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I couldn't stand it if my name were just what kind of animal I am. I need a name with real panache!
Crane (after losing his memory), Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.

That makes my name, Leo, the most unimaginative and generic name possible. It's like naming a goat Goat or calling a deer Deer.
Leo the lion, Pride Wars

What? The dog? Well, he doesn't have a name. My wife and I, we could never agree on one. We just say "Hey" or "Dog" or whistle. Doesn't make any difference. He don't come when you call him anyway.
Lt. Columbo, Columbo, "Mind over Mayhem"

Mario: Toad!! We need-a your help! Bowser has-a once again keednapped th—
(A) Toad: Nope. Look, buddy... I'm not Toad! I'm just a Toad! I don't do adventures. I'm a bricklayer from Grass Land! This is the fourth time this month you people have bugged me! YOU GOT THE WRONG GUY!!
Mario: Okay, okay, sheesh...
(Beat Panel)
Mario: Yoshi!! We need-a your help...!
(A) Toad: He's NOT Yoshi!!

Gamlen: Take it! I'm sick of what's-his-name here staring and panting!
Leandra: Honestly, Gamlen, a Mabari understands what you say! Try using his name.
Gamlen: What's wrong with 'Dog'? Real easy to remember...

ThunderCats (1985) Writer #1: Okay, okay, so Lion-O's little friend. What name did we end up with?
Thundercats Writer #2: Um... "Snarf".
Thundercats Writer #1: Cool. And where's he from?
Thundercats Writer #2: "Valley of the Snarfs".
Thundercats Writer #1: And what manner of creature is he?
Thundercats Writer #2: A "Snarf".
Thundercats Writer #1: Um, okay... and does he have a Catchphrase?
Thundercats Writer #2: "Snarf."
Thundercats Writer #1: We are the hackiest writers that ever lived, aren't we?
Thundercats Writer #2: We could change the catchphrase to "Snoof."

Podrick: Does your dog have a name?
Meribald: He must, but he is not my dog. Not him.
Podrick: Who does he belong to?
Meribald: Why, to himself, and to the Seven. As to his name, he has not told me what it is. I call him Dog.

They called a tom Tom? I'll never understand Twolegs.
Gray Wing, Warrior Cats

"So instead of calling me 'Dragon' in your tongue, you'll call me 'Dragon' in some other tongue?"
Draco, Dragonheart

Solid Snake: Colonel, there's a guy in here who looks like a wolf...
Col. Roy Campbell: You mean the fighter named Wolf [O'Donnell].
Solid Snake: "Wolf". 'S a real imaginative name...

Antimony: Hello, sir. We are looking for someone.
Robot Receptionist: Certainly. Make, model number, serial, or name, please.
Antimony: His name is Robot!
Robot Receptionist: (Long, silent stare)

"Well, I knew a human named Manny once. And this one guy named Guy!"
Stabs Doogan, Rusty and Co.

"Waitaminute. He's a sheep and his name is 'Sheep'? Does that seem weird to anybody else? That would be like if my name were 'Big Hunk of Studly Man'. Hey waitaminute, that's pretty good."

Wee Bear: I should tell you, Pig. That my name is not really "Wee Bear"... My real name is Moses Savio Chaves...
Pig: Wow.. where'd you get that name?
Wee Bear: Moses is for Robert Moses, The civil rights activist who struggled to help blacks vote in Mississippi... Savio is for Mario Savio, whose famous speech atop a police car ignited the free speech movement... and Chaves is for Cesar Chaves, who's hunger strikes improved the laves of immigrant farm workers.
Pig: I'm called "Pig" because.... I'm a pig.
Wee Bear: Fascinating

Possessions never meant anything to me
I'm not crazy
Well, that's not true. I've got a bed and a guitar
And a dog named "Dog" who pisses on the floor.
NOFX, "Linolium"

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