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Literature / A Sudden Wild Magic

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A novel by Diana Wynne Jones. A team of mages finds it necessary to invade an alternate universe.

Tropes include:

  • The Alleged Car: Tony's Deux Chevaux, which Tod mentally labels a "subcar".
    It was small. It had a domed top, like the head of an amiable but stupid dog, and a curious posture, down at the front and up at the back, as if the stupid dog were engaged in sniffing the guger; and to make it more remarkable, it was not one colour but several random ones. The domed top was orage. One flimsy-looking door was green. The down-bending bonnet was sky-blue. The rest was a rusty sort of cream. It was like a jester—or someone's idea of a joke.
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  • Baby Talk: Marcus, Zillah's son. Rather well educated and smart even though his words hardly make sense to anyone but Zillah.
  • The Mole: Brother Tony is assigned to spy on Paulie and return information to Arth. Later, because Tod kissed Zillah, he has to fill in, much to his displeasure.
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  • Never the Selves Shall Meet: When they enter the alternate universe, all the ones with counterparts there instantly die.
  • Sex Is Evil: In-universe. It's not allowed in Arth because it will upset the balance.

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