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Recap / Central Park S3E11 "The Puffs Go Poof"

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"I'm the perfect fit"
Original Release Date: November 4, 2022

Written by: Meredith Dawson
Directed by: Brian Kaufman

♫ Oh, yeah
Tried being someone else
But it didn't go well
I'd much rather be myself
Oh, yeah
'Cause I'm cool, I'm legit
Like peanut butter jelly
I'm the perfect fit
Oh, yeah
Tried changing what I had
But it only made me sad
Turns out I am really rad
Oh, yeah
'Cause I'm cool, I'm legit
No one can do it better
I'm the perfect fit ♫
The Tillermans, "Perfect Fit"

Fista Puffs considers losing her puffy hair by straightening it, at the cost of losing her powers. Owen, Paige, and Cole are deciding what clothes they want to keep or throw away. Meanwhile, Bitsy hired some people to help improve her reputation on the internet.

  • "The Fista Puffs Theme Song"
    Written by: Brent Knopf
    Performed by: Jessica Childress & Emmy Raver–Lampman
    Additional Vocals: Kelly Pratt, Moorea Masa, Emily Goldstein, & Angelica Cox
  • "Fista Puffs Kick Butt" - Morgan Freewoman & Buzzard Aldrin
    Written by: Suni Solomon
    Additional Arrangements by: Sam Farrar
    Performed by: Tracie Thoms & Ben Schwartz
  • "Re-Brandenham" - Jenny, Jeanie, Gianni, Bitsy, & Helen
    Written by: Patrick Dacey, Time Dacey, & Angelica Cox
    Performed by: Ziwe Fumudoh, Zoë Chao, John Early, Stanley Tucci, & Daveed Diggs
    Additional Vocals: Angelica Cox & Emily Goldstein
  • "Perfect Fit" - Molly, Owen, Paige, Cole, & Bitsy
    Written by: Emily King
    Performed by: Emmy Raver-Lampman, Leslie Odom Jr., Kathryn Hahn, Tituss Burgess, & Stanley Tucci
    Additional Vocals: Angelica Cox & Emily Goldstein
  • "Re-Brandenham (End Credit)" - Josh Groban
    Written by: Patrick Dacey, Time Dacey, & Angelica Cox
    Performed by: Josh Groban



  • Be Yourself: Molly at first, using Fista Puff to project her feelings, didn't want to have puffy hair anymore because of how annoying it is to constantly do maintenance on it, but she realizes her puffs make her unique and she could never give that up.
  • Brick Joke: In her first scene, Bitsy is throwing pens at Helen, awarding herself 20 points when she hits her nose. Much later, when Bitsy is hit in the nose with the frisbee, Helen says to herself "20 points."
  • Chekhov's Gunman: After Fista Puff rescues a nuclear physicist, she tells Fista Puff if she ever needs anything from her, she'll be glad to help her. When Fista Puff needs to get her hair puffy again, she gets the nuclear physicist to help her and she admits she didn't expect her to follow up on her favor and she only said that just to be nice.
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  • Cope by Creating: Molly is upset by her group of friends planning to go to a movie right after they visit the pool, because Molly has to do a lot more work to treat her hair than most of her friends have to do after swimming. She draws her latest Fista Puffs comic to work through her feelings on the matter.
  • De-power: In order for Fista Puff to have her hair straighten, she would have to lose her Prehensile Hair powers and she's not allowed to get it wet or her hair will be ruined permanently. She ends up relying on Morgan's gadgets to help fight crimes.
  • Eat Me: Fista Puff defeats Dr. Splash by allowing him to eat her and then having her puffs absorb him and then drench him into the sewers.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Morgan Freewoman creates gadgets for Fista Puff, even though Fista Puff mainly relies on her hair powers. But once she gets her hair straightened and loses her powers, she has to rely on Morgan's gadgets to continue her superhero work.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Molly's new Fista Puff comic is about her having to deal with the struggle of maintaining her puffy hair. She has Fista Puff wanting to have her hair straightened so she can stop maintaining it all the time when it gets ruined. When Fista Puff does get her hair straightened, she loses her powers, but makes up for it with gadgets Morgan Freewoman makes for her. She's also forbidden to get it wet because no only will it get unstraightened, but it will permanently make it into a giant, matted, knotted mess, and it becomes a problem when she has to deal with Dr. Splash, a water-based supervillain who is a huge body of water. She decides to go back to having puffy hair again so she can regain her powers to defeat Dr. Splash.
  • Murder Water: Fista Puff has to fight Dr. Splash, who's a huge, sentient body of water.
  • My Nayme Is: The three image consultants Bitsy hires to raise her internet profile are named Jenny, Jeanie and Gianni, which Bitsy points out are just three different ways of saying the same name.
  • Nasal Trauma: When Bitsy is trying to catch a frisbee for a photo shot, the frisbee ends up hitting her nose and causing it to bleed.
  • Shout-Out: Morgan Freewoman and Buzzard Aldrin's names are obliviously based on Morgan Freeman and Buzz Aldrin. Morgan's character is based on the Lucius Fox from the The Dark Knight Trilogy, who Morgan Freeman played.
  • Triumphant Reprise: The end credits song of "Re-Brandenham" is a more slow and triumph sounding with Josh Groban singing it.

♫ Make way for Bitsy Re-Brandenham
Move yourself to the algorithm
Make way for Bitsy Re-Brandenham
She's the bait everybody's clicking
Make way for Bitsy Re-Brandenham
Move yourself to the algorithm
Make way for Bitsy Re-Brandenham
She's gonna #TrendUp ♫
Josh Groban, "Re-Brandenham (End Credit)"


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