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Recap / Tiny Toon Adventures S 1 E 6 Her Wacky Highness

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The sixth episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.

Buster begins the episode by telling the viewers it's Adventure Day. The next scene takes place in Acme Looniversity, wherein Elmer Fudd is trying to teach the very bored class the principles of walking on thin air, wherein you will remain suspended as long as you don't look down. Babs writes down a message describing her as a queen, and she also visualizes herself as a queen. Her thought balloon blocks Plucky's view, and Plucky pops it with a pencil. Babs then blows a raspberry at Plucky, and the Acme Loo Loudspeaker informs Elmer that his car is on fire in the parking lot again. As Elmer leaves, he tells the class to "Be vewy, vewy, quiet" until he comes back. An unamused Babs imitates Elmer, which makes the other students laugh. She then imitates Joan Rivers, and the students continue laughing. Hamton, however, walks up to Babs and reminds her that Elmer told them to be quiet until he got back, but Babs continues her impressions. Buster then looks out the door and sees a scorched Elmer return with the steering wheel of his car. He tells Babs to calm down, and that Elmer is on his way back, but Babs still continues her impressions, including Elmer Presley (a cross between Elmer Fudd and Elvis Presley). As she does her Elmer Presley impression, Buster tries to warn her that Elmer is back, but she pays no attention. Elmer is angry and sends Babs to the Principal's office. He then tells the other students that he will assign them a pop quiz, much to their dismay. Plucky then scolds Babs for her impressions leading to their pop quiz, but Babs tells him, "Well, excuse me!".


Babs walks down the hall to the Great and Powerful Principal's Office. Inside, the Great and Powerful Principal tells Babs that this is the third time this week she's been sent to his office, and Babs begs for him to spare her life. The Great and Powerful Principal tells Babs that her performance isn't going to work on him this time, and that she has to learn some self-control. Babs tries to convince him otherwise, but he decides to send her home for the rest of the day, and gives her an excuse note to give to her Mother. Babs tells him that she will give it to her.

Later that day, Babs goes home to her rabbit hole, greeting her many younger brothers and sisters. Her Mother is bottle-feeding one of her infant siblings, and is not pleased to hear that Babs has been sent home from school again. Babs is about to do her Elmer Fudd impression for her Mother, who dreads having to talk to the Great and Powerful Principal. Before Babs can do her Elmer Presley impression, Her Mother tells her that she has to learn some self-control. As much as she loves her, she tells Babs to go to her room and study for the rest of the day. Babs reluctantly does so, feeling that nobody appreciates her talents. She turns on a TV, and a commercial for Wackyland airs, featuring Gogo Dodo. Babs decides that she will run away to Wackyland, hoping the citizens there will appreciate her. With that, she sets off to Wackyland on her bicycle, relieved to be away from everyone telling her to learn self-control.


Babs arrives at Wackyland, hoping it will be as wild and crazy as the commercial advertised. As she crosses the bridge, thunder booms, and wild animals screech. Babs plucks up courage as she hops her way into the portal to Wackyland, where Gogo disguises himself as a scary monster and scares her. Babs tries to run away, but the bridge disappears, and she falls into Wackyland. A pair of sentient lips with a creepy voice welcomes her to Wackyland, and Babs tells the viewers, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!"

In the second act, the pair of sentient lips scares Babs, and is revealed to be a disguised Gogo Dodo, who introduces himself to her. An angry Babs asks Gogo why he scared her earlier. Gogo tells her, "Seemed like the wrong thing to do at the time as he peels a banana, revealing a gorilla inside that licks Babs. Gogo then eats the peel, and Babs says, "I see". Gogo then tells Babs, "Lucky you, I can't see anything without my glasses!", revealing them to be two glasses of water. Gogo hands one to Babs, and drinks from the other, then asks Babs what brings her to Wackyland. Babs tells Gogo that no one in Acme Acres appreciates her, so she decided to move to Wackyland. Gogo tells Babs that she's gonna need someone to give her the grand tour, so Babs tries to ask Gogo if he's interested, but Gogo begins the tour anyway. As he shows Babs around Wackyland, he points out the many citizens, such as the missing link (which is a chain-link on legs), his Pen Pal (an anthropomorphic pen), the Rolling Stones (literal rolling stones wearing wigs), and the WB logo chasing the Big W logo with a mallet. Babs tells the viewers that she thinks she's going to live living in Wackyland.


Back in Acme Acres, Buster, Plucky, and Hamton come to Babs' rabbit hole, where Buster finds a note. Hamton worries about Babs being sent home from school, and Plucky tells him that it'll stay on her permanent record for the rest of her life. Hamton worries what will happen to her, and Plucky worries that she'll become a peasant, ostracized by everyone around her. Buster then tells Plucky and Hamton that Babs is gone, and they turn their attention to the note. Buster reads it, and it tells them that Babs has run away to Wackyland, claiming it to be the only mature thing to do. Hamton worries what will happen to Babs, since Wackyland is mostly uncharted cartoon wilderness. Buster tells Plucky and Hamton that they're going to find Babs, but Hamton nervously refuses. Plucky tells Buster and Hamton that their trip will be easy, and he pulls out a lost rabbit detect-o-meter device he has been working on in shop class, which will lead them straight to Babs. He turns it on, and it pulls him towards Wackyland.

Buster and Hamton follow Plucky to Wackyland, and Plucky tells them that Babs is there. Buster and Hamton already know this, since they read Babs' note. Plucky's detect-o-meter pulls him into Wackyland, and Buster and Hamton follow him to a tall, dark, and scary tree. Hamton refuses to go in, but Plucky's detect-o-meter pulls him in. Buster tells Hamton to stay behind in case Babs comes back, while he and Plucky look for her. Hamton nervously waits outside, when an anthropomorphic suitcase walks up to him, asking him if he's out of various things, like order, luck, circulation, thin air, and season, handing him things like an "OUT OF ORDER" sign, a four-leaf clover, a newspaper, and an oxygen tank, while seasoning him with salt. He then asks Hamton if he's out of bounds, but before Hamton can answer, the suitcase tells him it's a five-yard penalty, and sends in an anthropomorphic football to kick him. Hamton flies through the air, and the suitcase declares, "He's out of sight!"

Back in Wackyland, Gogo is fly fishing (with a fly holding up a sign that says, "HELP ME!") at the Stream of Consciousness. Babs is unamused, but then she comes to the fork in the road (which is a giant fork), and points out Private Eye (who is an anthropomorphic eyeball in a fedora holding a magnifying glass. Gogo tells Babs she's right, and is already getting the hang of living in Wackyland.Meanwhile, Plucky continues looking for Babs with his detect-o-meter, when he passes by various signs warning him about a giant hole. He walks atop the hole, looks down, and falls in. The hole turns out to be the right eye of a smiley face, which spits him out.Meanwhile, Babs is laughing with the many citizens of wackyland, and Pay Dirt, a bucket of dirt, tosses money around. He then gives Babs some of the money. She thanks him, and tells him that she has always relied on the kindness of strangers. The citizens of Wackyland continue laughing, but Babs tells her that she's not that funny. An anthropomrphic fax machine then walks in and presents a fax declaring that the citizens of Wackyland have invited her to a fancy-schmancy dinner at the royal palace. Babs tells the citizens of Wackyland that she'd be delighted to come, and Pen Pal declares, "Three cheers for Babs!" Gogo then brings in three chairs, and says, "Three Chairs for Babs!". Babs then tells the viewers, "Pandemonium doesn't rain around here, it pours!".

Meanwhile, Buster comes to the foothills (which are hills shaped like feet), and reaches Old Smokey. He decides that if he climbs to the top, he will be able to spot Babs. He climbs to the top, and finds out that Old Smokey has the face of a smoker. Buster asks Old Smokey if he's seen Babs, and he tells him, "NO!" while blowing a ring of smoke in his face. Buster coughs violently as the ring of smoke carries him up to the Cloud Cop, who tries to eat it. Buster jumps down, and as he falls, he comes across Plucky and Hamton, who are also falling. The three boys fall into a pot of water. Buster decides to take a bath in the pot, when a French Spoon comes across them. He then declares, "Well, better to have ze hare in ze soup zan ze soup in ze hare, no?" He then shakes some pepper into the pot, and Plucky asks him why he's doing that. The French Spoon tells Plucky, Buster, and Hamton that he's making soup for the Queen, and she's having friends for dinner. Hamton asks him who they are, and he tells him, "You!". He then places a lid on the pot, and snaps his fingers. Two Dumb Waiters emerge from the tongue of a pig, and the French Spoon tells them to take the soup to the Queen. As they do so, Buster tries to assure Plucky and Hamton that the Queen is a kind, gentle, and understanding one. The Queen then screams, "Where's my dinner?!", and Buster assumes that the queen is a barbaric monster. The Dumb Waiters bring the Queen her soup, and her eyes can be seen in the shadow. She screams, "Feed me!", and Plucky and Hamton tremble nervously whilst Buster eats a carrot.

In the third act, Plucky and Hamton continue to worry about being eaten, when the Queen of Wackyland is revealed to be Babs. Buster is glad to see her again, and asks if it's really her. Gogo assures Buster that Babs is now the first Queen of Wackyland. He then hands Buster, Plucky, and Hamton a giant comb, which Babs swats away. She tells Gogo to zip it, and he zips his lips. Babs tells Gogo that Buster, Plucky, and Hamton are her friends, and as she pulls Plucky out, she tells him, Buster, and Hamton that she's happy to see them again. Buster and Plucky tell Babs they were worried that she might have been lost, in trouble, or eaten alive by a hideous, slime-oozing creature, torn limb-from limb. Buster then tells Plucky, "I think she gets the picture". Gogo then brings in a giant anthropomorphic camera, and it takes a picture of them and him together. Photos of the camera emerge from Plucky and Hamton, and Babs tells Gogo to stop acting silly. Gogo assures Babs that he isn't acting. Buster asks Babs how her new life in Wackyland is, and Babs nervously tells him that she's doing great. Buster asks Babs if she's really all right, and she tells him, "Right as rain!", before a cloud flies over her and rains down on her. Buster asks Babs if she's really going to stay in Wackyland, and Babs assures him she is. Hamton tells Babs that he's going to miss her, and Babs tells Hamton that she's going to miss him, too. Buster tells Babs that Acme Acres won't be the same without her, and Babs tells him, Plucky, and Hamton that they're welcome to visit her anytime. Plucky nervously assures Babs they will, and tells Buster and Plucky that they're going to leave before it gets dark and weird things happen. Buster says goodbye to Babs, as does Hamton. Plucky tells Buster and Hamton that Babs is going to enjoy her new life in Wackyland, but Buster and Hamton aren't so sure. Plucky points out that Babs is queen and royalty now, but they tell him that Babs is miserable.

Buster and Hamton are right, as Babs is miserable from having to put up with the non-stop wackiness from the citizens of Wackyland. At this point, she has had enough, and tells the citizens of Wackyland to learn some self-control, remembering what Elmer, the Great and Powerful Principal, and her Mother told her. The citizens of Wackyland are shocked, and the Fax Machine prints out a fax, informing her that Article 9 of the Peanut Code forbids the use of self-control while in Wackyland. The citizens of Wackyland turn against Babs, who tries to run away from them. She comes across three doors, and needs to decide which one is the right one. The citizens of Wackyland all tell her which door they should choose. gogo then appears, disguised as a game show host, and asks Babs which of the three doors she will choose. Babs chooses Door Number 3, and finds her Agent behind it, wanting her to sign a contract. She then chooses Door number one, finding several other doors behind it, including a tiny one. She looks inside, and the citizens of Wackyland chase after her. She decides to go through the door, glad she didn't eat a piece of carrot cake for dessert last night.

Outside the scary tree, Buster tells Plucky and Hamton that Babs is miserable, and a door appears next to them. Babs says, "Knock, knock!". Plucky hears this, and tells Buster that he hates those kinds of jokes. Buster then points out the door next to him, and opens it. Babs comes out, telling Buster, Plucky, and Hamton that she didn't enjoy her reign as Queen of Wackyland. She then tells her friends that she missed them, and wants to go home. The citizens of Wackyland appear from the door, still chasing Babs. She, Buster, Plucky, and Hamton run away, until they reach the bridge back to Acme Acres, which suddenly disappears. Hamton asks Buster, Babs, and Plucky how they're going to get back to Acme Acres now, and Gogo, who appears in an information booth, tells them that the only way to get out of Wackyland is to leave the way they didn't come in. Buster aks Gogo if he means that they can't use the bridge now since they used it to come in, and Gogo tells him he may be right. Buster looks down and sees a long fall below, then overhears the citizens of Wackyland catching up to them. Buster decides to use Elmer's principle of walking on thin air, making sure to look up the entire time, so that he, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton will stay afloat. Babs thanks Gogo, and he tells her, "Don't mention it!" as he disappears behind a zipper. As Babs joins Buster, Plucky, and Hamton, Hamton reminds them to remember what Elmer said and not look down. The four friends continue looking up as they walk across thin air, until they reach the other side of the bridge. When they make it back to Acme Acres, Babs tells Buster, Plucky, and Hamton that she learned her lesson, and from now on, "Self-Control" is her middle name. Plucky tells her, "I thought it was 'Anne'."

The next day at Acme Looniversity, Elmer commends Babs for learning self-control, feeling like he's talking to a brand-new rabbit. Babs is writing a note, and thanks Elmer as she tapes the note to his back. The note reads, "Laugh at the Monkey!", and everyone laughs at Elmer, who is confused as to why they're laughing at him. Babs tells the viewers, "I just can't help myself!" as the episode ends.

This episode provides examples of:

  • The Alleged Car: Elmer's car, apparently, seeing as it's on fire, and not for the first time.
  • Berserk Button: Never mention the words, "Self-Control" in front of the citizens of Wackyland. You will not like the results.
  • Blowing Smoke Rings: Old Smokey does this to Buster.
  • Brick Joke: This episode sets up one, when it's later revealed Babs' middle name actually is Anne.
  • Chekhov's Classroom: In the beginning, Elmer is teaching the kids how to walk on thin air, which comes in handy later when they have to escape Wackyland.
  • Credits Gag: The moral of the Story - Elmer Fudd is a dolt.note 
  • Donut Mess with a Cop: When Old Smokey sends Buster into the air on a smoke ring, the Cloud Cop nearly eats it and him.
  • Elmuh Fudd Syndwome: From the Trope Namer himself, when he teaches his students how to walk on thin air.
    Elmer: I will demonstwate. You will wemain suspended as wong as you do not wook down.
  • The Faceless: Mrs. Bunny. When Babs remembers what she, Elmer, and the Great and Powerful Principal told her about self-control, her face is blocked off by Elmer's thought balloon.
  • Finger Gun: Buster mimes blowing his brains out after Elmer announces a pop quiz.
  • Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress: This is a class at Acme Looniversity. Buster, Babs, and Plucky make it back to Acme Acres from Wackyland by literally walking across thin air while looking up at the sky.
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: Babs doesn't wear any pants during her impression of Elmer Presley.
  • Hurricane of Puns: Wackyland is filled with them. Eventually, they drive even Babs crazy.
  • Ignored Epiphany: At the end of the episode, it seems like Babs learned some self control after her experience in Wackyland, as Elmer commends her for her new behavior, but as it turns out, she's still her old wacky self, as she tapes a "Laugh at the monkey" note to Elmer's back and says, "I just can't help myself!".
  • "Kick Me" Prank: At the end, Babs puts a "Laugh at the Monkey" sign on Elmer's back.
  • Logo Joke: A sight gag features the classic "WB shield" chasing the "Big W" logo from The '70s with a large hammer.
  • Massive Numbered Siblings: Babs is revealed to have dozens of younger brothers and sisters in this episode, only one of whom, Mortimer, has his name revealed.
  • "Metaphor" Is My Middle Name: This exchange when Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton return to Acme Acres near the end of the episode:
    Babs: Boy, I've learned my lesson! From now on, "Self-Control" is my middle name!
    Plucky: I thought it was "Anne".note 
  • Nap-Inducing Speak: many of the students of Acme Looniversity fall asleep when Elmer tries to teach them the principles of walking on thin air.
  • Noodle Incident: The PA system informs Elmer that his car is on fire again.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Visual Pun: Everyone and everything in Wackyland.
  • Wackyland: This episode features the Trope Namer, home of Gogo Dodo and his friends.

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