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  • All-Star Cast: For an indie game, Bugsnax has quite the impressive cast. The main cast includes Barbara Goodson, Max Mittelman, Fred Tatasciore, Cassandra Lee Morris, Sam Riegel, Haviland Stillwell, Yuri Lowenthal, Roger Craig Smith, Casey Mongillo, and Fryda Wolff, while the titular creatures have the likes of Robbie Daymond, Todd Haberkorn, Julie Nathanson, Courtenay Taylor, Abby Trott, and Cristina Valenzuela voicing them.
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  • Fan Nickname: The journalist has no canon name due to them being a Featureless Protagonist, though the most common fanon name for them seems to be Buddy, since that's what Filbo calls them.
  • Flip-Flop of God: The canon ages of the characters. The Bugsnax Reddit AMA done by the developers gave a list of age ranges for all the main Grumpuses, though the director Kevin Zuhn later claimed that there were no official ages. Given that some of the listed ages seemed slightly off compared to canon information (such as Lizbert apparently being a good ten years older than Filbo despite Filbo claiming to have known her when they were both kids), it's unclear how much of either source is true.
  • Queer Character, Queer Actor: Floofty Fizzlebean, who is nonbinary, is voiced by Casey Mongillo who is also nonbinary.
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  • Voices in One Room: As detailed in the PlayStation Blog, a lot of the voice recording was done with much of the main cast in the same room.
  • What Could Have Been: Bugsnax was in development for seven years and the Young Horses team has been upfront that a good chunk of that time was just trying out lots of different mechanics and ideas until they landed on what ultimately became the final game. Eventually they gave some tidbits on what those ideas and dropped story and character concepts were:
    • The Grumpuses were originally depicted as frogs with a variety of colors, theming better with the idea of them eating bugs. Filbo's embroidered plush frog is apparently meant to be an inside joke by the developers referencing his frog design. Right down to the prominent buttcrack.
    • Filbo himself went through multiple designs and names before reaching his final form. He started as a nondescript blue monster named Chumbly, his frog design was named "Mayor", and then a design was produced that is closer to his final design but named "Norman."
    • Early prototypes of the game used an on-rails Pokémon Snap-inspired mechanic where the player drove a food truck through Bugsnax habits and had to use their various traps and the environment to capture Bugsnax. Then... dismember them, peel them, and serve them as meals before the Grumpuses could eat them. It's just as horrifying as it sounds.
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    • Another early prototype featured the player firing a food cannon at the Grumpuses as part of a city-sim mechanic in Snaxberg. The player would need to feed the Grumpuses to alter their personality to complete the construction projects. At one point this city-sim version also included procedural relationships between the Grumpuses. The latter video also shows early versions of several of the final characters, plus other characters that would be dropped or reworked.
    • At one part of development, traps were meant to be chained together, such as sticking a balloon onto the basic trap to let it fly.
    • The plot of Bugsnax was always intended to be surrounding a very dark secret, even with all these cute prototypes. Kevin Zuhn, the writer, hinted that it was meant to be even darker than what we got and revealed all in an IGN interview. The spoileriffic highlights:
      • Elizabert's original reason for disappearing was unintentionally causing Eggabell's death. In the original story, addiction to Bugsnax eventually turned the victims into something akin to zombies. Eggabell underwent this transformation, attacked Lizbert, and was pushed off the cliff at Frosted Peak, her corpse disintegrating into various Bugsnax upon her death. A distraught Lizbert would simply hide in a cave in shame - this cave is what later became the Undersnax in the final draft. The various video diaries of Lizbert and Eggabell were meant to help the player get to know Eggabell before her untimely death. Notably, one of the diaries in the final game has Eggabell telling Lizbert she'd "fall to pieces without (her)". Zuhn still wasn't satisfied as this version of the story left the player with no proper emotional connection to Lizbert or Eggabell and several of the other devs pointed out to Zuhn that Eggabell's death was a very uncomfortable invocation of the Bury Your Gays trope. Once it was decided that Eggabell is alive, the rest of the game's plot received rewrites as well, leading to the creation of the Undersnax and a significant plot expansion to the Frosted Peak content.
      • As mentioned above, the secret of Bugsnax was originally the Grumpuses turning into Bugsnax zombies from overconsumption. This originally led into three different endings - the first was a bad ending where every Grumpus but Filbo has turned into a Bugsnax zombie and Filbo would sacrifice himself so the player could live but with no evidence of the events that happened. The neutral ending was only marginally kinder - the Grumpuses who had stayed untransformed would be forced to fight off the transformed Grumpuses as the survivors escaped the island. The Golden Ending was all the Grumpuses staying normal and deciding to try and maintain their settlement anyway, just without eating anymore Bugsnax. These were all rewritten both because the devs didn't like the way that Grumpus zombies was a very unsatisfying "bad fate" for the characters' various arcs and that the "good" ending was actually a Broken Aesop that completely undermines any of their growth over the game.
      • The final sequence of the game originally featured a complex Tower Defense battle. This got dropped because the devs realized trying to teach a player a new mechanic at the 11th hour would be unfair. The actual final battle simply has the player using their existing Bugsnax gadgets only with lethal results.
  • The Wiki Rule: One can be found here, created a month before the game even released.


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