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New Yesterday is a musical group which specialises in Dance music, primarily featuring Electronica and Alt-Rock with some Latin influences.

They have three officially released singles, but only one has been broadcast worldwide - in the form of a video on YouTube, Shift. This single is the first to not include any Latin-inspired segments but, rather, repetition of a dance break from their first single, which claim to make it "a good mix track for DJs". Also, the single has added water-drips, moving ladders, and a toy robot in the background to add to the Alt-Rock effect.


On a later YouTube upload, they revealed that they had gained a singer, who is British.

You can listen here.

Tropes that apply to this musical group:

  • But Not Too Foreign: Central-North American with a bit of Latin Spice and a Brit thrown in for good measure.
  • Cover Version: One, sung a cappella by friends of their singer. It was "I Write Sins Not Tragedies", and is on YouTube somewhere.
  • Everything Is an Instrument: A toy robot and a step ladder were used for Shift, along with a computer.


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