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  • The first half of episode 13 (massive unmarked spoilersnote ). Specifically, the "Alp Girl Panty" part. It just raises too many questions, like: Who was the old woman? Was she really Panty's, and thereby Stocking's, grandma? Paternal or maternal? What ramifications does the previous question have on the fact that Panty and Stocking's mom is apparently God? Who was Sam? Was he a childhood friend of Panty's (and by extention, Stocking's)? What ramifications will the fact that Panty believes them both to be dead have? Was Panty aware of the fact that the whole thing was a movie set (doubtful, as it seemed she spent days weeks months a long time on the farmnote  and seemed to genuinely believe her "Grandma" to be dead)? Is Sam really dead?
    • Yeah, I think the "grandma" was basically a grandma in an Honorary Uncle kind of way, both of them knowing they weren't actually related by blood. And you could view it as a literal 10-Minute Retirement, seeing that Panty could have just shoved the memory out of her head and Garterbelt had enough time to construct a movie set in her absence. Considering how this is Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt...
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    • OP here, how about this theory: Garterbelt knew that, in her Heroic BSoD, Panty would want to leave her old life behind, so she would go live with this old woman who may or may not be her actual grandmother. Garterbelt and the old woman came up with a plan to get Panty back on track, so they faked the deaths of the old woman and (possibly) Sam. Garterbelt was going to explain all this to Panty at the end of episode 13, but didn't get the chance to.
    • Panty's Mom isn;t GOD (hell, no) that was probably her real mother in Heaven, who came to help (well, her foot did)
    • That sequence really did not make much sense at all. Maybe it could be designated a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment ??
      • One of the criteria for a BLAMnote  is that is has little to no effect on the plot. "Alp Girl Panty" has an effect on the plot, as it gets Panty out of her Heroic BSOD. So no, it's not a BLAM.
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    • I just assumed it was all an over-elaborate act and the people involved were just actors. Y'know, Toon Logic?
    • The old woman is shown with a little angel-cell phone. It could simply have been an elderly angel helping garterbelt out. and I always thought that the picture was actually Panty... She has been with a lot of men after all...
  • It doesn't bug me too much, since I know when it happened, Rule of Funny was in effect, but after Chuck was revealed to be a huge hellhound ghost in the last episode, I wonder why he didn't explode when Stocking cut him up one time. I guess being The Chew Toy gives him some protection.
    • Its because he didn't die when stocking cut him up. He simply regenerates.
    • My original thoughts on Chuck was that he was some hapless Ghost that Panty and Stocking adopted (for lack of a better term). I just didn't expect him to be a huge monster.
      • Judging by the Ctt F shorts, Chuck is unique among Ghosts in regards to his regeneration. Even Fastener was befuddled by Chuck's survival.
      • Perhaps he's in the same situation as Garterbelt; forced to live an eternity by being immortal as punishment for doing some sort of crime. He is a incredibly horny dog thing, after all.
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    • In Chuck's episode, it's revealed that every Zipper literally has a demon living inside of them. That demon is small until the Zipper needs to turn into a big Zipper beast, SUPPOSEDLY.
    • There could be a simpler explanation: While the Zipper beasts are in their normal form they are immortal. But they're left vulnerable to being perma-dead while in their exposed ghost/hellhound form.
  • OK, in episode 13, Brief and Panty finally hit it off. Why the hell isn't Brief happier about it? I mean, dude! You just got laid by the girl of your dreams! Why aren't you jumping for joy or celebrating?
    • ...Because Corset's still bringing about the end of the world with a giant dick monster and it's kinda his fault?
    • Because more important matters require his attention. Like stopping The End of the World as We Know It.
  • In episode 12B, Garter holds up for a few moments a chart that tallies up the number of heaven coins gathered by the girls, and Stocking's kill count towers above Panty's across the board. Except if we backtrack a bit, the Ghost Report being given by the Demon Sisters in 12A told us that the episodes have covered most of the major ghosts, and Panty has dealt the deathblow a lot more often than Stocking on screen. Of course, 12B is the one to imply that Stocking has sessions where she unintentionally hunts solo, and off-screen hunts are probably happening, but surely not enough to generate the staggering difference in the chart?
    • It can probably be explained by there being a time skip of a week or two between DC Confidential and Brief+Panty. There also are probably naturally occurring ghosts that aren't refined by the demon sisters (such as th loser ghost from Les Diaboliques or, presumably, the ones from One Angry Monkey) that could be hunted as well.
    • For that matter, right at the start they have three Heavens... but Giant Brown Ghost is revealed in 12A to have been Number 36!! Does that mean they only got three Heavens for defeating thirty-five Ghosts!!? It could be that they've spent the rest, but... When they do defeat Giant Brown (by just walking up to it and filling it with attacks), Garterbelt tells them that by doing so they've made 'solid progress'... Have they had the experience of hunting thirty-five Ghosts previous to this?.. Or... The previous Ghosts were weak and didn't count towards the kill count? Or... were experimental failures and never made it to the field? Or...
      • Since they never cease to indulge in the sins that got them fallen from heaven, it's likely that they just had to start all over.
    • It's entirely possible that they did earn more heaven coins than that, but then spent them at an equal rate. It's implied, given Garterbelt's black heaven credit card and the fact there's a catalog, that heaven coins are more than just tokens to get allowed back into heaven. They're an actual currency used to buy products produced in heaven. Like when Stocking and, presumably Panty, both bought their respective puddings from heaven.
  • In the final episode, when "Mom" stomps on Corset and the giant Ghost, we see Corset exploding. But not the Ghost... Does that mean it's still there, waiting to be unsealed? Does that mean Daten City will have to live knowing (possibly) that there's a gigantic Ghost underneath them?
    • Because it's so powerful, it can't be destroyed. That's why it needs to be sealed up in the first place.
  • Panty is a BITCH. What does Brief see in her?
    • He has a thing for blondes.
    • Also everyone treats him like dirt, so he might not see anything wrong about the way she acts. Also she's hot and he's a hormone-riddled teenager.
    • My guess is despite being a bitch to him all the time, he likes that she at least does it as part of her nature, not because she thinks it's fun or anything.
    • Perhaps he's only interested in her because she's an angel? Like, even Scanty was somewhat nice to him and even felt sorry for him, yet when he was about to be married to her he said only mean comments towards her... I understand why Brief dumped her. But like, dude. Really??
  • So... what's the deal with the whole 'Panty's powers are restored when she loses her virginity' thing? For that matter, why did she lose her powers in the first place? I mean, I could understand if her powers disappeared when she had sex, because she would have broken heaven's mandate, but there's no reason given at all for her abilities disappearing and even less explanation for why they came back...
    • Dude, their incantation has the words "Holy Virgin" in it. If you use logic, Panty should have lost her powers along time ago.
    • "Holy Virgin" is most likely reffering to the Virgin Mary/God's mother. Who they technically serve. As they are still angels. Really, really, really bad at it, but technically still angels.
    • Maybe we've got the whole Nature Adores a Virgin idea completely batshit backwards?
    • Yes. This is why there are people trying to slut-shame Panty, and claim she lost her powers because of having sex, when it is visible she lost them from stopping
    • She has her powers from not being a virgin. It's just that, like in old video games, you get a high enough score and the counter resets to 0.
    • Being re-virginized was a punishment from Heaven for her slutty lifestyle and lack of effort at ghost hunting, and apparently angels can't use their powers if they're virgins.
    • Aaaand that makes no sense, because she was supposed to start hunting Ghosts all over again, and she can't do that without her powers.
    • For her lifestyle and lack of effort, Panty was sentenced to restart the Heaven Coins hunt from the beginning, but without having sex. Garterbelt forgot to tell her about the 'not having sex' part, so she was Depowered by hymen reconstruction, with a nigh-unbreakable hymen to make the punishment stick. But once she learned how to enjoy life and you should do what you truly want, and she made love (love, not sex) to Brief, she was able to break the hymen and recover her powers.
    • Except Garter *did* tell her about that part (that's how we find out, unless Garter made it up) and she DIDN'T have sex... and that's when the hymen regenerated, and that's when she lost her powers... maybe it was all so she could give Brief her virginity. If it really was a condition and Garter didn't tell her, it couldn't be her fault. The upshot probably is that...
      • Panty was having sex in a too emotionless, literally notches-on-the-bedpost kind of way ('Who needs love when you can have hot, steamy sex' was probably a statement of self-denial). It was damaging her angelic feminine powers. The moment she denied her feelings for Brief (by wanting to sleep with him as 'the thousandth man')was probably the moment her hymen grew over again (although the loss of powers she experienced when Garterbelt interfered with her attempts to have sex with the men at the party suggests this was well in progress already.. she didn't have the same feelings for those men as she did for Brief, so it is not sleeping with them that was damaging... although it was what led to her making love to Brief as her thousandth-first... God Moves in Mysterious Ways
  • Okay, if Stocking really is a devil, why did she even bother helping Panty out after she came down from heaven again? Or for that matter, how can she use angelic powers if she's a devil? How did she get into heaven to begin with before she was kicked out with Panty? How did no one in heaven notice she was a devil? What about— *Suddenly coughs uncontrolably, pulls out an inhaler labeled MST3K Mantra and breathes deeply* Okay, no more questions for now.
    • It ain't called a Gainax Ending for nothing. Here, let me top that MST3K off for you.
    • She's just lying and siding with them for Corset's Mastery of Bondage
      • OR....the Stocking that killed Panty wasn't REALLY Stocking! Think about it- Stocking just repented and got entrance to Heaven again in ep 12. Well, maybe the Devils of Hell disguised one of their own to LOOK like Stocking, sent her to join Panty again, gain her trust and belief that this is her sister...and kill her? Maybe Season 2 will begin with the REAL Stocking coming back to destroy this evil doppelganger and save her sister.
      • Except why bother getting Panty's trust at all? Just get her to sex up Brief and once the gate begins to open, surprise her and chop her up then. No need to continue the charade all the way through so that Corset is a little blob of something and the plan was foiled just to try it again elsewhere. As was said before, Gainax Ending.
      • I think that if she actually wanted the two to bang then at the end of Les Diaboliques she'd say something like "Aw, give him another chance." and not tell Brief that he blew it. How do you explain her deliberately screwing her own plan?
      • I always figured that Stocking was possessed at the time, probably by Fastener. It would explain his disappearance and why Scanty and Kneesocks were seen staring as sh*t happened (checking up on the plan).
    • Or, In Mysterious Ways. God's plans have to extend beyond closing this particular gate to Hell (probably either towards a proper apocalypse and/or universal redemption), and Stocking's had the chance to learn things in privacy the other characters and the audience haven't. That one teaser picture of the mythical Season 2 implies the Demon sisters are actually helping Brief; the only way to convince Corset to let them out of sight is if he thinks he has something better. And Brief may be taking on slightly more of a heroic role.
    • Or maybe, even though Stocking's a devil, she's not keen on working for Corset, and only wants to open the gates of Hell and take over Heaven if she's the one running the show. So she joins forces with Panty to cut Corset down to size, then allies with him to re-open the gates of Hell now that she's the one with leverage.
  • This applies to a lot of shows, I guess, but how does one kill a ghost? And how does one ghost kill another? Do they just exorcise? How does one spectre exorcise another? It's confusing, but I suppose that's the fun of it.
    • Justified through Panty and Stocking's Holy weaponry. Normal guns cannot destroy a Ghost, but Angel weapons presumably have an "exorcising" effect that destroys the essence of a Ghost.
    • It's implied in the first episode that technically these 'ghosts' that the angels face are physical manifestations of grudges and negative emotions that rolled over from real life (Terao produced a ghost out of himself that was implied to be made up of suppressed negative emotions built up from his humdrum life and stressful workplace, which came to a breaking point when he vomited at the work party he was forced to attend over his daughter's birthday), not simply the spirits of dead people as the term 'ghost' would usually imply. Par for the course with angels, Panty and Stockings' angelic weapons may act as purifying tools that dispel the negative emotions that make up the ghosts they face. As for how ghosts kill one another, remember again that these are physical manifestations, implying that it's them being present on the earthly plane that allows them to exist in the first place, and they're not necessarily dead or even undead, strictly speaking (which may be why the ghost zombies presented such a problem in the first place). Though normal weapons would likely have no effect, a ghost using their own attributes, or the demon sisters using their weapons, simply allows them to kill the ghosts as easily as one normal person killing another. The difference for them being that demon and ghost weapons are meant for destroying all things (even fellow ghosts), while angel weapons are meant only to purify personified negativity (and not strictly kill).
  • In-universe, Ghosts represent the grudges of the dead. So how does Mr. Husband have a grudge when he's considered the friendliest Ghost to literally walk the Earth, and not to mention, Chuck, the Angels' Butt-Monkey with a literal Superpowered Evil Side?
    • Ghosts don't necessarily represent grudges so much as negativity in general. Patrick Fagry, the ghost that Stocking fell in love with, was considered the manifestation of regrets of men who died before ever finding love. Hence he was gross and sleazy, but ultimately harmless and, in the end, desiring to find happiness above ever destroying anything as ghosts do. Perhaps Mister Husband was a manifestation of pets who died in some way but still had enough regrets to stick around despite being so good natured (such as pets who died without finding a master to be loyal to, or those who just wanted to be loved by humans). As for Chuck, well... he feels like something of a special case, and perhaps not necessarily a ghost.
  • In the episode where the title characters were going around destroying copies of Panty's sex tape, did anyone else feel their Willing Suspension of Disbelief get punched in the gut at the idea of everyone expecting Contractual Purity from a girl named Panty who's starring a movie called Sex in Dalton City?
    • I'm pretty sure making a porno is a little more extreme than Contractual Purity normally covers, and the movie title is a reference to Sex and the City. While I've admittedly never seen that show, I doubt it has that much literal onscreen, explicit, no-clever-lighting-and-concealing-camera-angles sex.
      • Well no, but the sexual themes of that show are still something you wouldn't expect an actress trying to give off a "wholseome"image would have anything to do with. Hell, her name's Panty for Christ's sake. To think she wasn't sleeping around before starring in a big feature-film would be like expecting a guy who calls himself Darth Vader is some Camp Gay guy selling petunias on Tatooine or something.
    • There's a difference between being in a porn, and having lots of sex. It's a common double standard in the Entertainment industry. It's the same reason in real life that everyone is shocked by a sex tape of a celebrity even if the actor was notorious for being sexual. There is a difference between knowing that someone has lots of sex, and seeing them having sex. Not to mention that porn has certain connotations to it that are generally frowned upon, and seen as selling one's body in some circles.
  • In Once Upon A Time in Garterbelt, the final shot shows Garterbelt's old mission decree with a purple G on it. Next to it is a new, identical decree with a green B on it. At first it seemed like it foreshadowed Corset, but the colour and letter implies Brief. What is it? And what is that shape, anyways?
    • Obviously his mission is to find and protect Brief from Corset, thereby preventing the Hellsmonkey from being unsealed.
  • So, let me get this straight; Panty fails the heaven coin task and so has to stay on earth and do it again. She also loses her powers, and cannot have sex. Then...she fucks someone and in doing so gets her powers back?
    • Yes. Next question?
    • The ways of the Lord are not easy to understand.
    • She didn't just fuck someone (a sin), but she made love (not a sin because it's an act of love). Just for once, it makes sense... Probably by accident.
    • She lost her powers when Garterbelt interfered with her attempts to have sex, and also when she tried to have sex with Brief as if he was just a 'number one thousand', going against her feelings towards him in a way that wouldn't have happened if he was a different man. Both of those incidents went against her feelings and damaged her powers.
  • It has no real significance to the plot, but I have to wonder. Are there any male angels, and if so what would they fight with? T-shirts and jockstraps?
    • I think it's safe to assume they can make weapons out of any garment, but yeah, jockstraps, boxers, socks, etc.
    • Also possibilities: belts or sock garters (and garterbelts if our Garterbelt is anything to go by). Obviously there are less sexual pieces of clothing that could be used, but given this show the sexual nature seems like kind of a given. The only potential limit could possibly be the fact that most articles of typical mens clothing that could be retrieved easily would be restricted by the fact most men wear pants or shorts (Panty herself wears either, but favors skirts and dresses when going into a combat situation for obvious reasons and seems to only wear them when there seems to be a low chance of ghosts being a threat that day). Girl angels would possibly have the advantage anyway simply because womens clothes like skirts give them easier access to weapons that could be pulled off in a hurry.
      • While Garterbelt isn't an angel, he's still called Garterbelt and even wears a pair of them. Corset is also named Corset (a traditionally womens piece of clothing) and still wears them. I don't think male angels up in heaven have a problem with wearing female clothes at all.
    • Panty mentions that there are guys up in heaven, so yes.
  • If Stocking is a demon, why did the Demon Sisters detect her as an angel?
    • She was most likely an angel then. Panty and Stocking were always angels, just bad ones. Stocking likely became a fallen angel over time which was foreshadowed by her liking a ghost and contemplating not going to heaven.
  • In "The Stripping" Panty and Stocking needed to make money. Knowing them, what prevented them from working as strippers?
    • They didn't think of it... They aren't shown to be the brightest. Also, stripping wouldn't make them 3 million dollars in 3 days.
  • Where is it mentioned that Panty and Stocking are archangels? I can't seem to find any official statements on this. Rather, it just seems like an assumption made by fans.
  • I discovered an odd as hell background character in one of the many, many, many Freeze-Frame Bonus' of the anime. Does anyone know who this thing is supposed to be, or if they're just a random background character?
  • What the hell was Brief doing in that nude party anyways?
    • He's a horny teenager and considering he's in high school, it's likely he was old enough to get in.
  • If Brief is a descendant of Hells Monkey, then why does his Gag Penis key look like an angel weapon?


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