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Comic Strips

Film — Animated

Web Comics

  • Sheldon:
    • One strip has Arthur donning an empty turtle shell and describing himself as "some weird Pokemon character".
    • At Comic-Con, five friends decide to dress up as Jedi... but one of them, Gary, ruins it by dressing as Pikachu instead.
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    • One of Sheldon's rejected Halloween costumes is a Pokemon character that he made up using math - "Dodecahedron".
    • Here Arthur complains that Apatosaurus, the new name for the Brontosaurus, sounds like a Pokemon.
    • This strip has Sheldon and Arthur comparing Dungeons and Dragons to Pokemon.
    • This strip reveals that Flaco has a lot of Pokemon cards.
    Arthur: Oh, Flaco. You've made a horrible error. You've... you've CAUGHT THEM ALL.
    • This strip goes over the anatomy of an axolotl, culminating in a chart of its "Pokemon Evolution". First it evolves into a salamander and then it evolves into Patton Oswalt.
    • While talking to another dog, Oso calls their obsession with catching squirrels "Dog Pokemon". The next day continues the gag with "Pokemon For Dogs" - Squirrelax, Raccoonizar, Possum-Mew, and a "Highly Evolved Pokemon" (a bird on a telephone wire).

Video Games

  • Love Live! School idol festival ALL STARS:
    • In a 4koma with Ayumu Uehara, one of the Famitsu App representatives/School Idols, she references the franchise by name when answering a question asked by the "God of School Idols".
      • Also, Pokémon is one of Ayumu's favorite video game franchises mentioned in her introduction.

Western Animation

  • The Simpsons:
    • At one point in "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade", Bart hallucinates that all of his classmates are characters from television shows. One of them is Pikachu.
    • The Couch Gag for "Tis the Fifteenth Season" has the Simpsons as anime characters, with Maggie as Pikachu.
    • In "Postcards From the Wedge", Bart watches a Pokemon parody and wonders how the show stays so fresh.

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