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Virus and Cure Names

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If a virus, cybernetic or organic, has a fancy name then expect a related name for the cure. It might be that the names allude to opposite concepts, that one is derived from the other, or that they follow a common theme. At the very least, both names will have a similar termination or suffix.

Remember that Tropes Are Flexible so non-viral substances and their counteracting agents also count.

Compare Unified Naming System, which is this but for hero and villain organizations. Sub-Trope of Theme Naming, when certain related elements of a story are named following a specific theme or pattern.


Anime & Manga

Comic Books

  • Green Lantern: The Green Lantern Corps includes a sentient smallpox virus, Leezle Pon, who fights off the evil Sinestro Corps virus Despotellis.

Films — Live-Action

  • Escape from L.A.: Subverted with the Plutoxin 7 virus. Its cure is nothing since it's just a common flu virus. Snake is tricked into believing otherwise.
  • Mission: Impossible II: Chimera (virus) and Bellerophon (cure) are named after a monster from Greek Mythology and its slayer. This is justified, as those are actually their codenames from the project that created them.


  • Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator: There is a pill called Wonka-Vite which makes people younger. The cure for those who are aged too young —that is to say, out of existence, which happened to the Oompa-Loompas he tested the prototypes on— is a Rapid Aging liquid called Vita-Wonk.
  • Ender's Game: The descolada and recolada viruses translate as "un-glueing" and "re-glueing" because of their effect on DNA.
  • Snow Crash: Snow Crash and Snow Melt.

Live-Action TV

Video Games

  • Deus Ex:
    • Gray Death, cured by Ambrosia.
    • The "good" AI Daedalus and the "evil" AI Icarus. And they merge to form Helios.
  • Metal Gear: There's FOXDIE and FOXALIVE, reflecting the latter's purpose as a computer virus designed to destroy the Patriots and free the world of their control - essentially, the exact antithesis of FOXDIE's intended purpose..
  • Moshi Monsters: The "Glumping Potion" turns Moshlings (essentially the game's equivalent to pet animals) into Glumps. Its antidote is the De-Glumping Potion.
  • Resident Evil:
    • The T-Virus and its vaccine Daylight because in the daylight, you don't need an umbrella.
    • The G-Virus was named partly for Golgotha (the site at which Jesus was crucified) and partly for its creator's wish to create God-like Transhuman Abominations. Its cure was named DEVIL as a play on these factors, fitting with the religious theme of the two.
    • The Las Plaga parasites and the Las Plaga Removal Lazer.
    • The C-Virus has the Anti-C vaccine.
  • Snatcher: "Lucifer-Alpha" ravages Eastern Europe, but mutates into a benign form by the present day. SD Snatcher follows more in line with the trope with "Lucifer-Beta" (the New and Improved virus) and "L-Angel" (the antidote).
  • StarCraft: Brood War brings the Hyperevolutionary virus, cured by Infestation Antidote.
  • Uplink: The computer virus is called Revelation, while the cure is Faith. Both of them follow a religious theme.


  • 5 Elementos: Subverted. The Dawn Project isn't about creating a cure for the Dusk virus —in fact, the virus is implied to have been extinct back then—, but about creating a Power Nullifier that would allow virus elementals to touch other people. Then again, the Dawn Project is actually a cover to recreate the Dusk virus.

Web Original

  • Neopets: Several of the medicines have the name of the disease or related words in their names:
    • Bubbles is cured with a Bubbles Herbal Drink.
    • Hoochie Coochies is cured with Hoochie Coochie Tablets.
    • Itchy Scratchies is cured with Itchy Scratchy Cream.
    • Kikoughela is cured with Kikoughela Drops.
    • Neezles is cured with a Neezles Jab.
    • Neggitus is cured with a Neggitus Injection, while NeoMites are cured with a NeoMites Injection.
    • NeoFlu is cured with NeoFlu Jelly Pills.
    • NeoPox is cured with NeoPox Pizza.
    • NeoWarts are cured with Neowart Fungus.
    • Shaky Flakies is cured with Shaky Flaky Cream.

Western Animation

Real Life

  • Old-school hackers had a taste for the dramatic that actually made this sort of thing reasonably common, e.g. "Creeper" vs. "Reaper".