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  • Award Snub: The film was nominated for no less than 10 Oscars, but only received two (Art Direction and Set Design) largely due to The Silence of the Lambs sweeping all the major categories. The same thing happened at the Golden Globes where it won only one out of eight nominations, although in this case it did manage to nab Best Picture Drama.
  • California Doubling: Las Vegas is doubled by Palm Desert and La Quinta, California, since the real Las Vegas is far too developed.
  • Dawson Casting:
    • Siegel was in his mid-30's when he went out to Vegas and was 41 when he died, played by Warren Beatty who was well into his 50's.
    • The real Harry Greenberg died at age 30. Elliott Gould was 53 at the time of filming.
  • Romance on the Set: Warren Beatty married Annette Bening just after they finished the film.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Jean-Luc Godard had first conceived of the project in the 70s, intending to cast Robert De Niro as Siegel and Diane Franklin as Hill. Before that, Tony Curtis was lined up to play the role.
    • Screenwriter James Toback's original script, which totaled over 400 pages, disappeared after he'd worked on it for over six years. He had to rewrite a new one from scratch.
    • Michelle Pfeiffer was originally cast as Virginia Hill, but dropped out. Ellen Barkin was also offered the role.
    • Warren Beatty originally played the role with a thick New York accent, but Levinson told him to drop it.


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