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Recap / Gilmore Girls S01E02 "The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton"

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Season 1, Episode 2

The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton (Original air date: 10/12/00)

Rory starts at the rigorous Chilton Prepatory, and finds that she may be in over her head. Lorelai makes a bad first impression with the headmaster, but a good one with the father of one of Rory's classmates, who asks her on a date. Emily and Lorelai butt heads over Emily's over-involvement in Rory's life at Chilton.


  • Academic Alpha Bitch: Paris is introduced in this episode, along with her Girl Posse.
    Paris (to Rory): You'll never catch up. You'll never beat me. This school is my domain and the Franklin is my domain. And don't you ever forget that.
  • Book on the Head: Seen in Ms. Patty's dance class: "Now, walk smooth. That's the new Harry Potter on your heads. If they should drop, Harry will die, and there won't be anymore books."
  • Embarrassing Nickname: Tristan dubs Rory "Mary", who doesn't understand the nickname until Lorelai explains it to her.
    Lorelai: Mary. Like Virgin Mary. It means they think you looks like a goody-goody.
  • First Day of School Episode: Subverted. It is not the first day of school, but it is Rory's first day of school at Chilton. However, transferring mid-semester serves to make fitting in (socially and academically) more difficult.
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  • Meddling Parents: Emily "puts in a good word" for Rory at Chilton and runs away with ideas to improve Rory's life (such as buying her a car and installing DSL at her and Lorelai's house) before Lorelai puts her foot down.
  • Running Gag: Lorelai mentions to everyone it's Rory's first day at Chilton. They demand to know if the below outfit was really what she wore to drop her off.
  • Scale Model Destruction: In trying to open her stuck locker, Rory backs into Paris who is carrying her project causing it to shatter all over the floor.
    Paris: Get away from me.
  • Smart People Know Latin: The school song is sung on demand, any time, any place. You get extra points if you sing it in Latin.
  • Underdressed for the Occasion: Due to oversleeping and running late to drop Rory off at Chilton, Lorelai ends up meeting the headmaster dressed in Daisy Duke shorts, a pink tie-dye t-shirt, and cowboy boots. She tries to cover it up by wearing a trench coat, but takes it off at Emily and the headmaster's insistence. Lorelai seems more embarrassed about this than Rory.
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  • You Look Familiar: Sean Gunn pops up, not as Kirk but a guy called "Mick" to install a DSL for Rory.


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