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Recap / Central Park S2E15 "Where There's Smoke"

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"Gotta grab it!"
Original release date: April 1, 2022

Written by: Ava Tramer
Directed by: Steven Theis

♫ That envelope of evidence
Is gonna take you down
You'll have no defense
Gotta grab it ♫

Mayor Whitebottom:
♫ I don't know
What you're talking about
But can you stop kicking me
In the mouth?
Gotta grab it ♫
"Gotta Grab It"

While attending a wake to someone who loved Central Park, Paige overhears talk of evidence of Mayor Whitebottom's corruption and she has her family help her find the evidence when Whitebottom himself arrives at the wake to also find it. Bitsy tries to convince Ernst Von Gunten to join her in buying Central Park, but Ernst in interested in painting Helen so Bitsy needs Helen to convince him.

  • Clean Money - Mr. Brandenham & Young Bitsy
    Written by: Michael Bublé & Alan Chang
    Performed by: Dan Stevens & Keala Settle
  • Onto Something - Paige
    Written by: Mike Viola
    Performed by: Kathryn Hahn
  • I Love How Sad You Make Me - Helen & Ernst Von Gunten
    Written by: Emeen Zarookian & Ava Tramer
    Performed by: Daveed Diggs & Josh Gad
  • Gotta Grab It - Paige & Mayor Whitebottom
    Written by: Mike Viola
    Performed by: Kathryn Hahn & H. Jon Benjamin
  • Clean Money (End Credits)
    Written by: Michael Buble & Alan Chang
    Performed by: Michael Buble



  • Air Quotes: After Paige finds evidence of Mayor Whitebottom's corruption and Whitebottom finds them with it:
    Whitebottom: Well, congrats on finding "evidence" that "I'm" corrupt. Wait, I put the quotes in the wrong spot. That I'm "corrupt".
    Paige: Well, I'm sorry the "plan to sell Central Park is ruined because you'll be out of office".
    Molly: You're both terrible at the air quote thing.
  • Art Imitates Art: During "I Love How Sad You Make Me", Helen appears in famous artwork: "Whistler's Mother" by James McNeill Whistler, "American Gothic" by Grant Wood, "Christina's World" by Andrew Wyeth, and "The Scream" by Edvard Munch.
  • Bookcase Passage: Molly and Cole discover a bookcase passage in Josephine's room of books where there's an old phone booth and pulling on the phonebook leads to Josephine's secret room of insects that she collected and it's also where she keeps a document of Mayor Whitebottom's bribe transactions.
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  • Broken Pedestal: Josephine worked for the mayor's city council campaign a long time ago, but one day she quits helping Whitebottom and developed a hatred for him and she never told her family why. The Tillermans discover that Josephine found out Whitebottom has been accepting bribes for years and she kept documents of his bribes to use against him if she ever needed to.
  • Continuity Cavalcade: "Onto Something" features clips from past episodes where Paige was investigating the Mayor Whitebottom and Bitsy, which are from "Skater's Circle", "Hat Luncheon", "A Fish Called Snakehead", and "Celeste We Forget"
  • Contrived Coincidence: During the wake, Paige overhears Josephine's family talking about Josephine hating Mayor Whitebottom and how she had been keeping evidence of Whitebottom's corruption. When Paige decides to find the evidence in Josephine's home, the Whitebottom just happens to show up at that exact moment to also find the evidence.
  • Creator Cameo: Michael Bublé, who co-wrote "Clean Money", sings the end credit version of the song.
  • Hero vs. Villain Duet: "Gotta Grab It" is about Paige and Mayor Whitebottom literally fighting over the envelope that contains proof of Mayor Whitebottom's corruption.
  • Holding the Floor: Paige tasks Owen to stall Mayor Whitebottom until she can find evidence against him before he can find it. Owen does his best, but Whitebottom is able to spin pass him.
  • Innocently Insensitive: When Ernst sees Helen for the first time, he admire how sad and pathetic she looks and finds inspiration to paint her, but Helen isn't exactly flattered by his compliments.
  • Luck-Based Search Technique: Paige is able to find evidence of Mayor Whitebottom's corruption when Molly and Cole accidentally discover Josephine's hidden bug library when they're fighting in a phone booth that's secretly a passage door. The bug library just happens to contain the evidence Paige needs.
  • Money Song: "Clean Money" is about Mr. Brandenham teaching Bitsy about having clean money mixed in with dirty money to ensure that no one can find out about the dirty money. It also counts as a Villain Song since they're blatantly singing about their illegal actions.
  • Oh, Crap!: While talking with Ernst Von Gunten, a maid brings in a room service cart of peanuts for Ernst and leaves it in his room. When Ernst questions Bitsy's reason for buying Central Park and Helen tells him she believes she doing it to impress her family because no one loved her, Helen discovers that Bitsy is hiding in the room service cart and realizes she's in big trouble for saying that because it will jeopardize her chance at getting into Bitsy's will. She's even in more trouble when Ernst starts calling Bitsy sad and pathetic and can hear Bitsy getting mad.

♫ Clean money
Clean money
Even robber barons, oligarchs
And criminals can't miss
With old clean money
It's near impossible to secure
But when you've got it
You'll only want more
When we plant clean money
We'll sit back and watch it grow ♫
Michael Bublé, "Clean Money (End Credits)"

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