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You can tell that Dunkey is a guy who's really passionate about video games. In general, any video that has him unironically praising a game as a "mastapeece" can be considered this.

  • The descriptions to some of his milestone videos thank his fans and subscribers for dancing with him, showing that Dunkey truly must be grateful for all of his fans and subscribers.
  • He's also willing to publicly humiliate himself to celebrate how many fans he gets. That's true dedication to his work.
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  • The description to his 300k milestone video says, "Thanks for subscriping and watching my stuff you guys :D You are the best fan guys in the whole realm."
  • In his 60k milestone video, the description says his Chatroulette dance party was just like dancing with his subscribers, "except my subscribers aren't the scum of the earth."
  • Dunkey apologizing for making jokes about killing dogs in Constructive Cassiopeia.
  • "and the hot woman", the third video in the Crappy Company series, is much happier than the other two videos. Before this, Dunkey was lamenting about bad relationships, bad encounters with companies, and weight issues. This video has him talking about a great new relationship (Leah) and how he's been eating healthier. After those two videos of hell, it's hard not to feel good for him.
  • This picture of Dunkey and his girlfriend Leah at Disney World.
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  • The "Dunkey Dance" video, where Dunk spreads joy and happiness to people around him through dance. What especially drives it home is the footage of Dunk dancing with Leah.
  • His The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time review, wherein, despite not having personal childhood nostalgia for it, he still praises it as a "magnificent, towering achievement for video games" that can be epic, serene, scary, and tragic, but ultimately pays off in a happy ending.
  • Dunkey trying to do his best to not be a murderous jerk in Undertale after he accidentally kills Toriel. Unfortunately he's not very good at that.
  • Dunkey's best friend Sky Williams making a video of 5 things he loves about him for his birthday. Especially great is the bit where Sky talks about a Skype call where the new person that they'd added to the Skype group called Leah a bitch, and Dunkey immediately tells him to "get the fuck off the call". Even when the person tried to say it was a joke, he only told him again to get the fuck off the call. If that doesn't show how much Dunk loves Leah, what will?
    • On their guest appearance on the H3 Podcast, Dunkey and Leah announced that they are engaged.
  • In CS GO : Source, one player realizes that he's in the same game as Dunkey and promptly spends a few seconds getting excited over this, even with Dunkey smack talking him.
    Player:"Dunkey just spoke to me, this is the best day of my life."
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  • YouTube Rewind 2016. Instead of the usual cynical mocking most people were probably expecting, we get a hilarious, yet very genuine montage of highlights of various YouTubers who have never been and probably never will be in the real YouTube Highlight (with the exception of PewDiePie, who still gets more screen-time in this video than he did in the actual Rewind). The comments that are gleeful that a YouTuber they really love, such as more low-key ones such as Jerma985, Vinesauce, and Cr1tikal, are also very heartwarming in their own right.
  • In his Dunkview of Yooka-Laylee, he gives the game a score of a 2/5, noting he was very disappointed in the game. However, rather than finishing the video on a Downer Ending, he chooses to instead list a variety of games, old and new, as alternatives to the game.
  • His Super Mario Odyssey review, calling it a "mastapeece" and celebrating how Mario has come to "reclaim his throne."
    Dunkey: For real, if you can play this game and not feel some kind of emotion come over you, wipe yourself off man, because you are DEAD.
  • In a weird way, his Monster Hunter World video. Throughout the whole thing he switches between complaining about the difficulty and calling it the worst game ever and actually finding success and switching his opinion to it being one of the best games he's ever played. After beating Nergigante, finding out that there's still more game and getting absolutely annihilated by a Kirin you'd expect him to swing back to hating the game, right?
    Dunkey: (sounding excited) Here we go again!
    • Equally cute is the fact that most of the moments that cause him to swing back towards liking the game aren't gameplay, but involve the Felynes doing something he finds adorable.
    • The almost childish gasp of glee after he fells the Nergigante can inspire a sense of pride in those who love challenging games and love seeing others overcome challenges to find the rewarding aspects of such games.
  • The beginning of his Youtube Comments video has him genuinely saying that his fans are the best a guy could ever have and he's thankful for every one of their comments.
  • Dunkey pays tribute to Reggie Fils-Aimé upon his retirement as president of Nintendo of America in his own characteristically odd way - with a montage of clips of him goofing around in E3 promo videos with his Japanese counterpart Satoru Iwata, set to "Circle of Life".
  • His Super Mario 64 review is this, given that the entire video is him praising his favorite video game of all time.
  • The ending to his E3 2019 video can be considered this, thanks to the clear excitement Dunkey has at being able to see one of his favorite series make a return.
  • Dunkey and Leah tie the knot.
    Dunkey: I love you more than tacos. And... I love you more than videogames. And... I love you more than Sprite. And... I love you more than... Well, all this- all this stuff. [unfurls his Long List]
  • His Super Mario Galaxy review concisely sums up so much of the majesty of the game... and he does not forget Super Mario Galaxy 2.


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