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Awesome / The Twilight Zone (2019)

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Spoilers Ahead!!! All spoilers for each episode are unmarked.

The Comedian

  • As much as a Tear Jerker as Samir Wassan's final stand-up routine is, his delivery throughout it seems to indicate that if he's gonna pull a Heroic Sacrifice to undo his actions, he might as well go all out an give the audience one hell of a show.


  • After struggling mightily to find some way to avoid being victimized by the racist cop Lasky, Nina learns from her brother about a secret tunnel network created for this very purpose long ago, finally succeeding by reconnecting with her roots. And when Lasky still tracks her down after she arrives at the college, she has allies all around who promptly start filming the altercation, ensuring that anything he tries will go viral like so many other cases of police brutality in recent years. Nina then takes the opportunity to make a "The Reason You Suck" Speech taking back every bit of power that Lasky had been stealing from her. In the political climate of 2019, it hits home hard.


  • Rod Serling delivering the final narration for the season 1 finale was a great love letters to fans of the original series.
    • How about the reveal that Rod have been cleverly hidden in each episode of the new season.

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