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The recap page for Central Park.

Season One

  1. Episode One - Owen tries to get his family excited about "Turtlehead Day" at Central Park. Bitsy is upset that her dog, Shampagne, has disappeared and puts out a $55,000 award money to whoever can find her dog, who was last seen in Central Park. Molly is stalking a boy she likes.
  2. Skater's Circle - Owen has to get Glorious Gary to return Skater's Circle so it can be busy again. Paige has to report on a town meeting. Bitsy tries to get several investors to agree with her plan to buy the park. Molly tries to help Cole reunite with Shampagne again.
  3. Hat Luncheon - Owen has to give a speech at the Hat Luncheon in Central Park. Paige is trying to uncover why the park's funding has been frozen. Bitsy attends the Hat Luncheon to try to sabotage it and stir up trouble between the attendees. Molly wants to spend more time with Brendan.
  4. Garbage Ballet - Thanks to Bitsy's influences, Central Park has a garbage crisis that Owen needs to fix. Paige gets sick and thinks rats are inside her home and Cole tries to stop her from killing them. Molly is dealing with the aftermath of her disastrous first kiss with Brendan. Bitsy has to convince her hotel staff to clean the seventh floor when they think it's haunted.
  5. Dog Spray Afternoon - Birdie reveals there are rules to being a narrator. Bitsy hires a tagger to tag Central Park and Owen and Molly team up to find the tagger. Helen has to walk Shampagne in the park and Cole volunteers to help. Paige is getting close to figuring out the Mayor's action.
  6. Rival Busker - Birdie has to deal with the fact that he's been replaced as the narrator. Bitsy agrees to allow Dmitry, one of the investors, to have his daughter's wedding at her hotel in her secret ballroom in exchange they talk business. After getting a tip about Bitsy's secret ballroom, Paige and Molly stays at the hotel so Paige can get some info. Owen and Cole watches a live stream of an owl's nest at the park.
  7. Squirrel, Interrupted - Owen and Cole goes on a scavenger hunt based around Cole's favorite book series. Paige is happy that Molly has gotten good at chess and takes her to the Chess House in the park to play against other chess players. Bitsy and Helen attends the Brandenham Annual Family Retreat at her brother's house.
  8. Hot Oven
  9. Live it Up Tonight
  10. Sir Bricks-A-Lot

Season Two

  1. A Fish Called Snakehead
  2. Heist
  3. Fista-Puffs Mets Out Justice

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