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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

"That power, it's not completely awful."

  • Eddie, not in full Venom-mode yet but empowered by him, smashing through a tree.
  • Another such cool scene is when the Venom tentacles basically bitchslaps SUVs out of Eddie's way and returns him to his motorbike when he's thrown off, while in mid air
  • Venom's reveal. Eddie appears to be on the ground following an accident, some hired Mook of the Life Foundation leering over him... then he grabs the guy, the symbiote slowly forming over him. The mook asks him What the Hell Are You?. And then it's capped off by his famous Catchphrase.
    Eddie: We... (turns into Venom) ...are Venom.
  • Carlton Drake decides to bond with a symbiote, creating the silver monstrosity known as Riot; who then fights Venom and they try to pry each other off their hosts.
  • Venom giving a chilling Breaking Speech towards a cowering Mook, describing exactly what he is going to do with the criminal; not kill him, but give him a Fate Worse than Death. This scene proves to emphasize Venom's status as a Horrifying Hero, and also sprinkling in a nice dose of his Black Comedy as well.
    "We will eat both your arms, and then both your legs, and then we will eat your face right off your head. You will be this armless...legless, faceless thing, won't you? Rolling down the a turd... in the wind."
  • Eddie is in a building and some mooks gather outside to shoot him. The symbiote extends tendrils and proceeds to expand it into a bulletproof shield!
    • And on a related note, another trailer shows Venom unaffected by point blank gunfire from assault rifles.
  • A symbiote tentacle grabs an untransformed Eddie's neck just in time to pull him away from an drone attack coming from behind.
  • The "Protect and Sever" clip has Venom delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to SWAT. Higlights include Venom catching a gas grenade, shrugging off explosives and bullets and delivering Metronomic Man Mashing to the cop who fired them.
  • The Ducati trailer has his outright chomping on a mook's head



  • After Eddie gives another belly-aching spiel about how Drake ruined his career and his engagement, it's Anne who finally calls out Eddie and makes a point Drake had nothing to do with his misfortunes: they were all by-products of Eddie's own choice to tell on Drake, without considering the consequences it would have on himself or his loved ones.
    • This in turn leads Eddie to reflect and convince him to help Skirth expose Life Foundation.
  • When Venom first bonds with Eddie, it gives him some incredible reflexes in an attempt to evade the security guards.
  • The bike chase and the apartment fight shown in the trailers is shown to be even more epic in the movie.
    • Special mention goes to the act of lie-down sliding around a 90-degree turn on a motorbike at far too quick a pace for it to be humanly possible, kept off the asphalt by the Symbiote essentially forming a living, rolling carpet underneath Eddie. Even Treece, who was chasing him, has to do a Double Take on that one.
  • The 'Protect And Serve' clip from the trailers makes it to the film itself albeit much longer, and it is glorious.
    Eddie: You do not wanna do this, trust me.
    SWAT Leader: Mask!
    SWAT Trooper: Copy!
    Eddie: Alright, have it your own way... Mask!
    Venom: Copy!
  • Riot vs Venom is similarly epic as well.
    • Riot wins briefly by absorbing both Eddie and Venom into itself. Holy shit!
    • And if it weren't for Annie separating Eddie and Venom from Riot after they've been absorbed by it using high-frequency sounds they would have stayed merged with Riot forever.
  • When Eddie and Venom are separated and Eddie is captured by Roland, Eddie shows just how tough he really is by headbutting Roland hard enough to break his nose. Keep in mind Eddie was severely malnourished at this point.
  • After Eddie is separated from Venom and is captured by Life Syndicate's goons, the Symbiote bonds with Anne, turning her into She-Venom and rescues Eddie just before he is executed.
    • Anne also incapacitates both Venom and Riot using sound at critical moments.
      Anne: Told you I can fight ugly...
  • During the fight between Venom and Riot, the two are briefly torn from their hosts, and Eddie manages to get a punch in on Drake. Given that Drake got away with unethical practices while Eddie was blacklisted for trying to do the right thing by exposing him, this moment is pure Catharsis Factor.
    • This is in response to Drake's CMOA where he got in a punch first. Later, with both their symbiotes separated from them, Eddie and Drake have an epic fistfight at the end of which Eddie nearly ends up giving Drake a Disney Villain Death if not for Riot's (un)timely arrival. With a Pre-Mortem One-Liner to boot:
      Eddie: You talk too much.
      • Extra points for Eddie's finishing move being a signature one from the action movie serieses Undisputed and Never Back Down.
  • Prior to this, Riot rips Venom off of Eddie. Eddie just sticks his hand out to Venom allowing Venom to bond onto him and escape.
  • Venom reattaches to Eddie right after he got impaled. He then proceeds to leap toward Drake's rocket, cut the fuel tank open and obliterate the rocket with Riot and Drake inside.
    • Even better he does it with the same blade Riot generated to stab Eddie with.
    • What's more, Venom willingly puts himself in harm's way by blowing up the rockets knowing full well that fire is harmful to himself. Venom may be weaker than Riot, but his courage is admirable.
    • The final exchange between Riot and Venom.
  • The mid-credits scene shows Eddie visiting incarcerated serial killer, Cletus Kasady, who promises Eddie that he will bring about Carnage when he gets out of prison.


  • About a day after the first Official Trailer dropped, it became the number 1 trending video on YouTube with over 30 million views. Eventually reaching all the way up to 70 million.
  • The awesome dark gravely demonic voice that Venom has? That’s Tom Hardy himself.
  • This is the first piece of media outside the comics and video games to finally reach Eddie Brock's Anti-Hero days after several other times either ending it abruptly or never doing it so to see Eddie finally get his due as a hero is awesome for MANY fans.
  • The movie effortlessly shattered the opening box office record for the month of October, defeating its top competitor A Star Is Born (2018). It is also sitting comfortably at an 89% Audience Score at Rotten Tomatoes, in spite of the negative and vitriolic reviews from many of the mainstream critics and news sites. This after a negative campaign was run on Twitter by Lady Gaga fans with bot accounts attempting to undermine the success of the movie makes it all the more awesome a triumph. Let's just say And You Thought It Would Fail and Critic-Proof would be an understatement. Despite the feeling's whoever has on the matter, Sony's Spider-Man verse will happen. It also managed this all despite some tough competition coming from Halloween.
    • The film opened with $111 million in China, which is the second highest opening for a superhero movie in that country just after Avengers: Infinity War.
    • In the end, Venom has grossed over $855 million worldwide, the sixth highest grossing film of 2018. It is now considered to be the most profitable Spider-Man verse movie based on its budget and gross... and it doesn't even have Spider-Man in it.
  • Tom Hardy’s performance as both Eddie Brock and the voice of Venom. Many people who don’t like the movie applauded the darkly comedic, violent, but ultimately true friendship between the human and alien that Tom Hardy plays with no one else to act off but himself.
    • This deserves some elaboration. Aside from one scene where Venom makes a "tentacle-face" to talk to Eddie, Venom is nothing more than a voice in Eddie's head. And Tom Hardy brilliantly sells the act of literally talking to himself, and crafts believable characters and arcs for both Eddie and Venom.


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