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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge examples in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Pretty much everybody has a bone to pick with the Demon sisters getting an absolutely incredible introduction and almost immediately becoming a Goldfish Poop Pair. But lots of Western cartoons have similar problems (Him, for example, fluctuates between "silly fruity bad guy" to "absolutely terrifying Satan analogue"), and the show is supposed to be a send-up of Western animation...
  • Lots of Episode 12 was foreshadowed when you look back.
    • In a Casino, before Brief was kicked out, you notice he has a lot of money. He also buys Panty's panties for $200.000 when they are sold on the internet. His dad's rich.
  • "Nothing To Room" was just a Filler Bottle Episode, right? Remember the whole conversation about "driving See-Through up a massive pole into Heaven"? Granted, they used Chuck instead of the car, but it's [[Foreshadowing much more meaningful after the finale.
  • Watch the Transformation Sequence. What is Stocking wearing? A CORSET.
    • Which probably explains why she was okay with falling in love with a ghost. And why she has a strange fetish for bondage, like the antagonist, who expands his muscles with bondage straps.
    • Also one cop mentions she looks like she has Daddy Issues. Her 'Daddy' is God. She really did have Daddy Issues.
  • There's one piece of Fridge Brilliance that's only fully apparent when you listen to the OST. While "Fly Away" and "Champion" are the good guy themes, their lyrics are about betrayal, while "Theme for Scanty and Knee Socks" and "Corset Theme" are more love-centered. Stocking's Image Song is about love.
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  • And then there's the Abbey Road parody in the "D-City Rock" music video. Stocking is the barefoot one.
  • The sequel book Geek Boy Homecoming is done from Brief's perspective, with the beginning and end narration done in first person. After the Twist Ending introducing post-Season FINAL Nova, it looks like the format was cleverly hiding that the narration is done mimicking the exposition-heavy first person monologues heard in Space Patrol Luluco.
  • There was one major foreshadow about Brief being a descendant of Hell's Monkey. Hint: It's in his name.
  • The ammo of Panty's guns is based on the amount of times one can ejaculate, as seen when Panty lost her own panties and she had to borrow some from random people. Obviously Panty would have a lot of ammo, since she's a girl and also the fact that she's an angel probably helps.
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  • The name of Scanty's revolvers, "Double Gold Ladytanga". A tanga is, as in the google search dictionary: "a pair of briefs consisting of small panels connected by strings at the sides". This might be foreshadowing of her nearly marrying Brief.
  • One might think that Panty and Stocking were just being not the brightest by not guessing Scanty and Kneesocks were demons (and it's still rather obvious). However, some of the background characters have been shown to be in an Amazing Technicolor Population. They may have thought that they looked like demons by coincidence!
Fridge Horror

  • The ending theme shows the characters in deadly situations while "Fallen Angel" plays. Taking into consideration that some works of fiction depict angels as the souls of the dead, one could interpret the ED as showing how Panty, Stocking, and Chuck died. Of course, the series itself gives no indication that its angels were ever human, but...
  • The Ghosts represent the grudges of the dead. So what was the 'grudge' of the Ghost that pretended to be a child prostitute?
    • Turns out they're the incarnations of a prostitute and her pimp who were killed by a wolf while having sex and a picnic in a forest.
  • In "Death Race 2010" Panty discards her underwear, whining that she can no longer wear it thanks to the monster of the week. A few episodes later, in 'High School Nudical', they're up against a Ghost that eats undies. Garterbelt tells them that it's the grudge of underwear that was thrown aside. Think about that for a sec.
  • Remember how in "Diet Syndrome" Stocking's stomach inexplicably swelled despite the fact she had been dieting? That wasn't a Balloon Belly, that was a symptom of malnutrition.
  • We finally get to see Oten City in Geekboy Homecoming. There are some people that might've been excited to see what it's like, considering the long wait. And when we finally get to see it, it appears to be a completely deserted city. Skeletons are laying about on the roads and graveyards are planted all across the fields. Just what in the motherfucking shitfuck happened to the citizens!?

Fridge Logic

  • So, Stocking's a demon, but she and Panty are sisters. Wouldn't that make...
    • More like Fridge Brilliance depending on how they deal with that.
      • If the OST artwork is any indication, that may in fact be the case.
    • Not really, if you think about it. Demons are (or at least can be) simply angels that fell down to hell, so an angel becoming a demon or one sister out of a pair of sister angels becoming a demon isn't really all that impossible.
      • Maybe Stocking's big entrance in 13 was her getting kicked out again...
  • In "The Buzz of the Beehive", it's implied that Panty does not know what a condom is. You have to wonder, with as much sex as she has on a daily basis (and her seemingly non-existent standards) that she would be a veritable cesspool of venereal disease...however, according to Word of God, "angels don't get fat, grow old or get sick". If the girls don't return to Heaven they'll become humans and be unable to maintain their lifestyles without some serious side-effects, which explains their motivations.
    • Then again, it could have simply been a case of her not paying attention (she mistakes it for gum). In both a later episode and the tie-in manga, it's implied that she does have some condoms lying around.
  • The bell of the church that rings whenever a ghost mission is defeated may also be some form of a Reset Button. In "...Of the dead", even though Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt didn't complete the mission the bell rang anyways, right before the episode ended on a Downer Ending with everyone being turned into zombies (including our heroes). Then, everything turned back to normal the next episode. It's possible that Judgement, being god, has the authority to forcibly end a mission a la Sequence Breaking.