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Narm / Venom (2018)

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Given that the character of Venom is considered to be one of the supervillains/anti-heroes that ushered in The Dark Age of Comic Books, and that this movie is an adaptation of a peak-Nineties storyline, it's safe to assume that this movie has its fair share of Ve-narm. A lot of these have even become memes. Naturally, it all falls into Narm Charm for some.

  • The scene of Eddie freaking out on the medical table is presented as the teaser's Money-Making Shot. It... doesn't quite work as intended, which isn't helped by it being sped up, making it look like a parody.
    • The final trailer features a more complete version of the clip showing Venom's face "shutter" over Eddie. Whether or not this works or if it looks like a cheap special effect depends on who you ask.
    • What makes the freakout even more narmful is that Eddie's screams are different screams playing on top of each other. The actual film lacks this strange effect.
  • The leaked trailer revealed some pretty terrible lines ("The guy you work for is an evil person"). Tom Hardy's horrible New York... ish(?) accent isn't doing the delivery any favors either. And it really does not help that his voice cracks on the reading of "evil person". Thankfully, that line is not in the film proper.
    • Hardy's line reading of "You're not real, you are just in my head." sounds like he's suffering from Elmuh Fudd Syndwome. At worst, he sounds like Adam Sandler's signature Manchild babbling. However there's some speculation that, based on the context of the scene and Eddie's stumbling movements, he's actually drunk, or perhaps even overdosed on medication (considering he was seen taking a bunch of pills, thinking he's sick). That, and it could be a case of Surprisingly Realistic Outcome, as it's unlikely anyone would keep the mental clarity to speak normally as an alien parasite is slowly bonding with their body.
    • The shot of Eddie crashing straight through a half-fallen tree in the forest that he could just as easily have ducked under comes across as more comedic than cool, as if they just needed an additional gratuitous shot of something breaking. Especially if your mind goes to Victor from Wet Hot American Summer and his inexplicable refusal to jump over anything. It really does not help that the evil bad-guy vehicle chasing him looks like a slightly modified golf cart. The context for this one in the movie is that Venom is taking control of his body and forcing him to blindly flee through the woods to escape the Life Foundation.
    • Although it may look better in the context of the full scene, Eddie flying 50 feet into the air on his motorcycle off a slightly steep hill seems to rather severely break the laws of physics.
  • Remember how creepy and awesome that shot from the second trailer of the symbiote forming around Eddie's face in order to eat a guy was? In the third trailer, the potential Nightmare Fuel of that moment is significantly undercut by Venom slobbering all over the man's face with its tongue in an amusingly over-the-top manner. One is reminded of the scene with Patrick licking the yellow popsicle, or perhaps "This is the taste of a liar, Giorno Giovanna!"
    • The symbiote's Venom-face forming on the end of Eddie's arm to talk to him strongly resembles a deranged hand puppet rather than a vicious alien parasite. There's also the fact that they can communicate telepathically, making that sequence unnecessary.
  • The animation of the yellow symbiote just looks like mozzarella cheese come to life.
  • Carlton Drake slowly uttering the line "Don't... silence her" just reeks of Cold Ham. Keep in mind, he's telling this to a bunch of schoolchildren.
  • The Homer Simpson worthy scream that Eddie lets out when he sees Venom in the mirror.
  • After Venom heals Eddie's broken legs, he flatly states "My legs! They were broken... and now they're not broken..."
  • When Anne encounters Eddie and Venom after their rampage across San Francisco, she tells Eddie that he is sick and need to leave with her in the most awkward way possible. What she says barely even makes sense as a response to him in the first place.
    Eddie: No, I am scared! And I need help.
    Anne: HOSPITAL!!!! [extremely long pause] Now!
  • Any menace from Cletus Kasady is completely undercut by Woody Harrelson's truly ridiculous wig. A common comparison is that it causes him to look like a live-action Sideshow Bob, or a makeup-less Pennywise. The crew of Venom: Let There Be Carnage took notice and it's much less silly there.
  • Kasady promising that there will be "carnage" after he gets out is so on-the-nose that it feels like it's straight out of a parody.
  • The final trade of words between Venom and Riot before the final battle is nothing but total Ham-to-Ham Combat - that and the two symbiotes happen to be Perpetual Smilers, which just gives off the feeling that they don't really give that much of a damn about their goals.
    Riot: Venom... Get in the rocket!
    Venom: No! We won't let you destroy this world!
    Riot: Then die!
  • Eddie's "DRAKE! STOP!" sounds less like he's in pain and more like a little kid telling his Big Brother Bully to stop giving him a wedgie.
  • Eddie getting curb stomped by Carlton Drake. Eddie is a burly guy, as played by Tom Hardy, even without the symbiote, and is implied to workout to keep himself in shape (a dumbbell can be seen in his apartment), whereas Drake is played by the lean Riz Ahmed. While in the sequel Eddie gets beaten up by the significantly leaner Cletus Kasady too, it is at least justified there because Kasady is a violent Ax-Crazy serial killer. Carlton Drake is… an industrialist. While he could’ve had experience in some form of martial arts, it is never stated he does and he proceeds to easily kick the much bigger and physically imposing Eddie’s butt, with little to no effort making it chuckleworthy.