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Fridge Brilliance

  • "The Comedian"
    • There is a "no apostrophes" sign at Eddies. "Apostrophe" can refer to the punctuation mark, but also a narrative device where a character addresses another who isn't present in the scene, such as the subjects of Samir's routines.
    • Eddies is a plural form of Eddy, which also means whirlpool, which reflects how Samir gets caught up and swallowed by fame.
  • "Not All Men"
    • There is a great social commentary and foreshadowing of the meteors being just placebo in how the character act through the episode. Dylan acts like a Nice Guy, but he takes advantage of her desire to be seen as a team player and ignores her initial reluctance, and when the meteor falls he takes it for himself and refuses to let Annie touch, showing he's actually self-centered. Mike seems actually a nice person, but he uses himself as an example of good men being around showing he doesn't question himself, leaving him vulnerable to the contagion. Phil is even immune to the meteor, but when he meets Annie and Martha he spends all his time trying to explain why he's different, and only focuses on his explanation not noticing the surrounding violence until it's too late. Cole, however, is the only one to actively fight against it, and even after his first victory against it he doesn't consider it a permanent one but he's actually concerned that it might happen again, and how it will affect people around him. Him having a meteorite in hin his pocket during the test and telling it to Annie and Martha shows that he is willing to face the issue and his role in it instead of just ignoring it.

Fridge Horror

  • "The Comedian"
    • Was everyone on the wall mural a former victim of J.P. Wheeler's "pointers"?
    • How many people has J.P. Wheeler casually erased from existence?!
    • Where do the people that are erased go?
  • "Nightmare at 30,000 Feet"
    • The already dark ending where the plane crash survivors kill Justin gets worse when one remembers that Justin has a wife. Who's waiting for him at home and will now go on in life not really knowing what happened to her husband. Even worse, it's heavily implied that the passengers intentionally cover up their murder of Justin and simply tell the world that he couldn't be found. Justin's wife will live on, believing their lie while his killers walk free.
    • And even if they do, considering the instinct of human nature, at least some of Justin's killers will have to live with the guilt of murdering an innocent man. Who's to say most of them won't be driven to darker impulses like heavy drinking or even suicide?
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    • Wait.. There was a kid present when everyone murdered Justin?!
      • It could be quite possible that the ending was a nightmare scene, or Justin ended up in a type of purgatory or hell, because the survivors did not even look "normal", they did not shout any accusations at Justin, they did not say anything at all, they just walked slowly towards him as if they were zombies, granted they were stranded on an island, so they most likely just became savage, you would think that if they could even remember who he was, they would remember how to act human, and it is not ever implied who said Justin was missing, could have been the flight attendants, could be the passengers. You would think that they would at least say it was Justin responsible for crashing the plane, and in several ways he was, sadly.
    • Was Joe a figment of Justin's imagination, or was he real? If the people on the plane also know he was responsible for the crash, did they kill him as well?
  • "Replay"
    • When Dorian accidentally squirts some ketchup onto his shirt on his chest, it looks almost like a bloodstain. Later on the cop who's constantly chasing Nina and Dorian throughout the story shoots Dorian in chest in the exact same spot the ketchup landed on.
  • "A Traveler"
    • What becomes of Yuka, Pendleton and Jack after A signals the alien invasion?
  • "The Wunderkind"
    • With Oliver president and Raff presumably dead it's safe to say that the US government is utterly destroyed.
      • And if Oliver's initial popularity and successes are the norm, the US is utterly screwed. You've got a narcissistic, immature brat as President of the United States, with nobody in the country with the guts to stand up to him or even the brains to see that he's full of shit, meaning he has full power to do what he wants. What if he gets into a dispute with Russia or China? What if he meets resistance along the way and violently crushes it? How will he be manipulated by power-hungry advisors? Unless Oliver suddenly dies or inexplicably grows more mature and kind-hearted, it looks like the US will be ending faster than Anthony Scaramucci's tenure.
  • "Six Degrees of Freedom"
    • What the hell happened to Jerry to make him like he was in the final scene?
    • What becomes of the rest of the crew after they supposedly land on Mars?
  • "Blurryman"
    • So what became of Sophie at the end of the episode? And what'll happen with the rest of the film crew and others she interacted with if they ever find out what happened to her?

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