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Recap / The Twilight Zone (2019)

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This is the page for recapping episodes for "The Twilight Zone" 2019.

Spoilers Ahead!!! All spoilers for each episode are unmarked.

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     Season One 
  1. The Comedian: A comedian discovers that whenever he makes a joke at someone's expense, that person ends up erased from existence.
  2. Nightmare at 30,000 Feet: A reporter comes across a MP3 player with a podcast detailing how the transatlantic flight he's currently on will crash.
  3. Replay: A woman learns her video camcorder has the power to rewind time after a run-in with a highway patrolman results in her son's death.
  4. A Traveler: A mysterious stranger appears in the holding cells of an Iglaak, Alaska prison on Christmas Eve.
  5. The Wunderkind: A disgraced campaign manager decides to help an eleven-year-old vlogger run for President of the United States.
  6. Six Degrees Of Freedom: A space crew making the first human flight to Mars finds themselves facing the consequences of a life-altering decision.
  7. Not All Men: A meteor shower causes the men living in a rural town to become increasingly violent. Loosely based on the short story "The Screwfly Solution."
  8. Point Of Origin: A suburban housewife entangled with ambiguous government officials struggles to return home — wherever it is.
  9. The Blue Scorpion: An anthropology professor becomes obsessed with the gun his father used to commit suicide after finding a bullet with his name on it.
  10. Blurryman: A mysterious figure haunts a writer.

     Season Two 
  1. Meet in the Middle: A lonely bachelor forms a telepathic link with what seems to be the woman of his dreams.
  2. Downtime: A newly-promoted hotel manager calls the nature of her reality into question.
  3. The Who of You: A struggling actor looking for his big break takes on more roles than he can handle.
  4. Ovation: A singer begins receiving thunderous applause wherever she goes after witnessing a tragic incident.
  5. Among the Untrodden: A transfer student adjusting to an all-girls boarding school befriends a popular girl with hidden abilities.
  6. 8: A research crew stationed in the Arctic discovers a highly-intelligent aquatic species.
  7. A Human Face: A couple mourning the loss of their daughter encounters something supernatural in their attic.
  8. A Small Town: A church handyman comes across a small replica of his town and starts modifying it.
  9. Try, Try: A woman meets a charismatic man with secret abilities.
  10. You Might Also Like: A stay-at-home housewife desires to buy a mysterious product that has the power to make her life better.


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