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98: ...I still can't find where we are. Really, where are we? Are we lost?
12: *shrugs tiredly* Beats me. At this point, I'd be willing to say that we're dead and in Hell. Or we could be in an alternate dimension. Or we could be in a green and black portal and are really just a bunch of figments of a bunch of nerdy peoples imaginations... or not.

Fractured Wasteland is an extended RP hosted on The 9 Forum. With a current count of 1501 pages, it is easily the longest RP on the site, and the longest thread on the forum, for that matter.


The plot basically revolves around a large group of stitchpunks, all of whom have come from different universes, though some are from the same universe. Some are familiar with the Original 9, while others are not. The one thing that they truly have in common is that, for the ones who are aware of the multiple-universe situation, none of them are really sure how they got there.

Due to the disappearance of Snowi, the thread has (for the moment) been declared dead as of December 2012, leaving it unknown if it will ever be finished.

Also has it's own wiki which can be found here.


This role-play contains examples of...

  • All Deaths Final: As to be expected from a roleplay where mortality is demonstrated on a regular basis.
  • All There in the Manual: The backstories of certain characters.
  • Alternate Universe: Basically the underlying situation of the RP.
    • Alternate Continuity: Most of the characters come from seperate universes which have different interpretations of what had happened after the end of the original film. A few characters are even related to the original Stitchpunks; Theo being 1's son, and 21 being 6's daughter in their respective universes.
      • Kat's universe even goes so far as to be Real Life with stitchpunks, 21st century and all. Maria is incredibly baffled when she learns of this.
  • Anachronism Stew: Some of the technology seen wouldn't be around for years in most of the timelines, and most of the musical moments feature songs that half of the characters wouldn't know in their original timeline.
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  • Anyone Can Die: Unfortunately. 53, Rain and Stigma died, and 98 is in a coma and most likely won't ever recover.
  • Arc Number: The number 53 has become this after the stitchpunk of the same name was killed and has been popping up repeatedly ever since.
  • Artificial Limbs: While there aren't any truly organic limbs here due to everyone being dolls with souls, that didn't stop Freddie from making himself a larger, stronger arm when he lost his left one. And yes, it's badass.
  • Ascended Extra: The RP as a whole fits this trope. It was originally just a thread for the OC Name-Week RP, since it's a sort of trend on the forum to sometimes create an RP thread whenever a Name Week occurs each month. This one however became so popular that it ended up spawning 400 pages within the week, with nearly 6,000 posts. On top of that, a complicated plot had formed, and afterward it became an official RP.
    • This resulted in a case of Follow the Leader, as all Name Week RPs since then have been left open to continuation after the Name Week they were formed for ended. None of them have reached anywhere near the page count of Fractured Wasteland, however.
  • Babies Make Everything Better: The second generation, sans Prophet's 21 who was born before the events of the roleplay.
  • Big Damn Heroes: There have been a few moments when someone is in deep shit that they've been saved by someone else, some examples being the whole group saving 12 and Neil from the Seamstress and 12 saving 98 from the Cat Beast.
  • Blood Knight: 53 seemed like this when he was first introduced, and Neil and Stigma have had numerous moments when they seemed like Blood Knights as well.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Has happened on quite a few instances, to the point that several points of the RP are simply filled with Rage Against The RP-ers. Including Abby and her OC Maria having a face-war argument.
  • Creator Breakdown: Snowi is rapidly showing signs of this.
  • Cyber Cyclops: Freddie is one of these due to his single eye.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: This RP has a near-terminal case of it.
  • Character Development: Lots and lots. In fact, many characters owe their entire existence to the RP.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: The whole damn group of Tormentors. Also most of the Midguardians. This is definitely not a happy RP.
  • Dead Guy Junior: 53 Jr., Femti-Tre (53 in Norwegian) and Rain Jr. The former being the child of 12 and 98, the later two the children of Neil and Kat.
  • Defiant to the End: Stigma. Even after he was stabbed in the back and in the face by Conduit, he still managed to get out a few good blows to his attacker before dying.
  • Didn't Think This Through: While the plans of the RP characters are usually thought through once it's established what their plans are, the RP-ers themselves are guilty of this on occasion when planning out how and when to execute the plans. Lampshaded at one point by Neil:
    Neil: Could have waited until we got the transceiver, though. Good planning, writers.
    Snowi: (I'M SORRY, I FAIL.)
  • Early Instalment Weirdness: Justified due to starting as one of the forum's name week roleplay boards. Roleplayers only had one character they played as, the posts were written in a different format, and things were Lighter and Softer before the plot kicked in.
  • Fragile Speedster: Ari/Arnette, full stop. One hit would completely mess her up. The problem is she's never hit.
  • Glowing Mechanical Eyes: Freddie's single eye glows blood red, even though he's a really nice guy. Unless you try to hurt his family. 14's got one too, and he's just as nice as Freddie. Unless you try to hurt 11.
  • Gratuitous Latin: The Pueri Solis are very fond of Latin.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Stigma had one of these before the big battle at the end of the Tormentor arc, and Sihd and Conduit have had this as well since they're not attacking the Midguardians anymore.
  • Heroic BSoD: Has happened to nearly all of the Midguardians at least once.
  • Interactive Narrator: Happened during the aforementioned fourth wall breaking.
  • In the Back: Stigma gets this from Conduit before then being stabbed right in the face. Conduit then gets this treatment from the batshit crazy Alpha.
  • It's All My Fault: Every time something majorly bad happens in the RP, 12 always blames it on herself since she's the group's leader, even if there's nothing she could've done to prevent it from happening.
  • Kill It with Fire: When the Salamander busts into the church, this is the mindset it has as it starts trying to take everyone out with its fire breath.
  • Killed Mid-Sentence: 53 and Stigma
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: 12 in the page quote (the forum's colors are black and green).
  • Lightning Bruiser: Freddie and Stigma are like this, with both able to make a crapload of fast, powerful strikes. Stigma, while having much of his skin missing, has a suit of armor he wears at all times, and Freddie doesn't seem like he'd be able to resist much damage until we see him get burned alive and still come out fine in a few pages. Alpha was also a complete Lightning Bruiser. C2 started out as a unique aversion- he's a literal example of this trope, but when he arrived he was also a complete pacifist.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: There were quite a few at the very beginning of the RP, during the "just a Name Week RP" phase. But with the plot now set in motion, there's the Midguardians, Rebels, Tormentors, Cultists... and that doesn't even take into account how many members there are in each group and how many characters are planned to be introduced but aren't even born yet.
  • Meaningful Name: The name of the Cult, Pueri Solis, means "Children of the Sun" in Latin. 53's human name, Ehno, meant "protector" and it fit with his personality when he was in Venice before the events of the RP. Also, Neil means "champion" and he's one of the main fighters of the group. One of the meanings of Stigma can be "a mark of shame," and Stigma considers his scarred and optic-less face a mark of shame, a constant reminder of his failure to save Gamma from the building, and then later Epsilon and Eta from Alpha. In the ranks of Pueri Solis, Zeke's name means "shooting star" and he's quite a space enthusiast. Somewhat averted with his father, Fugue, who "doesn't have a drop of musical talent in him".
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: Basically the main reason for Stigma changing alignment, and for Sihd and Conduit doing the same later on.
  • The Multiverse: It hasn't yet been clearly established how this one works, but it's obviously there.
  • My Greatest Failure: Neil and Stigma both have one of these. Neil's is failing to save his parents from death and Stigma's is not being able to prevent Gamma, Epsilon and Eta from being killed. 12 gets a new one every hundred pages or so.
  • Name's the Same: Prophet and Snowi both use characters that go by 15 and 16.
  • No Name Given: The RP itself had no official name for two months, going only by the "OC Name Week RP Thread".
  • No Sense of Humor: Sihd, and the one time she actually seemed to comprehend humor enough to make a deliberate joke (under the influence of sleep deprivation), she's shot down. No more humor from her. Ever.
  • Redemption Equals Death: Stigma. After joining up with the Midguardians towards the end of the Tormentor arc, he gets killed by his own best friend
  • Schedule Slip: The RP went through this for a time, which was very likely the catalyst for Snowi's Creator Breakdown. Not to mention it is currently going through another onslaught of this as a result of many of the roleplayers being busy with stuff in their lives, and several including Snowi haven't been on the forum for awhile. This has culminated in the roleplay's death, having gone over two years without an update.
  • Shippers On Deck: A majority of the RP-ers themselves.
  • Ship Tease: 12 and 98 in the early moments of the RP, and even 53 and Kat before Rain and Neil were found. Also Sihd and Conduit, to a RIDICULOUS extreme. At this point, it's not so much a tease as a promise.
  • Skull for a Head: Stigma has something kinda like this, as the mask he wears has a skull on it and he only takes it off twice in the whole RP.
  • Title Drop: Invoked by Freddie at one point when talking to Maria.
    Freddie: Dear, you and I both know I won't always be around. This....fractured wasteland isn't the best place for longevity.
  • Tv Tropes Will Ruin Our Lives: Lampshaded by Kat at one point of fourth wall breaking.
  • Villain Love Song: Daisy Bell has pretty much turned into this with Conduit/Sihd.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: When the RP was just an OC Name Week thing, there were quite a few characters who popped in every once in a while. Since becoming a full-fledged RP, many of these characters disappeared and were never mentioned again.
  • Wrecked Weapon: Stigma's sword during the battle in Alpha's Throne Room. It was broken in two while Neil was using it after Stigma was killed by a Jormungandr-controlled Conduit.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: Most of the characters aren't in their home dimension and a way back is currently unknown. Also, 2 or 3 of the Midguardian's shelters have been destroyed, forcing them to find a new one every time and never go back to the old ones. Mu, the alternate reality daughter of Alpha and Gamma, is a textbook sufferer of this - to her, she has been transported to a living nightmare, leaving her wonderful family and group behind. And though this trope is in full swing, she'll try to defy it.

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