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Funny / The Twilight Zone (2019)

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While there is an overall theme of existentialism and dread in this series, there are of course moments of levity to balance it all out.

Spoilers Ahead!!! All spoilers for each episode are unmarked.

The Comedian
  • Didi kissing Samir, and admitting that if she had been straight, she might have given Samir a bit of a chance out of respect.
    Didi: If I were straight... I'd picture myself with more of an Idris Elba type.
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  • Samir stating that he doesn't want to be an "evil David Copperfield".

Nightmare at 30,000 feet

  • Justin tries to have his neighbor wear his headphones so he can listen to the podcast, but the man immediately leaves, saying he doesn't want lice, and quickly sits in the seat behind them. It should be noted that said neighbor is bald.
  • Justin's reaction to the fact that Joe is the pilot that causes Flight 1015 to disappear: "Oh shit. He's the pilot!", all while "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra plays as the plane begins to descend.

A Traveler

The Wunderkind

  • There's an establishing shot of the White House with penguins waddling across the lawn.
  • One of Oliver's campaign pledges: Less Star Wars movies.

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