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Nightmare Fuel / The Twilight Zone (2019)

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Trailers and TV Spots

  • The Super Bowl promo. CBS IS OFF THE AIR.
    • Don't forget Jordan Peele's chilling monologue!
      Picture an empty space filled with thousands of screaming people. A man both everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Answers are new questions. The unthinkable is the expected. When truth is not the truth... what dimension are you even in?
  • The horrifying structure of the trailer revealing that unlike the original and other incarnations of the series, this one has its stories connected. That adds more of the idea that the Twilight Zone isn't just a dimension, but a bigger force than expected...

The Comedian

  • This episode takes canned laughter straight into the Uncanny Valley.
    • Not only that, but the audience only laughs when Samir launches into a monologue about someone he knows. Whenever he tries his regular stand-up, he gets a dead room, but the second he points out someone in the audience in particular, they start up...
    • What adds to the final set Samir does (about himself), this is the only time he gets a standing ovation... and it's after he's gone.
  • Samir accidentally erases his young nephew during a stand-up set as a result of gentle-natured ribbing.
  • Samir's painting inexplicably appearing on the wall of comedians near the end, which presents rather horrifying implications of where he went...
  • Tracy Morgan as J.C. Wheeler is truly menacing.
  • The climax, in which Samir finally breaks and starts just bellowing the names and minor crimes of everyone he doesn't like on stage. The disorienting camera work zooming in on Samir's sweating face as he roars incomprehensibly while the audience howls with laughter makes a uniquely terrifying sequence.

Nightmare At 30,000 Feet

  • The Downer Ending: all the passengers gang up on and lynch Justin, then cover up his death by saying it was a result of the crash. The final shot shows all the passengers piling up where Justin was with more arriving. The shot of the passengers slowly approaching Justin with murderous intent leaving him understandably horrified.


  • A more realistic vein than other episodes. Nina has to deal with a racist cop constantly profiling her and her son, constantly stalking them no matter what form the branching paths take, and even the slightest slip up? Nina is forced to see her son brutalized or killed for being a 'threat', with the knowledge that the country will very likely excuse his killing. The final scene even goes so far as to suggest that her son still gets killed in the end despite everything she did and what's worse is that the video camera ends up breaking right before this.

A Traveler

  • Steven Yeun as the titular Traveler is truly chilling. Even more so when he calls down an invasion force on the planet.

The Wunderkind

  • Everyone blindly obeying Oliver in spite of his obvious immaturity and selfishness, while Raff is completely bewildered and horrified when other officials say he'll be charged with treason if he continues to badmouth the President.
  • Eventually, Raff gets into an argument with Oliver, which ends with Oliver screaming that Raff has a gun. The Secret Service shoots Raff without hesitation.
  • Raff gets operated on by a child who is more interested in playing video games due to the President ordering "no old doctors". And he doesn't even put him under anesthesia meaning that unless he died instantly, he's forced to experience the whole thing while he's alive screaming in agony. And the "operation" starts with him stabbing Raff multiple times. It's even more chilling when you realize that the kid is considered "a very old doctor" now, and then that the assistant told Raff that he can't legally be a doctor.

Six Degrees of Freedom

  • Jerry's descent into the madness over a crazy sounding hypothesis which understandably terrifies the rest of the crew. Even worse? The ending proves he was right.

Not All Men

  • People who've you known for so long start acting violently due to an outside force. Then you realize the meteors weren't to blame and were just an excuse to act like monsters.


  • You can see how someone from reality (ours) react when the lines between reality and fiction (The Twilight Zone) begin to blur.

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