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Though you often hear the group yell at each other, insult each other or make each other rage, the whole group are much closer to each other than one might assume they are. Some moments in support of this include:

  • In Mini and Terroriser's Irish Roadtrip 2017 vlog, Mini mentions how he hasn't really been playing with Vanoss for quite some time and remarks how most people believe that this means they aren't friends anymore. He disagrees with that.
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  • In Terroriser's vlog of his, Mini and Marcel's time in Camp 17, when Marcel drives Brian to the airport for his flight back to Ireland, this heartwarming exchange happens between the two before Brian enters his flight.
  • In Mini's Q&A while staying at Tyler's house, when someone on Twitter ask him and the gang what their best memory is, the whole group answer the same thing: The first time they all met at PAX East 2014.
  • When Mini Ladd and his friend Jayyy were the victims of a hit-and-run that left Jay temporarily comatose, everybody came to their support, sending their best wishes.
  • Wildcat, Nogla, and Basically end up playing a few rounds of Fortnite with a ten-year-old named Connor, who is super polite, friendly, and funny, and does his best to be helpful during the rounds. It's sweet to listen to the three, known for having quite the language and temper when playing the game, be encouraging, helpful, and patient with him in their group.
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  • From the periphery of the group - Cartoonz' rant in response to the many, many messages he gets nagging him about Delirious' identity.
    Cartoonz: If he wants to do a facecam, if he wants to show you guys what he looks like, he will. I'm not going to - it's not my place. He's my friend, he's my boy, he's as close to family as he could be without being family. Shit, I've known him for over 15 years now. So we're close. He's my brother. He'll always be my little brother, forever. But I'm not gonna tell you a fuckin thing about him that he doesn't want anyone to know. So when he's ready to come say "hey, here I am", he'll do it; until then, shut the fuck up. No offence to you guys, but really, c'mon now. "What color is his hair?" Who fuckin cares???
  • Marcel and Scotty spend four hours in Minecraft crossing the land to retrieve pandas for... well, Panda. They fill his house with them and surround it with a bamboo forest as well before he logs on to spring a surprise on him. His response makes it all worth it when he sees his house full of pandas for the first time.
    Panda: Holy shit! I've never been so happy in my liiiife!

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