all, God will instantly let Panty go to heaven, and will release Garterbelt from immortality.
  • Or...There will be no definite ending, and Scanty, Kneesocks and Corset will pull a Team Rocket, and promise to return another day.

  • My vision of the finale is a little different: during the final battle, Panty pulls a Heroic Sacrifice to save Brief's life, thus being able to regain her angel powers, reunite with Stocking, and defeat Corset with her. After it's all over, seeing how she and Brief are in love with each other, Panty will choose to remain as a human and stay in Daten City to be with him, leaving Stocking in Heaven with her fiancé, the Ghost from episode 9. Flash forward to a few years later, showing a married Panty and Brief at the maternity with their newborn child, while Stocking watches everything from outside, as the full version of "Fallen Angel" plays in the background.
    • Isn't this anime by Gainax, though?

(Mostly Confirmed) Many episodes have been foreshadowing the events leading up to the final two episodes that are not noticeable until Episode 12 is watched.
  • Garterbelt had known that Brief was Hellsmonkey for some time and had been keeping an eye on him.
  • Stocking telling Panty that she hasn't experienced love before in Ghost: The Phantom of Daten City. In Panty + Brief, Panty finally seems to actually acknowledge Brief
    • Also, in that episode, Panty said all she needed in a guy was "a pretty face and a large member." At this point we already knew about Brief's ... well-endowment ... foreshadowing that he'd have a nice face as well, and so Panty's possible attraction to him?
  • From High School Nudical, Brief's underwear did turn into a BFG.
  • In "The Stripping," Brief was somehow able to bet over $200,000 on Panty's panties, despite being a highschooler. We later find out that it's because he's filthy rich. And where do you think he got all his Ghost-finding items from?
    • Also notable because he apparently loses all his money earlier in the episode.
  • If you look, even the Bottle Episode has hints of foreshadowing: remember the conversation Panty had with the long pole reaching to Heaven? Note that Stocking is perfectly fine with staying on Earth, while Panty seems a little more desperate.
    • Also her plan mirrors that of the Big Bad's: force your way into heaven using a very tall pole.
  • The reason Stocking fell in love with the ghost is that she's actually a demon.
    • Confirmed?
  • Both Corset and Stocking have a fondness of bondage.
    • And the mayor did seem to have a keen interest in her once she got tied up.
  • In the Transwhoremers episode, Panty seemed to have more of an Autobot scheme. Stocking, conversely, turned into a more Decepticon-themed character. In the season finale, it is revealed that Stocking is really a demon.

(Jossed) Daten City was founded by fallen angels, and the wealthy class is descended from them.
Brief's family (aka The Rock foundation) is a good example of this type of thing. In addition to his shotgun being an Unusual Euphemism for a certain something, it serves as a weapon for him, like panty's panties or stocking's stockings. However, either he can't use it because he's part human, or at this point he doesn't know how.
  • Jossed. Brief's dick is the key to unleashing hell on earth.

Just like Panty and Stocking, Brief will have an evil counterpart, too
I name him Boxer.
  • It's too early in the game to say if it's true or not, but high chances dictates that is names is Trunks, not Boxer.

The pair of panties Panty auctioned off during "The Stripping" are a literal Chekhov's Gun.
Considering how Backlace disintegrated at the end of Episode 12, Panty's gonna need an extra pair somewhere. Hopefully Brief either has it on his person or he left it at the cabin.
  • Quite a long shot for that to happen. Panty and Stocking were shown to maintain a massive stockpile of their hardware at the church ("High School Nudical"), which also explains why they could afford to sell/auction off at least a portion of them in "The Stripping"; they simply had a lot of these to go around, and it wouldn't be surprising if Panty still has a least a few more pairs back home.

Stocking will be seen together in Heaven with the Ghost she fell in love with in Episode 9.
That may be pushing the envelope, but still...
  • It would be a nice touch to see, especially after the finale.
  • Eh, didn't happen.
    • There was a "Until Season 2" message at the end of Episode 13. So, not quite Jossed yet, unless that was Gainax lying to us again.

(Confirmed) Panty will say Brief's name.
Extra points will go out if his death is imminent/apparent as it happens.
  • Confirmed. Sorry, no death part.

(Subjective, but mostly Confirmed) The final battle will have an amazing animation
  • It's Gainax, they wait to waste near the 40% of the entire budget in the Grand Finale.
  • And when Panty gets her powers back, she and Stocking will have a new transformation sequence, and will battle in that style the whole way through.
  • Probably justified, given how episode 11 was mostly recap footage or minimal animation.

Scanty and Kneesocks aren't really Corset's daughters.
The whole thing is probably just to keep up appearances in public. Not that it changes anything...
  • Probably confirmed; it's been implied that they have the same relation that the angels have with Garter.

While the visuals of the Ending theme show Panty and Stocking's backstory, the lyrics of the song are from Panty's perspective on the events of episode 12.
"So close" could refer to Stocking getting to go to Heaven without her, there being no place to hide could mean no more powers and trying to escape from the Demon sisters ... and "it's you I love so dearly" referring to Brief ...
  • After seeing the episode, this makes a lot of sense.
    • After seeing the episode, EVERYTHING makes a lot of sense...
  • This troper thought for a while that the song was a bit from Brief's perspective (what with the yearning and love to heaven), but the 'no place to hide' angle is brilliant.

Gainax will made Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Panty-Hen/Stocking-hen
  • One could tale the story of panty and stocking before being exiled. The other, the things after episode 1.

(Confirmed) The last episode will be a Sequel Hook for the second season.
Similar to the above, sort of. A: It'll allow for less of a constriction on animation, B: It'll please the fans greatly, C: Gainax can make more money off the series, and D: Panty. and. Brief.
  • I can imagine a lot of trouble for the studio if they even conceive any merchandise that arises from this show.
    • Oh my god, I CAN'T UNSEE IT!!note 
    • I can't be the only one who wants Panty's panty gun, can I? Stocking's sword might be hard to ship to the US, though....
      • Eh, they can just transform them into stockings during shipping.
      • The post office is going to think I'm weird if I get transforming panties and stockings sent to my house from Japan. Oh well....
    • As the OP, It is my obligation to tell you all that this has been brutally confirmed. Have A Nice Day.

There will be a spinoff called "Scanty and Kneesocks with Corset."
Because everyone wants it. They want it bad. And of course they want it with more kinky foodsex and fetish appeal taken up to eleven.
  • Scanty and Kneesocks with Garterbelt is more likely, judging by the final episode. That is, unless Brief and Chuck will be the heroes.
  • Garter ends the episode with "Brief and Chuck, go forth!" So, probably them.

Stocking will hook up with Corset.
Think about it: Corset really enjoyed seeing Stocking being tied up during Scanty and Kneesocks's raport. Stocking is Too Kinky to Torture and likes... well, specific kind of men. Seems they would make quiet a good couple.
Corset will be voiced by Tim Curry in the English dub.
Evil, wears a corset, camp, creepy smile? Check, check, check, aaaaand check.
  • I shall shiver in antici————
  • What have you done with Stocking!? Nothing, why do you think I should?

(Jossed) Panty won't get Backlace back.
She'll have to defeat Corset with The Power of Love.
  • Now that I think about it, that would make "Ghost: The Phantom of Daten City" pretty significant, as that was the episode where Panty learned that fighting isn't the only way to stop a Ghost.
    • Jossed via finale.

(Jossed) Corset will cross the Bishōnen Line.
Come on, he has a Transformation Sequence theme. Don't you think this is the perfect time for Gainax to milk some more fanservice out of this series? If he doesn't cross it, then they'll probably swing right to Fan Disservice to screw with the fans even further.
  • Probably when he takes of his Corset, he transforms
  • Well, that one got Jossed.

(Jossed) Samuel L Jackson will voice Garterbelt in the English Dub

(Jossed) The extra episode will feature Panty and Stocking before they got kicked out of Heaven.

Word of God has confirmed they're making an extra episode to be released exclusively with the final DVD and Blu-ray set to make up for the Recap Episode that is "D.C. Confidential". That being said, a prequel would probably work well.

  • Jossed, it's an omake consisting of micro-shorts strung together.
    • Actually, that was a special episode that was release on the 5th volume on DVD and blu-ray instead, so it's not sure that the special episode was the OVA or that the release date of the final volume that has an OVA is the OVA

The next season will explain Chuck's origin and what the hell is Brief's Key
That if it isn't somekind of joke from gainax.

Stocking was lying - she isn't really a demon
.This troper isn't sure what, but suspects that there's definitely more to this.
  • One Youtube user commented saying that Stocking couldn't be a demon because, if she was, she couldn't touch her Heaven weapons and wouldn't have been accepted into Heaven. I suspect that she said she was a demon just to fool Corset and finally finish him off when they got to the destination.
  • Besides, considering Panty and Stocking's Mother...
    • OP here would also like to add: Perhaps Stocking is Panty's half sister? Half angel, half demon, with the same mom?
      • Well, they have the same surname (Anarchy), so they'd either have to have the same father, their mom's adultry is unknown to Panty's father, or they have their mother's name.
      • I was betting on both Panty and Stocking are half and half, but never revealed to anyone else. Stocking just preempted Panty on the Face–Heel Turn, and we never did get to see Panty's reaction to The Reveal. Would make sense for both of them, really, having their extreme vices yet answering to angelic duty, not to mention being kicked out of Heaven in the first place.
      • Or, Stocking is an angel and she just meant that she's on the demon's SIDE.
      • Or, Stocking became a demon sometime between returning to Heaven and her Big Damn Heroes moment.
      • Or worse yet, it isn't even Stocking, but someone impersonating her!
      • So Stocking is like Urd?
      • I figured if this really is Stocking, it's part of a plan to take down Corset

Stocking fall in love with corset in a point between D.C. Confidential and her return to heaven
  • Everything happened after D.C. confidential. When Stocking was alone, he seduce her, with they love for pain, and convince her to betray panty and heaven. When they completed the mission, she didn't return to heaven, she just stand between the doors and Daten city waiting to act. she putted the weapon aiming to the other side, unexpected of it's effect calling god. She killed Panty because using her weapon against an angel it's the only way to become a Demon.

The extra episode will be the "next season"
  • You never know.

God it's not only panty and stocking mother, but also Jubileus

The next season will be Darker and Edgier
  • But parodying it...

The Demon Sisters will team up with Garterbelt and Brief in the second season and become the new main characters.
  • Due to their constant failures Corset ditches the two sisters for Stocking as his right hand minion. Furious at being abandoned and loathing Stocking for stealing their position, the two begrudgingly team up with Garterbelt and group to stop their former employer.
    • Let's take it another step further... Remember when Scanty was meant to be engaged to Brief? That's Foreshadowing for the second season. During the journey together with the 'loser-duo', Scanty will slowly develop feelings for Brief, and at the end he has to decide whether he'll go back to Panty or stick with Scanty instead. He'll still revive Panty in either case. It could go another way: Scanty deliberately tries to sabotage the resurrection, wanting Brief to stay with her as long as she can.

The twist ending can be disregarded entirely.
  • Think about it: it happens right after the end credits are done with all the copyright and whatnot. There will be no second season; it's just Gainax's way of Self-Deprecation what with its frequent Mind Fucks and Ass Pulls.

If Panty gets put back together, she might act a little nicer to Brief
But only for about 5 seconds, as Brief is the Butt-Monkey.
  • Or, she will shoot the crap out of Stocking. That is if a FURIOUS Brief doesn't do it first.

Oten City is a total Crapsaccharine World
If I'm not a total failure at Japanese, then it's a pun on angel. It'll probably be full of lawful good people, prideful people and religious fanatics, prompting Brief to put his wealthy background to good use. Of course, we might not know until much, much later, as he still has to deal with Panty's predicament.
  • Or, Oten City is a Cloud Cuckoo Land- this troper found the citizens of Daten City to be fairly average, so what about a city full of nutters?
    • Well, considering how Daten City happens to be a city "where love and desire flow freely," I'm guessing Oten is probably a lot stricter in it's moral standards, and probably the closest place to Heaven on Earth as well.
  • If what Geekboy Homecoming says anything, then this is perhaps Jossed. Oten City appears to be a completely deserted city, with skeletons laying around and hundreds of graveyards everywhere. What the hell happened there!?

Stocking will have a Heel–Face Turn back to Panty and Brief's side
She'll switch sides halfway through and bring all of Panty's leftover pieces with her. When they revive her, though, She'll have a bone to pick with Stocking. Brief will attempt to seperate them, and of course, will receive all the damage.

Should a season 2 happen, the first thing Panty will do when she revives is shoot or punch Stocking in the face
  • While saying "You Motherfakah!"
    • "You fathahfakah!"

Corset would have been completely destroyed if the Panty-Stocking-Garterbelt Giga Drill actually hit
The shot to the sky did not summon Panty and Stocking's mother. The only reason their mother came down was because if there wasn't a real divine intervention soon, everyone would be screwed.

God planned everything in order to eliminate Corset
Here is my guess: Stocking is a demon, but she acted too nicely in Hell and was kicked out. God then found Stocking and took her in, knowing that having a demon on her/his side would help destroy Corset. God also needed someone to accompany Stocking so he/she took Panty, a single child, and hypnotized her into believing Stocking was her sister. They were then sent to Earth on the assumption that they were kicked out, but God and Stocking knew that wasn't the case.The season finale is mainly Stocking acting out on the plan to eliminate Corset using Brief and the Oten City Hellgate, while cutting apart Panty was in order to give Brief a motivation to actually proceed towards their target. Garterbelt knew nothing of this plan, and the reason Stocking was sent to Heaven in episode 12 is to have a strategy meeting with God.

Stocking is Bernkastel
First of all, the two look so similar that there's plenty of pictures of Bernkastel styled like Stocking. Stocking's 'promo' outfit also bares more than a passing resemblance to Bernkastel's usual outfit. They also seem to share the same BDSM kink. And their face-heels both come at the very end of the episode they face-heel in.
  • Wait a minute... Bernkastel has fame of being a Troll... The troll ending at episode 13... GOOOOOD MYYYYY OOOOOOOOH! It makes so much more sense than one would expect!
    • Or possibly, Honekoneko is actually Bernkastel and Stocking is this game's equivalent to Erika.
  • Maybe Erika's soul is inside of Honekoneko and so Bernkastel/Stocking carries her around.

Halfway through the second season, the series will have a Time Skip
Either as a reference to gurren lagann, to see what life would be like after hell is opened again, to show off new character designs, or just for the lulz.

Another fallen angel will appear in the second season to aid Brief and Chuck.
She may possibly be to Oten City what Panty and Stocking were to Daten City.
  • Obviously, the new angel will probably be a reference to one of the Seven Deadly Sins and have the ability to transform clothing into a weapon. My bet goes for a girl with a Hair-Trigger Temper (Wrath) that can transform her T-Shirt in a gigantic hammer. Of course, her name will be T-Shirt.
  • Or maybe is a male angel named Longcoat who can transform his longcoat into a Lance. he can be someone full of pride or sloth...or both.
  • Or perhaps a male character named Cockring who fights with chakrams? Or another female character named Strap-on? Really, the possibilities in a show like this are essentially endless...
    • Aren't all the characters named after undergarments, though? What were the hints that these characters would appear, or is this really just a "wild guess"?

Corset will take over Stocking's body.
He certainly can't do much with what he has right now. And of course, having the body of someone who can use angelic weapons would be a great benefit if he ever has to fight Scanty and Kneesocks.
  • Since when were you under the impression that he hasn't already done this?
    • I dunno, I never got any hints that Corset could split himself into two.
      • Maybe he can tighten his corset so tight it actually tears his body in halves, and both halves can act independantly. Besides, he's shown to be a Blob Monster in the epilogue.

didn't get cut up at all.In the first few minutes of the second season she'll walk up to the stunned Brief, Garterbelt and Chuck in her usual "Heyy, what's up" manner.(The ending of that Spongebob Squarepants episode where he had to go to prom with Pearl and it was a dummy all along comes to mind.)

Scanty and Kneesocks's last name is Anarchy.
Anarchy as last name makes sense if they are children of angel and a demon, because of they have traits of both. Scanty and Kneesocks, by chance, or by choice were born as angels, while Panty and Stocking as demons.
  • Isn't their last name Daemon? (Thus, Daemon Sisters.) So wouldn't this be Jossed?
    • "Daemon"?! What, do you play [[Warhammer 40000]]?

Angels and demons are actually the same species.
The "angel" phenotype is the expression of a genotype with dominant allele (homogeneous dominant "AA" and heterozygous "Aa"), while the "demon" phenotype is from a recessive genotype (homogeneous recessive "aa"). This is why Panty can be an angel while Stocking is a demon.
  • Let's make it simpler: The only real difference between angels and demons is appearance... and even that is only sometimes.
    • This really is a WILD mass guess page.

Stocking is a demon.
Panty and Stocking are fallen angels correct? While not all fallen angels are demons, some did become them, so yeah.
  • Sort of confirmed: Stocking is a demon. Panty being one, on the other hand, hasn't been confirmed or even implied yet.

Stocking is a demon after all, but she hasn't always been.
She did a Face–Heel Turn after being accepted into Heaven. There just weren't enough sweets up there.

If there is a season 2, the first episode will have Panty and Stocking fighting another ghost
And won't remember episodes 12-13 ever happening. The rest of the cast will obviously bug them about it.
  • Sounds like something Gainax would do.

The ghost 'attacking' Panty and Stocking in the ending is Chuck
It resembles his One-Winged Angel form no? And His normal self suddenly shows up in the next shot.
  • It looks to me more like some kind of fusion form of Scanty and Kneesocks. It has two horns on the side like Scanty and a horn in the front like Kneesocks.

Garterbelt and Corset were once lovers not.

Stocking made a Faustian deal out of sisterly love.
This Troper posits this: Stocking gets into heaven at the beginning of episode 12, but finds heaven to be not worthwhile because her sister isn't there. When she sees Panty get into major trouble further in the episode, she petitions God or whoever is in charge to let her go back, but is told "no" for whatever reason. The series already established that Stocking considers some things worth hell (that Ghost she fell in love with), so she commits the ultimate sin - bargaining with the devil (or a suitable stand-in, if Corset is indeed Satan). She leaves heaven for committing this sin and gets the power and ability to bail Panty out, but some time between her Big Damn Heroes return and the end of episode 13, her part of the deal was completed - she turns evil.

Further, it is possible that Stocking knew that she would turn, which is why she seemed to be in a hurry to finish the job once she came back for the final battle (i.e., rapidly typing away on her cell phone ordering stuff on Garterbelt's credit card) - she wanted to both finish the job she sold her soul for as soon as possible and give Panty and the others as much help as possible to either turn her back or finish her off if she is beyond redemption, before her good side is no longer in a position to help. It may also explain why she neglects to tell anyone else about it.

This Troper will admit that this WMG is at least partly because he is too heartbroken to take the ending at face value.

Additonal edit from OP: perhaps the devil Stocking made a deal with was Corset (knowingly or unknowingly), which is how Corset was able to live to the post-credits backstab (or should that be headstab?). If Stocking didn't know it was Corset (or an agent of his) she was dealing with, Corset could have hidden in Brief's junk until Stocking was satisfied she got what she wanted out of the deal ("defeating" Corset and saving Panty). If Stocking did know, then perhaps all she wanted was to pull Panty out of immediate danger.

  • This troper would like to say that this WMG is FANTASTIC. It also totally makes sense for how Stocking seemed so happy to return to help Panty in battle.
  • This troper is amazed at how well thought-out this WMG is. Just watch it get Jossed...

Stocking's Face–Heel Turn was a ploy to get a second season
She knew that her days of eating sweets all the time were coming to an end, so she quickly made a fake deal with Corset in order for everyone to continue on with the series.

The Ending of "... Of The Dead" pulled a literal Status Quo Is God
Makes sense since God isn't going to just let them stop their heavenly duties Zombie Apocalypse or otherwise, and if episode 12 and 13 is any indication he isn't very pleased with their progress, particularly Stocking but that's another WMG.

Scanty and Kneesocks will have a Heel–Face Turn
After the events of the ending, the two can be seen behind the church, dumbfounded as Corset marches off without them. At this point, they will decide to join Garterbelt to stop the insane Corset. They might still be heavily obsessed with RRRRRRRRRRULES, but at this point, anything can happen.

Scanty and Kneesocks will stay evil.
Because even if they turn good, they'll no longer be interesting. If anything, they might either try to catch up with Corset and Stocking (and possibly form a Terrible Trio with the latter), disappear entirely from the story, or stay at Daten City and take over it, turning it into a city filled to the brim with RRRRRRURRRRRRRU.

Gainax is performing a Xanatos Gambit with the second season.
Gainax knew damn well that the original concept for the show was, more than likely, going to get less than a full season. However, due to previous Viral Marketing, they also knew that they could throw in anything (Yes, anything. Why are you reading the WMG for this show if you don't realize this by now?) and cause half the internet to spaz out. So, naturally, the rewrote the last episode to include one hell of a cliffhanger. The result? An explosion of speculation as to what the next season will contain. True, it's a bold move for a show that might not get renewed, but at the end, you get two outcomes. The first, they get the second season. The second, the show gets cancelled and the entire fanbase got trolled. Either way, Gainax is having fun.

will simply come back, as seen in the Ed. Brief doesn't know that.]]The ED shows an inverse of Little Nicky: Panty and Stocking die, ascend to Heaven... then take off their Halos and wink. This is canon. Panty will appear near the start of the second season premier, but not before Brief ends up in Oten City. Stocking is working under the (probably correct} assumption that Brief doesn't know what happens when an angel dies.

No, Panty, you ARE the demons
Stocking is a demon alright, and Panty is one as well. Think about it; was is a Demon but a Fallen Angel?

There will be a period ghost.
Honestly, would you be surprised at this point?

There will be an acne ghost.

The second season will be called "Panty vs. Stocking."
  • This is already spreading around, so why not put it here? Besides, putting Panty back together may seem easy enough, plus it'll let the show keep its usual pace rather than follow Brief and Chuck the whole way through.

The fact that Stocking stuffs her face so much forshadows that she's actually a huge Ghost.
Or, the possibly fake Stocking is a huge Ghost. Look at the pic on Gainax's website!
  • If this is foreshadowing, look at Scanty and Kneesocks. They're allied with Brief and Garterbelt?! And got new weapons?! Gainax, are you trolling us?
  • If anything, the pic looks more like a big Ghostbusters reference, what with Brief's proton pack, four heroes standing side by side, and giant Ghost Stocking looking very much like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Not to say it CAN'T be foreshadowing, but Stocking said she was a demon, not a ghost.

If there's indeed a second season, they'll cover the bases they still didn't cover.
Like mecha genre, team-bound super sentai (think Power Rangers), soap opera, and the cartoon they kept being compared to despite not being too similar, Powerpuff Girls.

The next season will be with 26 full-lenght episodes
Maybe there will be some episodes with two chapters in one, but the rest will be like episode 6.

Corset will kill Stocking and use her soul to create the ultimate ghost
it's what i conclude from the poster...
  • Now a more detailed theory. First of all, look at scanty's appeareance. If we watch closely we will see that she, besides the chainsaw, has a new hair cut that resembles to Nia. Kneesocks seems to have something in her back. What is that? a bag? did she and her sister go in a travel to discover what to do? Maybe, in that travel is where Scanty obtain her new weapon. Now, if we watch to panty, in the middle between Stocking and Brief's team, we see that she isn't alone. Chuck and fastener The strongest charactersin the series are with her. Will she fight Corset and Ghostocking using them the same way Corset do with the demon sisters against Garterbelt? Will we see a Chuckstener against Ghostocking? Next point. Corset is in Ghostocking's head (now someones will say hey! it's true! why i didn't notice it earlier? right?) laughing (i think). seeing ghostocking's body in detail we can notice that her body is tied with corset's...whatever. her eyes are... crying? this reinforce my theory that Corcet will kill stocking. Maybe, near the end, Stocking will try to do a Heel–Face Turn, but Corset will not let her go and use her in his master plan. any question? i have a lot...
    • Anyone else notice scanty has an ear piercing?
    • I think that thing on Kneesocks's back is just a scarf.
      • It's possible as the picture isn't enough clear.
Honekoneko is behind everything.
Think about it, that thing is always with Stocking and yet we've seen nothing important from it thus far. It's after revenge on Stocking for destroying it back in the episode Sex And The Daten City. It teamed up with Corset and in the very last seconds after the girls defeated him, it brainwashed Stocking into slicing up Panty and joining Corset.
The angel in Oten city will be....
Put your WMG here. I'm betting on it being an Ambiguous Gender Bow and arrow user.
  • Does it mean Oten City is basically Karakura?
My money is on Kaworu Nagisa in a drag. Just because. And he'll attempt to seduce Garterbelt when bored.
Brief actually encompases the Seven Heavenly Virtues... In all wrong ways
Seriously, looking at the Seven Heavenly Virtues page, Breif actually encompases almost all of them, in interestingly roundabout ways:
  • Charity: He gave several million pounds to renovate the Church .(Granted, that was to buy Panty's panties - I mean, a sacred and holy relic, and the money was technically his Father's/the Casino's they had just bankrupted that episode, but still, details; He can't use Panty's weapon, or at least not for it's intended use, and doesn't blow this sort of money all the time.)
  • Chastity: Breif is so hoplessly geeky that there is absolutley 0% chance of him getting laid, which is quite a feat, all things considered... untill Episode 12/13 (But since Breif truly loves Panty, this can't be considered Lust, and there isn't anything saying Love breaks Chasisty - Remember that Virginty =/= Chastity).
  • Diligence: He's probably the only chracter in this show actually shown doing some work, or at least willing to actually try to do something. Sure, he fails miserably at almost everything he tries, and usually can't help with the task at hand (killing a ghost, although that might be because he doesn't have any equipment to do so), but he is most definatly more diligent than the two main characters.
  • Humility: He was and still is bullied/universally hated so badly that this is the end result. I mean, I think he's overjoyyed just at having friends. He could have lived the good life with his Father, but instead lives in a dump with his grandad. Although that might not be his fault.
  • Kindess: Oh come on. I don't even have to point out that this is basically his character incarnate. He's even nice to Chuck, and even to the main characters... even after they have been rather bitchy towards him.
  • Patience: He hangs around with Panty and Stocking. This is almost a requirement for such a feat. Also still goes through with Public schooling, despite how horrible it is for him and the fact his Father is proabably rich enough to just get him in a private school/hometeach.
  • Temperence: He's overcome everything in his incredibly poor life with massive ammounts of this. It even helps him in episode 13, where he literally forces himself to not succumb to Corset's wiles. And Corset is implied to be masterfull at the art of Bondage, or at least the first definition of bondage.
The next season...:
  • Will be called Chuck & Brief with Garterbelt
In the next season Brief will... :
Panty regained her angel powers in episode 13 because she had sex for the right reason.
What struck me about the Panty/Brief sex scenes in episode 12 and 13 was the difference in Panty's motives. In episode 12, she's frustrated due to constantly being cockblocked by Garterbelt, getting beaten up by Scanty and Kneesocks, getting rescued by Brief of all people, getting stranded in the middle of nowhere with Brief etc. The list goes on. At that point she may or may not have started developing the feelings for Brief that come full circle next episode. If she has, she may not be aware of it. Either way, she's too proud to admit it. Hell, she outright states that she only wants him because he'd be number one thousand. Cue neither of them enjoying it (Panty's hymen grows back, and Brief actually looks bored during the act.) In episode 13, on the other hand, one must remember that Panty has no reason to believe that screwing Brief will acomplish what it does. The way I interpreted it, Panty thinks the world is going to end, there's nothing she can do about it, so why not do what she does best, and why not with the one she has realized she loves? So when she offers her angelic virginity to Brief out of love, she gets her second chance. Tl;dr: Sex for the sake of sex =/= Sex for the sake of love.
  • On that note, it's also possible that some angelic force prevented Panty's newly regrown hymen from getting ripped except for this "right reason".
  • That's what i got out of it. She couldn't just have sex for the sake of sex, but if she liked that guy at all (or hell, even knew his name) than she would get her powes back. That or she got her powers back when all of creation is in danger, not just her.
    • Still, I'm starting to wonder if this isn't so much Wild Mass Guessing as it is blatantly obvious heavily implied.

Brief is the cause of the death of queen bee
During episode 12, it was mentioned that Queen Bee, the cheerleader ghost, had died by the sting of the pet bee of a geek. And what did we see in the earlier episode starring queen bee? It was Brief who was taking care of bees. Brief, the guy who gets called a geek throughout the series. Clearly, Queen Bee had only died very recently, possibly even without anyone noticing before she turned ghost, during the schoolyear after being stung by Brief's bee.

The characters can see the Art Shifts as well
In "Vomiting Point" the vastly different drawing style used to depict Little Tokyo is not simply a narrative technique, as when Panty and Stocking arrive they remain in the style in which they usually appear, clearly distinct from everything else. This indicates that the appearances of characters and objects at any one time are visible to the characters as well as the audience, including any changes that occur.

The Monkey Lawyer will return in the next season
There will be another court case episode where he ends up defending the heroes. However this time, just as he's about to get the heroes off the hook another lightning bolt/strike to the head will take away all of his competence/badassitude and he'll go back to being a regular monkey, leaving the heroes screwed.

Panty and Stocking worked for the same organization as Dokuro-chan.

Panty is pregnant.
Of course, the fact she was sliced up probably won't affect the baby, who's still in egg stage. But assuming that she still was powerles when she did her deed with Brief, she could be able to be impregnated by a human. Not to mention that Brief didn't look like he was going to use a condom in that dire situation. Make that as you will, but yeah.

The Anarchy sisters are related to Catherine.
The only reasons being that she's a rather fanservicey girl who just happens to be a succubus and that her underwear kinda looks like "Mom's".

Panty and Stocking takes place in the same world as Scott Pilgrim.
Seriously, what other reason would there be that ghosts explode into coins when they are killed?

Stockings clothes have padding in the chest area.

Based on ep 9B, when Panty masquerades as Stocking, her breasts are MUCH bigger. In reality, Stockings breasts are small, but she doesn't want to feel inferior, so installs padding in her clothes, making this a case of A-Cup Angst

  • I don't think so. Early on Panty griefs ever so fleetingly about how Stockings breasts are bigger than hers. And even earlier Stocking references how all she eats goes straight to ther breasts. But that last one could be denial too. Plus, wouldn't Panty have already ripped on Stocking about that little secret by now?

The shocker ending

...was a nightmare that Brief was having.

Gainax is a fan of Phineas and Ferb
.Compare Panty & Stocking to Candace and Stacy. YMMV

Gainax is Heaven, and Heaven just wants us to have a good time
Think about it. Heaven could have just as easily sent the two to purgatory if the intent of their banishment was to punish them. If Heaven wanted rid of ghosts, Scanty and Kneesocks repressed, or Corset destroyed, why not just send in a team of not-fallen Angels to do the job, that would clearly be more efficient. No, the reason Heaven sent Panty and Stocking was simple: Heaven wants us to have fun. Dispite constant bickering, Panty and Stocking aren't inherently evil. They both have their sins, but in varous ways they overcame them long enough to do what was right. They are the Anarchy Sisters for a reason: anarchy is good!

Scanty and Kneesocks represent the strict, militaristic guidelines set down by society and government, i.e. the man. They seem superior at first compared to the anarchy of the Angels, but are quickly identified to be evil at heart, with not an iota of good will in their beings. The Ghosts are the pent up stress and rage the rules cause in people not allowed to express themselves. Corset, who strikes more than a passing resemblance to a puritainical leader (baring the BDSM), is the ultimate embodiement of that ideal. He gets his jollies constricting (without self contol) the will of others, he does everything for his own gain, and behind his tightly-kept exterior lies a monster of rage and pure evil. Just look at his name; a device used to bring order and conformity at the expense of freedom and overall health.

Garterbelt is an exemplary figure in that he learned the balance between internal and external anarchy. He lived a life of total anarchy, and thus was sinful. But then Heaven sent him here to live all of history, and then guide Panty and Stocking, because will have mastered the true teachings: anarchy on the outside, control on the inside. He is willing to go to just about as audatious means as the Anarchy Sisters to achieve his goals, but it is always for a good cause. Just like his hidden BDSM and his namesake, he is in control of his morals, but just as wild on the outside as we all want to be.

Heaven sent Panty and Stocking to earth for a whole slew of reasons. Fighting ghosts will blow off steam, living under Garterbelt will teach them to be moral while anarchistic, and them there will provide a method of disposing with Scanty, Kneesocks, and Corset while stopping their plans. Heaven just assumed that Panty and Stocking would work out in the end. Their meteoric rise to earthly fame will serve as an emotional model for others to follow, leading the world away from constrictive rules which serve to fester immorality and internal strife, and towards outward expression and freedom which frees the soul from stress and allows for morality to take control of humanity's motives and direct its actions.

Thusly, Studio Gainax is Heaven, because it wants exactly that, outward insanity and anarchy, but with good, pure, heroic intentions at heart. All of its animes push exactly that: rebellion, youth, heroism, and insanity. Gainax's show is to the viewers what Heaven's Panty and Stocking are Daten City.

PSG being licensed by Funimation means they will dub it.
Why else would the DVDs be scheduled for a release in 2012?
  • ...why did this need to be posted? It's stupidly obvious. I don't think Funimation has ever released something without a dub.
    • Not every studio dubs the anime they license. Funimation has a small track record for un-dubbed shows they simply distribute online or on DVD with subtitles. Dubs are far more expensive to produce than subtitles, so it's usually less a possibility. Unless you work for them, who are you to know whether or not a studio dubs something? This is called Wild Mass Guessing for a reason.
    • OP agrees with second Anon in that it is not "stupidly obvious". Again, why else 2012?
      • Wait, what? You realize that first replier is saying that it's obvious that it'll be dubbed given a 2012 release and the fact that Funi picked it up at all, right? Why are you acting like 2012 contradicts an obvious upcoming dub?
      • A particularly far-away release date doesn't tell you anything about how they'll distribute it. Unless we get actual press announcements that they will dub the show, we can't say.
      • *sigh* What I, OP, said was: "I believe that the show will be dubbed, judging by the far-off release date. Discuss." Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Confirmed.

There will be a character with a Bra-themed name/the show has a feminist slant.
Dragon Ball GT eventually did this, and they also used an underpants-naming theme. Odds are, it'll be "Mom" (aka God) to go along with "Corset" (aka Satan). God is female in the series to go along with Panty's repeated mantra of "A woman should be able to have sex freely, a woman is strong and should be able to have free will to do whatever she pleases." (See: Episode 13 and "D City Rock"). YMMV on whether this is a Broken Aesop or not, considering Panty uses zero protection (granted, if she's dead/was never alive to begin with, she's infertile anyways) and expects men to clean up her messes, and 99.9% of her sexual conquests are devoid of any romantic feelings for the guys, ready to throw them out the next day. But maybe that's the point. The show's saying sex for the sake of sex is okay.

On the subject of the show having a hidden message, I think the other one is "Bondage can be good OR bad". Garterbelt says you need to have self-control, while Corset goes up to eleven and actually harms himself while doing so. My money is on Stocking being good after all, considering she never does it to excess.

Panty and Stocking are in fact Bubbles and Buttercup.
  • Same hair and eye colors.
  • Similarity of PSG logo to PPG.
  • A background character in the zombie episode seemed to think there were three of them.
  • Him looks to be fairly representative of demons in Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt
  • Stocking eats so much sugar because she's partially made of sugar (along with spice and everything nice). This is also why Panty's favorite type of food is spicy.
  • They're immediately annoyed about their lawyer being a smart monkey in a helmet. The lawyer was one of the mutated monkeys Mojo Jojo created in The Movie - the electric shock reactivated his Chemical X.
  • And just for the heck of it, let's say that Queen Barby was Princess.
  • And, due to both being red-heads, Brief is Blossom.

Chuck and Fastener are basically Prinnies.
Given the implications that Daten City (and similar cities) could be a form of Purgatory, it seems entirely possible that Chuck and Fastener are sinner souls who have to serve heaven or hell until they can pay off their debts. Or they could even be particularly disgraced (or even flat out dead) ex-angels/demons who have been reincarnated in that form. ...Or perhaps this troper has just been playing too much Disgaea recently.

In the second season, Brief will learn to turn his briefs into some sort of weapon.
Defies all logic, but writing-wise it makes sense. The end of the stinger implied that the new season would focus on him for at least part of it, and since Panty's been diced and Stocking is evil, they won't be around to fight for him. While "High-school Nudical" would imply that the weapon would be a shotgun, this troper argues that that was only because Panty was wielding it. If he learned to transform his own underwear, my guess for the form would be a [[Ghostbusters Proton Pack]].

So if Funimation does dub PSG, will not-Optimus Prime be voiced by Peter Cullen?
Place your bets now!
  • Getting celebrities in other shows will prove tough considering they're in the middle of distant Texas!

Briefs is a reincarnation of Naota.
A female lead attempts to get a weapon out of another character, and it is too small to use. She gets it from him, and huge. Both are Gainax series and in both cases, it is presented as phallic imagery.

This series may have a video game based on its franchise.
And it will be filled with awesome.
  • Panty and Stocking Musou co-developed with Treasure. Do it now.

The mother of Panty and Stocking is...
Bayonetta. Why? Because Rule of Cool

Panty and Stocking were killed by Chuck when they were still alive
  • Considering some creature like Fastener exists, Chuck could be the same race. Also, not counting the comical beatings Fastener goes through, it appears that Fastener doesn't have the same regenerative ability that Chuck has. For example, in final episode, Fastener cuts him to pieces and he regenerates instantly but when Chuck shoots a laser through Fastener, Fastener takes the remainder of the episode to regenerate.
  • The ending credits imply that Chuck existed- while Panty and Stocking were both human girls. The first scenes show Panty and Stocking featured on something possibly movie-themed with Chuck dancing on the side. This could mean that Chuck was a huge fan of theirs, maybe even a Stalker with a Crush. In the next two scenes, they both fell off a cliff and a creature (that looks like Chuck's demonic form) kidnaps them...

Like a psycho-demon stalker, Chuck wants to really kill them (Possibly eat or 'trophy' them?) but his own stupidity jams the chain lowering the saw. The two escaped(?) into a desert and Chuck chases them only for all of them to die of dehydration while attacked by vultures. For killing Panty and Stocking, Chuck is now punished to become their immortal servant- similar to how Garterbelt was cursed with immortality. This also explains why Panty and Stocking seem to beat up Chuck all the time despite him being so helpful; He KILLED both of them! (Fridge Brilliance)

  • But in the extra credits (Fallen Angel ED version 2) Panty and Stocking were both being Buried Alive in a grave after being hit by a train and shot... Just who did it? Chuck!
    • Actually it's more like the ending was showing the multiple ways they tried to kill themselves to try and get into heaven, as Chuck is present during the two endings. This probably means its more likely that they were born as angels, rather than became angels.

Panty is the real protagonist of the show
Just look at episodes 12 and 13. Season One was just the story of when she broke away from Stocking and the rest of the show will mainly focus on her.

Stocking will be the main focus of season two
Aside from a couple of Stocking-centric episodes, Panty seemed to be the main attraction of the actual plot, getting more episodes to herself. The first season was also extremely sexual, and that's Panty's shtick. Stocking will be more important to the next season, which, unlike season one, will revolve more around sweets than sex.

In season two Brief's dad will still be trying to get Scanty and Brief hooked up
I mean the guy arranged a marriage between the two without telling the Brief until way late and he had no say in it. I would be more surprised if he didn't do this.

Chuck is a Chaos Spawn
One who's held the attention of all four Chaos Gods. His greenish skin, grotesque, exorbited eye and ability to rapidly regenerate from whatever damage he takes indicates that his body been blessed by Nurgle, his constant search of pleasure (humping random objects, eating extremely sugary foods, jerking off his zipper) shows that his mind belongs to Slaneesh, his Offscreen Teleportation and transformation ability is a power given to him by Tzeentch, and as for Khorne, well... did you happen to miss what it is he turns into?

There will be no second season.
There is no proof of a second season other than a "To be continued" at the end of the final episode. They put that at the end of all the episodes, yet, the story never actually continues. I think it means that they will continue on with their lives, not the show. On top of that, "Panty & Stocking in Sanitarybox" was probably a way for the writers/producers to say "STOP TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY. THIS WAS A JOKE.", because of how plotless and confusing the episode is. The original series also ended in 2010, and it's already 2012. I think there would be some information out about it by now if it was going to happen.
  • Also, the director has moved on to a new studio, and Studio Gainax has moved on to manga adaptations. Sorry, but this seals the fate of the show.
  • hey now, hey now! don't dream it's over!

The Epilouge wasn't real and probably Kneesocks and Scanty's dream before they die off with corset.!
Stocking betraying Panty wasn't real. Considering the nature of Ganix, the series, and how the ending's mood greatly contrast with Panty's Break the Haughty moment, this was a faux ending for shits and giggles. The true ending is corset being smash to death by a pair legs. Also the ova clearly indicates the ending wasn't canon.

Scanty and Kneesocks hid their horns in episode 12 by means of alternate dimensions in their skulls.
Considering how nutty the rest of the series is, it could happen.
  • Like in FLCL? I like that idea.

The guy Panty was fucking in Juice was Brief
Had to be said.

The reason the briefs had limited ammo is...
Men have limited orgasms, while women can orgasm repeatedly.

Stocking dyes her hair.
Other than hair color, the Anarchy sisters are pratically identical, Stocking decided to dye her hair into a darker color after she started to associate herself with the gothic themes, thinking that blond was too bright, it would also explain why she got two different colors, when everyone else, even the Demon sisters, have single color hair.
  • I mean, that part is pretty obvious, if even downright confirmed by the simple fact that she's a goth. Her real hair could be something like a darker or lighter shade of blonde. She's probably using some Heaven-made product that makes her dye stay the same colour for an eternity or at least many, many years.

The series was/is written by Tara Gilesbie
...or at least inspired by My Immortal. Doesn't the physical description of Stocking ring a bell? Black hair with pink highlights, icy blue eyes and overall goffik look. Stocking is just like Tara or any other goffik character in the whole fic.

Panty is a genderbent Duke Nukem.
(Can't take credit for this one myself, it was originally suggested on The Escapist's forums.) They're both blonde, wear red, adore guns, fight like badasses, and treat the opposite sex like dirt. It took Duke Nukem Forever well, forever to come out, while it's been two years since Panty and Stocking Season 1 ended, and we're still waiting on a resolution.

Stocking's love for the Ghost caused her Face–Heel Turn
All according to Corset's plan.

Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt is a rock group, and the series is their Band Toon
Only, they entered a deal with Studio Gainax and pretended little emphasis on their music. Gainax being Gainax and drunk, this is what we got, and The Stinger of the final episode is owed to Panty foolishly daring them to outdo themselves.
  • Brief is the band's manager, and was included in the series when they hooked up, while Chuck is actually a human member of the band that doesn't want to be seen in public and is represented on-camera by a plushie that is alive in music videos and the toon.
  • Scanty and Kneesocks are a lesser known duo that appears in the series to advertise themselves.

"Heaven's Unbreakable Oath" will become important in Season 2.
We only hear of it briefly in "The Stripping", but Panty and Stocking apparently take this seriously enough to try and get the money before the three days are up. (Granted they do push their luck when they actually get to the casino), but unusually, all Garterbelt says about it is, "You know what will happen if that oath is broken!" leading for there to be speculation on whether it was just a throw-away remark or if it has serious consequences (maybe it has something to do with Panty and Stocking being thrown out of Heaven in the first place)?

Panty and Stocking are deconstructions of Manic Pixie Dream Girls

The Gainax Ending was actually a prank from Panty and Stocking
They had mostly planned it out for a while to celebrate after they neutralized the source of the Ghosts, and Stocking improvised the final details on why she had supposedly cut Panty into pieces. The respawned Corset was actually a puppet (they didn't notice due being too shocked by what had just happened) voiced by Panty, and they already knew what happened if you cut an Angel with heaven-sent weapons.

This takes place in the same universe as The Screwtape Letters.
In the Screwtape Letters, Hell and its denizens are portrayed as less hedonistic psychopaths and more demonic Vogons. Heaven is regarded as a place of joy and entertainment. In other words, the exact opposite of the stereotypical forces of Heaven and Hell, without resorting to God Is Evil. What does Panty and Stocking have? Angels full of joy and entertainment(if a tad more than what C.S Lewis would expect), and demons who keep trying to enforce the rules.

Panty has been in love with Brief from Les Diaboliques, but has been in denial and was denied access to Heaven and Depowered because of that
Stocking's gluttony is the culinary equivalent of Panty's sluttiness, but she never went in trouble because of that. Why? Because she genuinely loves sweetness and was never in denial about love (even if she has to give up Heaven for it).
Panty, on the other hand, was forced to stay on Earth and to not have sex or she'd lose her powers (and Garterbelt forgot to tell her about the last part until too late), and gets back her powers when she manages to have sex with Brief (and apparently the best of her life, given her screams of pleasure) after a previous attempt was so painful she was left disgusted with sex.
What was the difference with the first attempt? As she had been told by the actress, she was doing what she really wanted.

Panty's seemingly heartless behaviour at the end of Les Diaboliques, was actually a brilliantly executed Batman Gambit
Panty actually cares enough about Brief to want him not to die. She also wants her shot at the demons. Here's how it works out:

The result? Panty confuses the Demons enough so that insulting Scanty leads to the Demon trying to shoot her instead of Brief, and she can then set up the awesome physics trickshot for Stocking.

She then says sorry to Brief by offering to have sex with him.

Corset is not actually a demon, or if he is one then he was not one originally.
Think about this one. Corset is Garterbelt's Evil Counterpart. Garterbelt is not himself an Angel, he is a human cursed with immortality to fulfill a mission from God. Who's to say Corset's deal is not similar?

He could easily be a human who sold his soul to Satan in exchange for incredible power and influence. Or, if we go even further to make him the polar opposite of Garterbelt... a formerly righteous man who somehow fell into the clutches of demons and was brainwashed and tortured until his mind snapped like a twig. In order to survive the pain, he had to embrace it fullheartedly, and that's how the monster known as Corset was born.

Brief will not end up in a threesome with the Anarachy siters, but rather with the Demon Sisters.
Well, since season two will end up with Brief and Chuck teaming up with the Demon sisters, we might as well guess this, right?

The creator left Gainax and the show to make a "season two" at Trigger. And it'll be a show called the Demon Sisters.
Its were all Gainax people go eventually.

Zipper Creatures are actually sealed Ghosts from ages past.
In one episode, Corset mentions that Ghosts used to be far more powerful than they presently are. Now let's see, what sounds like it could fit the bill? Same color as a Ghost, obscene power, regeneration? "Serious" Chuck and Fastener, that's what!

Ghosts in the past used to be so powerful Heaven's agents could not even kill them at all, because they could regenerate from any injury. To keep them from wreaking havoc, Heaven created sealing suits that would allow to neutralize the Ghosts' powers (aside from their immortality) without killing them. Every Zipper Creature technically has a One-Winged Angel form, but most of them cannot unzip themselves due to the seal. Fastener is an exception. Maybe the demons managed to break the seal on him, or perhaps it grew weak on its own or was defective in the first place.

Chuck, meanwhile, is an exception among ghost-kind - for reasons unknown, he is not hostile to angels and humans like most Ghosts are. It's not a long stretch, such Ghosts have been seen earlier (Husband Peter and Patrick Fagry to a lesser extent). Perhaps that's his nature, or maybe he just wants revenge against Fastener. So he has been allowed to access his Ghost form and assist the Angels. Perhaps Chuck is even a "penitent" Ghost, trying to find its way into Heaven by making up for some past sins (which would establish an interesting parallel between him and the other members of the main group). This would explain why he does not seem particularly annoyed by the abuse he suffers on a daily basis - that's actually part of his penance.

There are some agreements between Heaven and Hell against the use of Zipper Beasts in combat.
Neither faction wants a situation where the Earth becomes a stomping grounds for giant behemoths destroying everything and continuously killing each other and regenerating, to no one's avail. Remember the demons in this setting are lawful evil, they don't want total chaos, what they want is domination. Because of this, Zipper Beasts are treated like Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Heaven/Hell war. Both factions want to have some on their side, but neither wants to actually unleash them unless the situation turns dire enough. (Presumably a demon summoning a giant Eldritch Abomination to take over Heaven itself is considered "dire enough").

Stocking was sick and tired of Panty
That's why she did it. Sorry guys, no conspiracy, no real evil, no kidnapped goth angels, just Stocking was 150% done with Panty and decided to do something about it right then and there.

(Semi-Jossed) Guesses for what this is teasing...
  • Perhaps it's the long-lost Season 2.
  • A new manga series.
  • A video game of some sort (and not the social-media type).
  • An animated short (theatrical or otherwise).
  • An entire reboot.
  • A second OVA.
  • This may sound silly, but what if it was a trading card game?
  • A movie!
  • Possibly a sweepstakes?
  • New merchandise, maybe...
  • A (light novel?) novelization of the show.
    • Actually, according to this, it's all three an exhibit, a cafe and a "new product"~ hmmmm....

"Panty", "Stocking", "Garterbelt", and even "Chuck" aren't their actual names, and there's more than one 'Panty and Stocking'.
This is an extension on the idea that there are male angels with their own powers of male-themed undergarments ("Sock", "Boxer", "T-shirt"). Is it really a coincidence that people who are named after pieces of clothing die, go to heaven (or hell), and get powers based off of the clothing they were named after? At that, what kind of parents would name their kids after articles of clothing? This troper's theory is that Panty, Stocking, or Garterbelt OR Chuck aren't their actual names, but rather code-nicknames based on what powers they're granted by heaven. But there's only so much articles of clothing right? There can't just be one angel gal with the powers of transforming her panties into pistols right? The second part to this theory is that there's more than one Panty, Stocking, and Garterbelt as well as Chuck. Not like clones, but with different people and creatures who happen to have the same capabilities. Think of clothing powers in heaven as categories for different powers to be used, sort of like the military with its army, navy, coast guard, air force, and etc. There's a panty category, a stocking category, a garterbelt category, a T-shirt category, a boxer get the idea. The same goes for Hell in this case too.

The reason why Brief is named "Brief" but still a human is because he's hand-chosen and destined to become an angel like Panty and Stocking one day with his OWN transforming powers.

The way Panty and Stocking act on Earth is actually acceptable in Heaven; they were kicked out from being lazy and disrespectful to God "herself".
As angels, they're supposed to help their mom, God, with duties and responsibilities right? If you consider the fact that Panty and Stocking's mission is to kill ghosts, it seems implied that their mission is basically like karma homework for being so unhelpful in Heaven. Panty was left behind on Earth after being so negligent of God's will and the reason why they're on Earth. Panty losing her powers was God's direct "Fuck You" to her. God lifted her punishment when Panty proved that she wasn't a complete bitch by having genuine, not 100% shallow sex with Brief.

Panty and Stocking takes place in the future
Specifically 500 years from 2010. In the episode 'Cat Fight Club', it's revealed that Panty and Stocking are at least 500 years old. The show aired in 2010, so if Panty and Stocking take place in the era they were created, that must mean they were living during the 1500's. That obviously can't be true since the credits display Panty and Stocking driving a modern car and wearing modern clothing when they were alive. A better answer would be that Panty and Stocking actually takes place 500 years FROM the year 2010. It would make a lot more sense for their mannerisms and fashion choices to be the way that they are. And who said the future has to look that futuristic?

Stocking cares about Panty more than Panty cares about Stocking, and that's because Panty is insecure.
It begins with ‘Sex and the Daten City’. Panty and Stocking have become celebrities, though Panty is clearly a lot more liked and Panty seems to be enjoying that. She rubs it in Stocking’s face by ridiculing her infront of her managers about an embarrassing doughnut commercial and mentions that she will enjoy getting more and more famous without Stocking, her own sister. Panty continues to disrespect Stocking during the speech (yawning whenever Stocking is talking). Panty looks to Stocking for help once she screwed her own career with a sex tape, getting her to search all over the globe for copies of the tape. Guess what Panty does to repay Stocking after all that work? She cuts Stocking completely out of the movie even though Stocking was thrilled to do a movie with her sister and calls her face "disgusting", to which the crowd cheers..In ‘Diet Syndrome’, Panty takes an opportunity to laugh hysterically at Stocking’s swelling weight and declares herself as “the hot chick”, as if she’s thrilled to have gotten an upper hand.A dialogue in ‘The Stripping’ shows Panty throwing shade at Stocking when she hears a guy say that he wanted to get with her, saying out loud that Stocking likes bondage as if that’s a turnoff. It seems as though Panty doesn’t like the thought of people preferring Stocking over her. Earlier in the episode when they were working as server girls, Panty looks unamused at Stocking working well and impressively, and immediately tries to one-up her by spinning on her skates more aggressively (which causes destruction and gets them fired).In ‘The Ghost of Daten City’ Panty IS worried about Stocking's relationship for two reasons: to Panty, the ghost is just using Stocking, and that Stocking’s relationship with him is ALSO making Panty look bad since they’re sisters. Panty does not like bad reputation.Then it all makes sense when you look at the episode ‘Cat Fight Club’. Stocking admitted to screwing with a guy Panty kept on the “back burner” and truly got pissed when she learned not only that Stocking managed to screw the guy, but that he thought Stocking was way better than Panty. It becomes clear that Panty is insecure, so she often has sex and cherishes good attention since they’re sources of validation, and she likes keeping Stocking less popular because it would “kill” her to see Stocking become just as, or even more socially and sexually successful than Panty; especially since Stocking is the biggest competition she has as they’re both “the hottest girls on Earth”.

Stocking lied when she told Panty that she slept with one of her lovers at "Catfight Club"
She only said it to tease Panty and make fun of her. Given Stocking's standards, she would not be willing to have sex with any of the Panty's partners.

Brief is adopted.
And his real dad is none other than Corset. It wouldn't make much sense for a descendent of Hell's Monkey to come from a human dad, unless Corset impregnated a human woman and made an agreement with Brief's adoptive father (who is probably a ghost all along).

Kneesocks is an angel.
Hopefully I'm not the only one that thought of this. But I'm surprised that no one on this page has talked about it yet...

Corset is Garterbelt's brother.
They have the same eyes, and the same type of yellow scar! Alternatively, Corset is in the same predicament as Garter except he used to be a hardcore Christian that accidentally got entangled with Satan himself- forced to relive history and discover the Elder Gods. His light blue skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair is symbolic of his pre-Christian past.

Other Gods is the culmination from the frustration of men with Teeny Weenie's.
This explains why it's so fucking gigantic compared to the other Grudges, and also why it's much older than the rest. The reason why it's sealed is because there is no end to such frustration, meaning that it always has enough energy to instantly regenerate/revive itself. If it were completely destroyed then it would just spawn somewhere else, and that would not be fun for ANYONE involved. It's also a chastity joke.

Panty's real name is Pantyline.
As foreshadowed in D. City Rock.

"Garterbelt! Again you've dialed D-CITY 2-900. Pantsu line! Copy that! Clear the city!

The confirmed Season 2 will completely ignore the cliffhanger at the end of Episode 13
The show doesn't seem to have much continuity, and completely ignored the ending of "...of the Dead" despite it having everyone lose. Corset's English Dub voice actor also has passed away, which could cause issues for the cliffhanger as he's still supposed to be alive. The trailer at Anime Expo 2022 even shows Panty form human back from her cubes already, and it would fit the parodic nature of the show.