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Reference to the Urban Legend video game Polybius in media.

Films — Live Action

  • A Polybius cabinet (complete with "Out of Order" sign) is seen in the background of the arcade in Summer of '84.


  • Armada is based around the premise that video games are secretly government training tools to prepare the world for an alien invasion. Polybius itself is mentioned as being part of this program.

Live-Action TV

  • In "The Age of Darkness" episode of The Goldbergs, some girls can be seen staring into a Polybius machine next to a freshly installed Punch-Out!! game in the arcade. It was also mentioned in a list of arcade games in a commercial in the episode "The Spencer's Gift", and a Polybius machine is in the background of a convenience store in the episode "Jackie Likes Star Trek".
  • In the RPG video game for Stranger Things, one of the arcade machines inside Hawkins' movie theater is Polybius.


  • A modified version of the Llamasoft interpretation of Polybius is the primary focus of the music video for the Nine Inch Nails track "Less Than".
  • The Lemon Demon song "Cabinet Man" is about a man who was killed in the 1980s and stuffed into an arcade machine. He was revived as a part of the machine. The titular character mentions eating a few people and driving gamers insane, but his popularity began to wane by the time the Game Boy came out. Word of God would confirm that the song was "slightly inspired" by the urban legend.

Video Games

  • Believe it or not, Farming Simulator 17 has a broken Polybius cabinet tucked away in the woods of Goldcrest Valley.
  • One of the possible names for the arcade machine you can find in Death Road to Canada is Polybius.
  • There are several cabinets in the arcade in Receiver 2

Web Video

Western Animation


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